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Journey to the center of the Tvoriteli

We invite You to make a short journey into the very center of the Tvoriteli Universe, to the Universe of unusual things: signs, phenomenon, symbols, codes, keys, energies and words.

They are created in order to give you new creative power and ability to put into materialization your most daring dreams in your life events, in your reality!

All these things may soon become yours and fill your life with new useful states, goals and achievements!

Your new reality, built with the help of opened abilities of your consciousness is exactly the Universe of Tvoriteli, in which events are not just happening, but are taking place….

Let’s imagine that every day on the background of daily routine events, to which we are accustomed, we are receiving special signals, that are changing our states and reach effect of open consciousness!

Then everyone of us becomes able to build up non-standard solutions of life issues, that are leading to better results and achievement of absolutely new level!

Just a moment ago we described for you the essence of the “Notional Technology” that leads where sometimes even “impossible” may come true.

All this depends solely on your I, your own I represented in new quality! The “Tvoriteli” program is the first and by far the only in the world innovation product, based on “Notional Technology” about which we could not even dream!

This program is able to change your life forever, preserving in it all the best, and removing all bad from it, building for you Reality at a new quality level – Your individual Universe – inside You and around You!

It is going to turn your life at a new vector of development without any noticeable efforts!

“Tvoriteli” - are new powerful and most unusual strategies of Your tremendous achievements in personal growth, health, relations, material well-being at a daily price that is lower than that of one cup of good coffee! And it does not look like anything, with what you encountered before!

While using “Tvoriteli” program you will possess powerful and self-governed consciousness, control phenomenon and create your desired reality, more and more expanding yourself in the surrounding world!

“Tvoriteli” is a game of graphics and speech, notions, words and images, of mutual transformation of states, emotions, thoughts, from which you will receive only pleasure, combined with the greatest use of all!

The use is bringing of one’s life to its ideal!

Combine this with your morning coffee ritual or evening chamomile tea! Exactly this amount of time is needed to be devoted to “Tvoriteli”. Some 7-9 minutes a day!

Turn your life 180 degrees with “Tvoriteli”! Then your problems would turn into goals, and your “dream” tomorrow will turn into flourishing and real today!

Without noticeable efforts your consciousness will learn to control everything!!!

“Tvoriteli” is a continuous mosaic of your internal images, ideas, emotions, and thoughts, that are incessantly building up perfect and productive system of your consciousness.

You are getting real value due to our invitation into the Universe of Tvoriteli, and pretty soon you will realize that it is really Yours universe!

Science, intuition and poetics – these beautiful fairies already put on their masquerade gowns in the “Tvoriteli” in order to unfold for you the deepest mystery of being. You only have to enjoy our whimsical performance of images and phrases, of your anticipations and thoughts, combining day after day into wonderful and beautiful mosaic of your new reality!

Only 7-8 minutes a day!

The “Tvoriteli” program would not only bring you invaluable use, but will also became your friend for lasting years!

It will economize both time, spent on your life achievements, and money spent on various courses, trainings, psycho-therapy.

What is most important, it really works and evolutionates.

Order your “Tvoritrli”now!

And in no time you will receive access to the methodic, which effectiveness was proved by practice and scientific research!

And what is important, without any slightest risk for yourself!

Admit that you were waiting for something of the kind?! Enough to wait!

We came!

Remember, the “Tvoriteli” Program could be compared with custom made gold nib fountain pen, designated only for chosen ones, who took a decision to turn new pages of own life into inimitable art!

“Tvoriteli” is high level of technology, that creates new dimensions of your possibilities. That’s why treat information about the program and user manual with attention in order to use all advantages it is giving!

“Tvoriteli” is a program of psychophysical self-regulation of consciousness, states and life processes of individual.

It was created in harmonious combination of scientific experience, new researches and achievements of human culture for good feeling of yourself, flourishing business and bright many-sided life, that brings joy.

“Tvoriteli” Program is a unique trainer of human consciousness, providing its interaction with own body, emotions, and also with energies of surrounding material world. Program is based on fundamental scientific researches and methods.

While using the “Tvoriteli” Program you will be able to predict and forestall “the behavior” of the world, using its probabilities, abilities and recourses for highest achievements in various spheres of life: personal development, health, relations and material wellbeing.

