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Oleg Yurievitch Shevchenko’s interview to Aleksey Didenko on Salvator and Tvoriteli. April 2018.

Didenko A. V.: Today we are going to have a talk with Oleg Yurievitch Shevchenko - the developer of Salvator and one of the authors of the «Tvoriteli» Program, he is going to answer questions asked by users… Let’s start with Salvator, please tell about the Salvator in short, thou it is hardly possible, but….

Shevchenko O. Y.: Possible. Salvator is an iron item, which is produced by special order, it is cast from bronze and have a special form that we designed. In order to tell about Salvator in simple words, I sall start with overall description. Salvator is a specific anchor for the human consciousness. That is some specific rest point, basing on which you can commit some constructive actions in your internal notional field. We are calling so the part of our consciousness, with which individual is working, creating models of reality, which he wants to put into realization in life. Actually Salvator is materialized object that is pulled out of depth of our unconscious. Which contains a specific set of symbols, and these symbols are combined with specific targeting directives that are in our unconscious, or so called modal codes. That is Salvator if materialized, encoded information, while interacting with which our consciousness may create specific effects in reality. There is absolutely nothing mysterious in it, absolutely no wizardry, esoteric or something of the kind. It is scientific development, it is conducted in course of scientific school that appeared in our Kuban State University, and recently it is finding support in other universities in our country. Both Salvator and “Tvoriteli” programs are developed in course of this school, that implies the use of psycho-physical self-regulation of human being as an instrument of modernization of one’s being culture. Being culture – of his living world, of his reality. And according to our experience with students, with recreants in sanatoriums, with people we are working now, it takes place rather effectively. That is, this instrument is effective. Psycho-physical regulation is a wide term and we are narrowing it down to specific objects and specific programs, interacting with which individual is able to get advantages in interaction with oneself, with surrounding world, reach some own goals, at that in a shortest possible way. You know such physical principle – aircraft should fly not chaotically, because in case it flies chaotically it bumps with birds, comes into thunder and turbulence areas, and in case it has a corridor, and it is flying along this corridor, it is in a state of oriented interaction with the outer environment, and it reaches destination quicker and more effectively. This principle is laid into the basis of both Salvator and “Tvoriteli” program. At that Salvator is a small program, it is relatively simple, and it is based on interaction of individual with the physical object, this differs Salvator from the “Tvoriteli”, at that Salvator is very reliable technology. Reliable as an axe.

Didenko A. V.: The simpler, the more reliable.

Shevchenko O. Y.: Yes, the simpler, the more reliable.

Nowadays Freud theory is subjected to serious criticism at the west, actually it was criticized even by Yung. Nowadays they are reconsidering many basic positions in the researches, dedicated to human consciousness. Generally, serious world institutes are working on this problem. Nowadays it is reckoned that world science has two main themes / targets: research of the far space and investigation of human consciousness. And so science has more success in far space research, than in research of human consciousness. A number of questions remains open nowadays, but in any case it becomes clear that basic human behavior structure factor is not sexual sphere, the role of which is overstated in Freudism and other similar schools, which generally are denying evolution of psychic and evolution of human consciousness.

Didenko A. V.: We shall clarify that mutual criticism of philosophy and psychology schools is a normal process. One theory is becomes adopted on the denial of another, these are links of the same chain, I consider this a normal way of things.

Shevchenko O. Y.: These are links of moving to the truth, they are necessary chains, that serve their purpose, some of them become adopted, some declined, but nevertheless they contribute to formation of collective opinion in scientific world.

Didenko A. V.: You mentioned research of the far space, and in Salvator we also have interaction with the ocean, and the ocean is investigated even less than the space.

      Shevchenko O. Y.: Yes. Not many researches.

      Didenko A. V.: Yes, Not many researches, and I want to clarify the clause “Salvator consists of bronze”, as we can understand it consists of metal alloy that contains bronze. And we also want to talk about informational filling, what it consists of? There is information that it contains meteor and relict materials, can you tell about this in more details?