This program is positively oriented at the future, individually for every user. It rises one’s cultural level. Helps to open new possibilities.

Program provides full-fledged union of the user with own thinking process, body and emotions.

“Tvoriteli” are forming at user a special kind of consciousness that is united with own fundamental principles.

With the “Tvoriteli” one acquires ability to generate and integrate targeted directives and images of own unconsciousness into projects of life processes and events.

These projects are providing maximum and good quality connection of human being with the surrounding world and increase fruitfulness of all life processes.

They are forming with the help of “artifact” system of signs, developed by scientists, and with the help of special rhythms and notional meaning of speech signals.

“Tvoriteli” are restoring lost connection of human consciousness with its fundamental principles.

This fundamental principle is an ancient form of “stream” psychic perception, connection with which was lost under conditions of consumer society.

The stream consciousness is contained in the unconscious, it precedes conscious life of human being, and is responsible for the unity of consciousness with own organism and phenomenon of the outer world.

By restoring this connection under control of supraliminal psychic processes, “Tvoriteli” are bringing individual to maximum of his abilities, open one’s hidden abilities and unique internal programs.

The “Tvoriteli” program is:

1. Rise of one’s brilliancy, functional abilities and fruitfulness of one’s being in every process, connected with his life reality;

2. Lowering of tension of all states, which is neurotization factor, and lowering of psychic energy loss;

3. Ecology of one’s consciousness, rise of adaptation of one’s psychic and organism to unfavorable conditions and stresses;

4. Lowering of one’s dependence on outer conditions and directives;

5. Increase of one’s individual self-conscience and removal of negative factors from the unconscious, that are posing negative influence at one’s behavior, intentions, way of life, habits.

6. Returning and rise of one’s natural ability to take control over own health, restore own psychic and organism;

7. Turning of non-conscious psychic processes into conscious ones. Orienting of the user in his interaction with own unconscious with the aim of rising probability of desired events coming true.

8. Release of one’s internal programs and hidden abilities;

9. Normalization of psycho-emotional sphere and sleeping;

10. Detachment from unfavorable connections with people.

11. Release of time and energy.

All people in modern society have actually one concern – retention and growth.

At that it makes no difference if it is retention of a piece of bread or millions at the bank account – these are matters of the same order that are causing anxiety, stresses, need to act, take decisions and communicate with the outer world, at that preserving health and good relations with people.

Program radically increases the life quality, because literally it becomes easier to:


To think in more simpler and free way,

Build plans,

Pick up correct words,

Induce in oneself desires that are connected with needs,

Take care of oneself and own health,

Take care about folks,

Rise own well-being,

Keep in good order own place and own businesses,

Reach welfare,

Overcome obstacles,

Preserve calamity and assurance,

Finally, to sleep well, to restore oneself, be vigorous, active, sincerely experience joy and good feelings, positively look into future.

Absolutely unique feature of the “Tvoriteli” is giving every user possibility to change for better and accent every own life process, every intention and wish, every connection that leads to future reality.

Due to this unique feature rises up probability of needed events and phenomenon, appears something that helps user to rise “fruitfulness of own being” – of own decisions, actions, events. At this non depending on the amount of money and occupation.

Every supraliminal – conscious process is more powerful than non-conscious.

“Tvoriteli” are making non-conscious processes conscious and help user to define the ones that are needed to him from those one has to get rid of.

This is called awareness (conscience) or the reflection, which possess in full scale not all (far from being many) people on the planet, but “Tvoriteli” are able to give it to every individual.

With the awareness one correctly perceives “signals of the reality” from which targeted directives are forming, then every life processes would be formed correctly, accented, and this will result in building of needed reality.

The “Tvoriteli” program is technology of human processes and states.

Human life is incessant torrent of processes that are overflowing one into the other.

These processes are always filled with psychic energy of human being, which follows his thoughts and desires, which are becoming motives and targeting directives for next processes.

Presence or absence of psychic energy is always reflected in states of human being, which either aid or hinder appearance of desire or motive.

Everything that surrounds and involves human being is called his life material, in order to overcome this life material one uses psychic energy and motives, that are creating motive powers.

“Tvoriteli” are placing human being and one’s personality into the center of one’s own universe, into the center of one’s living world.

Being in the center of own living world, human being controls every life process that take place in his living world.

Inside the program they are classified into 21 processes, which are controlled by the user through conscious decisions and actions.

This happens the following way:

Conscious and non-conscious lives are two forms of the same psychic process.

Thinking process originates due to transfer of non-conscious into active state.

This is preceded by sensation which is reflected in various states of individual – one’s activity, feeling of one self, mood.

That is psychic activity at non-conscious level precedes the level of conscious psychic processes.

These are directives. Targeting directives of non-conscious, that are flowing inside are as if fish in a deep river.

These targeting directives are carrying non-realized readiness.

“Tvoriteli” are making then supraliminal, manifested and controlled by human being himself.

Poesis of the “Tvoriteli”

“Tvoriteli” are “binding” to life processes through one’s existing states and are organizing POESIS of consciousness and through information, energy and material processes that are connected with consciousness.

POESIS is archetype of culture, of “notions-forming creation”, primary structure of consciousness that withstands chaos.

In the “Tvoriteli” this primary structure becomes the basis of user’s space and time, basis that is commensurate to every life process of his.

Thou concept POESIS served the basis for the word poetry, but actually it is much wider category.

In science there are categories MIMESIS and POESIS.

MIMESIS is copying, imitation.

POESIS is creative generation of something new, that has no prototypes or something similar, this is a special gift to create instead of copying.

POESIS is scientific and cultural principle, that creates new rhythms, proportions and combinations, that is used in the technology of the “Tvoriteli” program.

This makes notional constructs of the “Tvoriteli” just looking like poetry, but they contain much deeper notions, possibilities and meanings, similarly to the poesis in comparison with the poetry.

“Tvoriteli” is manifestation of POESIS in human life through organized forms of consciousness, that are directed to the very center of one’s being, creative movement in aggregation of possibilities, energies, materials, time.

This is ability of human being to become true reference point of all own life processes and to grow inside himself, inside own living world, filled with individual goals.

POESIS of the “Tvoriteli” – is a feeling of great, free and light power inside oneself, that is able to rise you above circumstances, help to overcome everything on the road to own goals.

All great cultures were seeking exactly this, but by far this was destiny of few prominent people, acquired after long years of practices.

POESIS of the “Tvoriteli” helps you to form the most important state, the state of YOURSELF as a part of the skies that remained to live as human being!

“Tvoriteli” building material

Individual consciousness of human being “grows” and “breeds” by drawing from the socium, and comes to realization as a natural phenomenon, scooping from “the underground river of non-conscious”.

That’s why control over targeting directives of non-consciousness is most important, incessant and inevitable process of reality forming.

In essence all structural activity of humanity was an incessant attempt to regain control over targeting directives of non-conscious.

The problem is that people were trying to do this “through themselves” and by doing so inevitably they added personal feelings into the process that resulted in closed loop.

The “Tvoriteli” interrupted this vicious circle, gave humanity scientific method of notional technology and put it into effect in form of the computer program.

Due to this program from now on you are able to model and build own reality from most needed and important “building blocks”, throwing away garbage, defected bricks, harmful and dangerous items.

As long as evolution of human conscious is actually evolution of language, then the “Tvoriteli” program supplies the route of user’s individual development with phonetic, rhythmic and notional signals, that correspond to his state and life processes.

And now in order to entice you into our “magic valleys” we are going to tell you what possibilities you are getting together with the “Tovriteli” program:

In the sphere of internal development and intellect

- To widen borders of consciousness, target your thinking process at the search of new possibilities, empower brain energetic, generate psychic energy and model own reality;

- To develop own spirituality, intuitive consciousness;

- To free one from irrational, chaotic programs and adverse influences in information exchange, amplify and develop only productive forms of own conscious;

- Reach psychic equilibrium, develop at oneself ability to systemic organism correction and positive rebuilding of psychic structures;

- Improve feeling of oneself, to refine perception, empathy, develop imagination, attention, ability to learning;

- To use consciousness as generator of creative and living energy;

- To Anticipate events, develop own “mechanism of anticipated reality”, to believe in own “commands to the future”, and “attract” to oneself favorable events.

In the sphere of health and physical development

- To connect own consciousness with the organism, to reach the “state of centaur”;

- To feel own organism and support equilibrium of own biology system;

- To open own best and unique physical qualities;

- Reach proportionality of body forms;

- To tune up functions of own reproductive system and own ability to sensual love;

- Preserve own vital potential, ability to renew all the time, develop and not to age;

- Adapt organism to outer conditions, accent its protective powers and suppress harmful habits. To improve general state and sleeping quality.