Shevchenko O. Y.: I will, but first I want to finish talking about our theoretic background, fundamental scientific platform of all processes which we are reproducing in our programs and in our objects. First of all we are based on classical positions of our science. Including, by the way, the Soviet science, which was not always connected with materialism, thou many people reckon the opposite. For example Dmitriy Nikolaevich Uznadze – well known psychologist, who was among the first scientists to postulate the opinion that both conscious and unconscious lives are actually parts of the same process. Of the same psychic process, that is they are inseparable. And so want happens? That we inherited unconscious form from our ancestors, who just started to develop language, but did not developed it yet, they had continual conscious that is submerged with the surrounding environment, and it remained in us, through genetics and vast experience it was transformed and accumulated in itself enormous quantity of various things. Useful and not useful. And it continues to accumulate in the process of our life under influence of outer nature factors, social environment, because human consciousness forms exactly in social environment. And what it results in? That this unconscious process, we are denying the term subconsciousness, it has gone out of use in modern science, this unconscious process is actually a basis for the conscious one. That is it is perpetual stream, which curries a colossal quantity of images – bad, good, potentially harmful, at that actually there are 70 % of potentially harmful, and 30 % of useful. And in any case it is a colossal torrent, which is continuous. And the function of consciousness, we better say the function of cognitive processes, thinking processes, is to divide it, fraction and extract what is necessary. And often when this takes place we are extracting bad things out of it. That is they start to make roots and turn into bad habits, into aggression, into aggressive behavior, into wrong approaches in the sphere of communication with people and so on. We are accumulating too many wrong behavioral patterns under influence of unconscious attitudes, which we are extracting out of it. In case this potential readiness of individual to conceive attitudes from unconscious is not controlled from above by another very interesting process, which is called meta-cognitive. That is there are thinking processes, the object of which are other thinking processes. And so Salvator particularly is a program with a physic object and the “Tvoriteli” program in general are “switching on” the process of watching over what we are thinking and what we are extracting out of there (from unconscious). And when we say that Salvator is means of depletion or elimination of our destructive programs of interpretation of the reality, it is a precise definition. We are saying that with its help we are getting rid of our fears, negative impressions, and so on and on. It is particularly. And at the same time we are freeing colossal amount of psychic energy, which allows us to put into realization really constructive, productive processes, doing our life and life processes fruitful. This is the main goal of our programs, we are developing.

     Didenko A. V.: That is in case I understand correctly, Salvator is some bridge between unconscious and positive experience, which as you said was previously accumulated by our ancestors and by our material thinking, nowadays the gap between them is large and this results in non-harmonious existence. So Salvator helps to build more harmonious life, extracting positive experience of ancestors from the unconscious. At that, uniting it with conscious and current development of every individual.

Shevchenko O. Y.: A bit differently: it extracts out of it negative, bad experience, potential readiness to put into realization bad deeds, bad habits, which are 70 % of unconscious, it absorbs all these. In symbolically unlimited mode it absorbs all these.

Didenko A. V.: I even encountered with interpretations of the Salvator as some model of a black hole, I do not know if it is correct or not.

     Shevchenko O. Y.: Correct.

Didenko A. V.: May be it is an abstract analogy, it extracts……

      Shevchenko O. Y.: This image precisely fits into our psycho-physic culture, and exactly corresponds to the archetype of unconscious, which being put into realization through the material object which is able to absorb everything bad.

     Didenko A. V.: Yes, such explanation is more easy for understanding.