In the sphere of practical tasks, human relations, material wealth, well-being, professional interests and achievements

- To unfold your emotional and motive powers, to take up at the own line of steady material growth and well-being;

- To achieve success in activities connected with profit;

- Build up harmonious relations;

- To form creative atmosphere in own house, to give harmony and self-expression to own house;

- To go as far as to knowledge of time, as a factor that is controlled by human consciousness;

- Build up constructive relations with surrounding people – friendly and business relations;

- Protect oneself from influences, that are forming false desires and motivations.

Three steps of the “Tvoriteli” technology

The first step of the “Tvoriteli”

With the help of positive information and psycho-emotional influence at the individual the “Tvoriteli” program forms models of his behavior through three main states:

1, Activity;

2. Feeling of oneself;

3. Mood.

“Tvoriteli” help individual to regulate all these tree states, in order to accomplish tasks in all spheres of life in good tine and successfully.

The second step of the “Tvoriteli”

The “Tvoriteli” program unfolds generative mechanisms and abilities of consciousness, that are “materializing” human ideas.

This is interesting!

The process of processing of information and symbols that are coming from the program is perceived by individual as a rhythm of positive emotions, personal positive associations, good feeling of oneself and comes out in consciousness as already made-up result, mature and complete model of reality.

When using the program individual experiences paradox: differing from laws of normal thinking, the products of his ideas, wishes and thoughts would appear as if from “nowhere”. This state, which is close to the creative insight, will entail the cascade of positive results.

“Tvoriteli” is genius of your internal genius!

The third step of the “Tvoriteli”

“Tvoriteli” Program helps you to build up the focus of attention at the specific life processes. By doing so it increases the intensity of your states and probability of desired results coming true.

“Tvoriteli” is generating “waves” of potential abilities of the future, using the focus of human consciousness…. And build up the reality up to the only and best possibility, discarding all the rest!

At that your consciousness is directed to the correct choice with minimal dependences and losses.

“Tvoriteli” Program exercises this “focusing” for you! And then delivers to you in ready form positive feelings, thoughts and internal readiness!

This is exactly what we call “to believe in own “commands to the future”….

The process of observation over the present with the “Tvoriteli” makes the future to do a choice in your favor….

And the more you are using the “Tvoriteli”, the more distinct, holistic and self-sufficient world inside and around you is created by yourself!

Similar to electrons in the process of gases heating, the “particles”, from which your models of desired reality are created, are jumping to higher orbits, increasing probability of own manifestation in the outer world!

The “Tvoriteli” are bringing events that you desire at high orbits of probabilities!

The “Tvoriteli” and controllable “Nonequilibrium”

Life is a run along the waves of circumstances to the desired equilibrium, when you have to control yourself at the rocking deck.

All elements in the world to some extend take participation in any human activity.

Billions of constantly changing circumstances are in non-equilibrium, going to form result that is waited or expected by you.

This is general picture of the world, into which you have to build in your own model of reality, at that, you shall do this in such a way that you would get what you want.

You will be able to reach this by controlling your states – activity, how you feel yourself, mood.

Only this will allow you to change quality of your life processes and circumstances.

By interaction with the whole picture of the world and its properties, the “Tvoriteli” are creating for you possibility to reach desired results in the process of solving of any life task.

This could be compared with walking on rope between two skyscrapers, balancing simply with your hands apart or with the pole.

How Your Universe of the “Tvoriteli” is created?

28 steps to new reality

1-st step. You are passing test. It defines your states: activity, feeling of yourself, mood;

2-nd step. Your states are connected (by the program) with 21 life processes, that are parts of 3 main spheres of your life:

Personal growth;


Material well-being and relations.

3-rd step. 21 day program cycle starts;

4-th step. Program may run unlimited quantity of cycles and so you can work with it daily during your life time!

5-th step. Generation of your INDIVIDUAL CREATIVE MECHANISM starts, which is renewed every day of the program cycle;

6-th step. INDIVIDUAL CREATIVE MECHANISM generates three working screens in your personal cabinet;

7-th step. These three screens appear in sequence in front of your eyes, they contain special symbols, texts, and moving images, which are playing a role of various stimulus for your consciousness;

8-th step. You are concentrating your attention at these working screens just for 8 minutes a day, or more if you wish;

9-th step. At the first screen of the “Tvoriteli” you are perceiving special moving texts, unusual words and “notional codes” at the non-conscious and psycho-emotional level.

10-th step. At the second screen of the “Tvoriteli” you are perceiving special texts and targeting directives at the conscious level. All program screens are (generated) individually compatible with the fragment of reality with which you are interacting at the moment and with your states;

11-th step. At the third screen of the “Tvoriteli” you are exercising coupling of Your consciousness with the surrounding world through the prism of forms and images, that are contained in special graphics and visual notion codes of THE CREATIVE MECHANISM;

12-th step. Through the contact with THE CREATIVE MECHANISM screens Your individual NOTION FIELD is created, that contains “notional significances” and “psychodynamic pass-ways” for all your life processes;

13-th step. You are receiving return signals from Your consciousness;

14-th step. Your associative perception is amplified up to the stream consciousness – neuron connections of new quality are created;

15-th step. These neuron connections are connected with THE WORLD LINES OF THE SURROUNDING REALITY – borders of Your Reality widen;

16-th step. Appears ability to put into realization tremendous streams of information into ideas and actions, and you start to feel this;

17-th step. Your psychophysiology, emotional and thinking forms are amplified, developed and directed, and irrational states, fears and negative programs are dwindling;

18-th step. All areas of your consciousness, that are leading to Your reality are “switching on”;

19-th step. Your consciousness opens / unfolds;

20-th step. Your emotional and motive powers for reaching your goals and solving your life issues are manifested better and better;

21-st step. Consciousness dives deeper into notional infinity of building images of thoughts and actions;

22-nd step. Starting of Yours and ONLY YOURS individual algorithms in all life processes takes place;


24-th step. Image, action and result are united;

25-th step. Continuous cascade of solutions, phenomenon, thoughts, events appears;

26-th step. “OBJECTIVATION” of your consciousness and “MATERIALIZATION” of your ideas takes place;

27-th step. In the colossal number of probabilities and combinations of the surrounding world YOUR UNIVERSE OF POSSIBILITIES COMES TO MANIFESTATION;

28-th step. Your plans are coming to realization, goals are reached and your dreams are coming true – new quality of your life comes! – and the whole world is helping you!

These picturesque texts were written by the Shevchenko Oleg Yurievitch – head of the “Tvoriteli” development team. They will give you better idea what it is all about.


What are we doing when arriving into airport? We are looking for our flight number on a big board in order to go to the check-in and fly in the direction we have to. Similarly, the first screen of the “Tvoriteli” program is a kind of board for our consciousness with flight numbers, on which everyday you are choosing the directions, where you have to fly. The only difference is that flight numbers are encrypted into special picturesque forms, and the board itself is composed in your unconscious. Choosing directions for the current day you automatically take into account possibilities of tomorrow’s flights, this brings into good order psychic and functional states and creates march-routes of life issues solutions (road map as they are saying now).

Gulf stream

Gulf stream is warm Atlantic flow, which warms global ocean water for thousands of years and influences climate of the entire Europe. Imagine that similarly to our Planet you also have your own Gulf stream – a warm flow that carries your internal powers, energy and possibilities. This is stream (flow) consciousness, which we inherited from our ancient ancestry who were thinking with categories of Natural elements and surrounding phenomenon. It helped a man to become a human, to create language, society, science and greatest works of art. Stream consciousness warms the ocean of unconscious and makes it available for thinking processes. This is a kind of underlying “conveyer” of directives, motives, thoughts, psychic energy of a human being. However nowadays, in the epoch of technogenic-consumer civilization this warm flow became cold and inactive.

The mission of the “Tvoriteli” program is to restart this stream consciousness in modern individual and bring him at a new level of creative abilities and powers in all spheres of life.

Chinese Medicine

Human being commits mistakes because directs own attention and energy at the consequences instead of primary reason, so current problems appear again and again. Chinese Medicine says that it is only possible to heal sick organ when influencing other organs, with which it is connected. For example, eye issues should be healed by influencing the liver, and lung diseases by influencing the thyroid gland.

Centuries of investigations and large libraries of manuscripts are devoted to unity and interconnection of all phenomenon in the Universe. Similarly, in the psychic life of the human being his consciousness is connected with unconscious. And in his individual living world all processes – health support, ability to learning, material well-being, personal relations and effectiveness in work are influencing each other similarly to the body organs.

That’s why in case individual has failures at working process / business, it is possible that most actual are for example not working processes themselves, but his state of health, and health problems may have origin in personal relations, and so on…. But surely all these connections and mutual interactions initially are based on the basis of unconscious level, they give birth to psychic states that are influencing abilities of the individual.

That’s why the goal of the “Tvoriteli” program is, while taking into consideration personal states of the user, to build up working cycles (of the program) in accordance with actuality of user’s life processes. At that, user himself may not realize their actuality.

On the contrary the Creative Mechanism of the “Tvoriteli” program reveals this actuality without mistakes due to scientific method of your individual test results analysis. Creative Mechanism builds up the daily process of Your working with the program in accordance with logic of life processes interaction and taking into consideration support of equilibrium of informational, energy and material resources in life of every individual.

Lake in the Forest

What is systemic detachment of human being from his own internal resources? We are receiving own unconscious ever before the moment of birth. And the entire life of ours is projection of our unconscious at the surrounding world. Because our unconscious creates connections and defines form of organization of any life processes with the use of targeting directives that are encrypted in it, and our consciousness deciphers these targeting directives into thoughts and emotions.

Now imagine yourself a clean forest lake. With fish in it, alga, birds and trees on its shores, which are you life processes. Your transparent waters are warmed by the Sun and are incessantly fed by clean underground springs, you are incessantly renewing. That’s why, suppose a tree becomes sick then it would be healed by your clean waters. In case they would catch out all fish then they would propagate anew. And when cold winter passes by the birds would return back to you.

That is your consciousness is closely connected with underground springs of the unconscious. And your phenomenon, processes, massifs of information are connected with the outer world and mutually conditioned. Due to this your health, activities, development are constantly regulated, filled up with energies and notions. And needed and desired phenomenon, items and results happen to be available. But what is going to happen in case your forest lake will lose its underground springs? The break of natural connections with the origins would take place, then the lake would become a closed system, will change its qualities and will turn into a swamp. It would grow up with slime and grass, fish would disappear, surrounding landscape will meager. This is a break of connection of consciousness with unconscious, and consequently with life processes. And this is primary reason of vast majority of problems in a life of any human being. Not in the trees, that are dropping their leaves into waters of your lake, not in deers, that are drinking its waters, not in fish that are tossing the slime up. But exactly in the loss of connection with its own internal resources.

Often individual is unable to realize true and deep reasons of his violated life processes, problems, lost opportunities, and blames surrounding circumstances, own past, surrounding people. And the reason is single and it is hidden in loss of connection with own underground springs. But time has no power over your unconscious.

And so “Tvoriteli” program opens to its user his underground springs with the use of scientific method, equally effective in case of any reason due to which this loss took place – being it psychic traumas in childhood age, respected age, illnesses or restricted psychic life. Because the “Tvoriteli” program appeals to the most mighty origin inside the nature of human being – to the nature of one’s internal elements of unconscious, and they would find a way for manifestation.

The Moon

One can see only one side of the Moon. But we know well that the dark side of the Moon exists. Similarly human being has own consciousness that is opened to the world, and hidden unconscious. And human being is unable to exist neither with one nor without the other. One becomes integral personality, a “unique celestial body” at its own orbit only in case these two sides are united harmoniously. Because all our life is realization of own unconscious and embodiment of our internal life needs in the surrounding world. The “Tvoriteli” are connecting visible and invisible sides of your celestial body, creating user’s reality at the high orbit of his abilities.

Sky after the rain

Sui dynasty porcelain vases of “sky after the rain” color happened to be the most expensive ones at the auctions. There are only 20 vases of the kind left in the world. But it is not only their rarity that stipulates the 26.7 million USD price per one item. But also the fact that that the sky in China would never again have this beautiful color, because they are building 2 electric power statins in China every week. Similar is happening with social consciousness. Informational smog, psychic affectioning, non-sanctioned social influences at the human psychic under conditions of consumer culture, distorted values and views are making social consciousness similar to polluted sky.

Only after cleaning of “own sky” the humanity may count at well-being, flourishment and subsequent life without wars, ethnic conflicts, social cataclysms, ecology problems, epidemics, starvation and economy crises. Clean consciousness is the main value of both the world community in a whole and every separate human being. The “Tvoriteli” program is returning back this value to the humanity

Beautiful Places

There are many beautiful places – in the mountains, in the forests at the seas, where human being can find appeasement, tune own thoughts, recharge himself and reboot. We understand that these places are helping us to live, flourish, develop, have good relations, be happy. One has desire to return back at such places. But one can seldom visit such places with our modern life rhythm, and everyday life erases impressions received there.

The “Tvoriteli” program gives to us realization that we are carrying these places inside ourselves – known and unknown, existing in present and in the past, real and fantastic, they are in big number inside our unconscious. With the help of special notion constructions the “Tvoriteli” are helping individual to feel and discover this places similarly to finding magic islands in the ocean of own unconscious. Feelings, emotions and images that are received due to this process are helping everyday recharge and reboot. And so, problems and issues are solved easily and quickly. During the daytime one has a feeling of flying and in the night the smell of mountains, pine forests and voice of the ocean are coming in dreams.

This becomes possible due to the fact that scientific method of the “Tvoriteli” program models the unity of the world, interaction of natural elements inside the human being and involves all possible combinations of activities and possible states of human brain, that are connected with the depth of unconscious and memory of the humanity in a whole.

The Gardener

The developers of the “Tvoriteli” program have the same goal as a good gardener has, who is digging the main channels for the garden watering, and does this in such a way that these channels would grow up in a natural way and would be able to feed with water all plants in the garden. Because consciousness of every individual shall become a free flux, which unites with other fluxes, in order to create a society that is similar to a garden, in which there is a place for every tree and every flower and there will always be enough water for its good growth and flourishing.

Herring fish

Remember how to butcher herring fish in a correct way. Herring could be very tasty but it is important not to leave bones in the filet.

That’s why one will need a correct sequence of actions and a sharp knife. One shall start with the spine, and then move your fingers along the backbone…. Good cook does this automatically. Similarly one shall deal with own internal world, with own unconscious, in which there are a lot of necessary and useful for life, but also there are many “bones” which we would not let into our reality.

The “Tvoriteli” program makes you a professional cook, who automatically copes with this work with the help of a sharp knife. The “Tvoriteli” would help you to build a kind of reality with which you would escape ”choking”.

Washing machine

About aging: One can load most effective detergents into most modern washing machine, built with the use of modern materials. But in case its “brains” are faulty – “bugging” and not all programs could be run, then unfortunately the washing would not take place.


Human being living world. When we are cocking soup, we understand that it is necessary to put into the pan everything listed in the recipe. Recipe is the idea of our living world, and everyone has his own. Things that we are putting into the pan are material processes of our living world. And the fire we are lighting behind the pan is our energy, without which nothing could be cooked – neither soup nor kasha. Now imagine that the soup is cooking and we forgot to put meat into it, or maybe we put everything needed but oversalted it. Similar is true about individual’s living world – everything should be in the pan in accordance with the recipe and nothing odd.

The “Tvoriteli” are helping us to create our own unique recipe of own living world and put everything needed into the pan, at that in the perfect moment of time, in order to avoid “overdoing”.

Silent results. The painting and the priming

Results with the use of the “Tvoriteli” program could be of various kind – bright and unexpected, big and significant, the kind one was awaiting and results that appeared at due time.

But for us, for the developers of the program, of great interest are calm and everyday results, that is “silent results”. It is exactly the kind of results, that are often came not noticed by user, are in essence the main and stable, something that builds up the fundament of our lives, basis of your “visible” results and achievements, of your breakthrough success or on the contrary of calm flow of gradually changing events in your individual living world.

No kind of training or psycho-therapist would be able to grant you this flux of events that are so demanded and harmonized with your internal nature. This is a background of individual’s internal world, the priming upon which new bright colors are laying.

Imagine yourself an artist, who is going to create a painting and prepares the canvas, applying the priming on it. When the painting is ready no one notices the priming, and you too forget about it. But its role is global – it is the basis of the painting created by you.

Even best quality colors on the canvas of your reality would drift without this everyday priming, remember about this while using the “Tvoriteli” program.

Shack or palace

What does the “Tvoriteli” program? Life of a human being is a project. Realization of this project creates individual reality, much alike they are building a house or a ship. First appears an idea, then energy that is directed at material resources, and project comes to realization. But let’s ask ourselves a question: what precedes the idea? Motives are preceding the idea – targeting directives, which individual brings into this world, starting from the moment of birth - the need to build a house, a boat, cultivate some land and many more. All this is laid inside the unconscious sphere, and connected with natural abilities of the individual. The degree of success with which one enjoys own realization in life depends on ease with which one is able to reach own targeting directives. Social restrictions, various circumstances or negative psychic directives, that also exist in the unconscious, may hinder the accessibility of own (positive) targeting directives. A kind of struggle between light and dark sides is taking place, in which often the dark side wins. Then individual builds a shack instead of a palace, which one would be able to create. And one lives in the shack, even not guessing about missed possibilities. But life reality is not a house, it is moving and always consists of chains of events, passing one into the other. And so, everything could be changed. The “Tvoriteli” program opens for you the access to your internal targeting directives and helps individual to “burn down the shacks” in order to build palaces at their places. On the scientific language this is called “decomposition of internal goals structure”. But for us it looks more simple – we are using the “Tvoriteli”, realize own abilities and make decisions sequential and make most daring perspectives available for the embodiment. Because the “Tvoriteli” were created in order to transform scientific methods into human possibilities.

The Flower

The flower we want to plant already exists in our head as an idea. And as a material project in the seeds. While combing our idea and the seeds with the soul, water, sunny energy - and he flower would start to grow. Similarly every our desire has it’s own seed in the Universe, a material project which is awaiting two things from us – an idea (the motive) and psychic energy, that makes possible the implementation of this idea in material world and our life events.

This implementation is called the life process, It starts to grow up when our idea and psychic energy are combined and act in unity with the surrounding world. The “Tvoriteli” are helping individual to find the needed seed among the plenty of others and plant it in own garden, creating favorable circumstances.

Clock mechanism

How the “Tvoriteli” program works? Similarly to the mechanism of complicated and precise clock. But the clock that is running in accordance with your individual time in your individual space. Here your life processes are turning into gears that are working impeccably and well coordinated, they are incessantly interacting with each other. The month cycle of the program plays the role of mainspring. The device of fine tuning is the test, that defines your states. Texts of the first screen are similar to symbols at the clock face and mechanism parts. They depict and organize the content of your unconscious. And the texts of the second screen are repeater of this unique watch, which shows to you most actual life processes to your current state and helps to control them. But what is most important, with the “Tvoriteli” program you are turning entire world of your health, well-being and personal development into precise and reliable mechanism!


What happens with electronic equipment when voltage in the electric socket drops down? It either works poorly or switches off and in case of frequent jumps may fail completely. Similar things happen with most complicated system called human being, when one loses specific vital energy. This energy “turns on” human organism, awakens his consciousness, memory, attention, makes one’s goals visible, gives birth to ideas, gives inspiration and powers, evokes deeds and decisions.

Modern science connects this energy with neurophysiology, human psychology and hence call it “psychic energy”. Loss of this energy lowers the level of all life processes or just breaks them down, brings individual to uncertainty, illnesses, low level of life. Depressions and anxious states, emptiness appear. At the current moment this is the global problem for the entire modern humanity, which is stipulated by the rhythm of life, stresses and neurotization, consumer culture, dependences on social networks and restricted interests.

Scientists, who are working at the development of the “Tvoriteli” program, base on the concept that this energy originates in unconscious, transforms into streams of thinking processes and define all abilities of the individual. One of the main goals, that we succeed to put into realization in the “Tvoriteli” program, is restoration, empowering and directing the psychic energy of its user into needed riverbed.

Inneiro Program was started October 5th 2020, it is improved and reworked development of the Tvoriteli. Right at the start Inneiro is available at English, soon it will be translated at other European languages.

One shall register at the Perfecterra platform, in its shop choose subscription period and pay by card directly to the company, then go into Inneiro again with login and password that you shoes when registered at the Perfecterra. Process is simple and intuitively clear. You can see me for consultation.

The articles in the “useful information” folder will help you to gain better understanding of the Inneiro, scientific basis and program idea is the same.