Shevchenko O. Y.: Yes, why the black hole? The black hole is well known astro-physical object, which has ability to absorb matter in unlimited quantities. At that what is happening around it at so called horizon of events? Time stops there, and mass of body rises unlimitedly. Generally Mitchel’s black star is an astro-physical object, which fell in itself – a star. But the point is that they are guardians of the universe. Actually black holes in space are playing the same role, as Salvator does in human’s life. There are zones of excessive, superfluous zones of singularity of space – of distortions of space and time that exist in the universe. And in case they would not be blocked by the black holes, the universe would stop existing, it would turn into chaos. And so is the Salvator, actually it puts into realization the main function of the human being, his biology and psychic function - to aspire to neg-entropy state, to put it more exactly to neg-entropy behavior. What is neg-entropy? Entropy is chaos – chaotic state. As the second law of thermo-dynamics states, when any object turns into closed system, the energy inside it destroys it, yes?! That is heat energy, information streams may destroy human being, one may go mad or be in a state of fury, be in the state of conflict – we know this in life and understand what I mean. Salvator helps human being as a system to become opened, at one hand. At the other hand it helps to put oneself into realization, own neg-entropy side, neg-entropy behavior, by removing, liquidating all situations connected with conflicts and unfavorable conditions, which one is creating for oneself. It creates such conditions. This is its goal. At that it is interesting, Salvator is a tricky item – you realize that this is a metal item, and realize it has some specific symbolism. But symbolism is so connecting! Why it is individual item? Because symbolic individually connects human being with the object, in fact the object becomes part of yourself, yes you understand that it is a symbol, but the whole life is based on symbols, consciousness is based on symbols, and the language is a system of symbols. In case there were no language then nothing would exist in our world. So at this object we have reflections of images – ocean, space and human being as he is, there is an empty ring. There are three rings: first is cosmic space, which has symbols of incipient planets and of life at these planets; the second ring is clear because it symbolizes clean human consciousness, opened for perception of everything new, for reflection of surrounded world, cleaned from negative programs, negative influences and interpretations of reality by individual himself; and the third ring is an ocean. Ocean, fish squama as a defense. And of course it is absorption center in the middle, the horizon of events of nominal black star, which is put into realization in human life. That is Salvator program is considering human being as micro-universe. Micro-universe to which this object is given, that allows individual to take control over own events, removing negative forms of behavior, negative forms of interaction with the outer world and negative interpretations of outer world, which are leading him to wrong development of events, wrong understanding of things, to conflicts, to various failures and so on, which prevents individual from reaching own life goals. About triad – in all psycho-physical cultures there was a triad: sky, human being, earth. Human being in the middle. This is realization of triune concept: idea, energy, matter. We widened it up to space-universe, human being, ocean. Because ocean is a cradle of human life, actually ocean is a carrier, it contains hydrogen which is a main element in the universe.

      Didenko A. V.: Humans went out of the ocean, no matter what they are saying nowadays, it is result of an evolution.

Shevchenko O. Y.: Of course, through water, through hydrogen content in it ocean is connected with the entire cosmic space. Believe me, according to Konstantin Anohin, he is very much respected by me, he heads the center of cognitive research in Kurchatov’s institute, he is saying wonderful things. He says that actually we are carriers of information about everything. One simply shall learn to use it in own purposes. Salvator – is a link in a mechanism, which allows to master open possibilities of the universe, to open abilities of human being in the universe, this is very important.

And it has internal symbols – the presence of meteor dust, at that it is really meteor dust, not a sand from some nearest sandbox, we took special care to get meteor dust. Monimolimnion which is a component of an ocean, and amber, which according to Vernadskiy is a symbol of transition forms of life, of live life into non-live matter, and all these is stored there inside. Knowledge about this is also a specific attribute, that helps individual to put Salvator program into realization, and organize own interaction with this physical object.

Didenko A. V.: We have another question, tell please how to work correctly with the second protocol?

Shevchenko O. Y.: Everything is really simple, it is important to work without fanatism. By the way I want to note that your translations are absolutely correct, they are reflecting the essence, style and rhythm of the language, which is laid into “The Black Star” protocol, and it is easy to work with the protocol. Generally any our program, both “Tvoriteli” and “Salvator” is based on the fact that it is a technology. So called notional technology, based at artifact-oriented consciousness of individual, which we are creating while working with our objects, with our programs. There is really nothing difficult in it, one shall simply read it. No need to read it from morning till evening, put it on the head, or do something else, this is absolutely not needed. I will tell you more, due to some reasons we broke our relations with the Company, returning now I mentioned the third protocol at my lectures. The third protocol is very serious, because it implies, and it is not fantastic, it implies abilities of individual to put own intentions into realization through interaction with the physical object Salvator. By fixing attention at it. We introduced a theory of so called excognits, that is some structureless elements of consciousness, which could be transmitted and interact with the surrounding environment, let’s say with quantum levels of space and surrounding reality, which allow individual to rise probability of these or that events, that would aid realization of one’s true wishes. At that, often not in forms one has in mind, but more interestingly and unexpectedly. And so the third protocol “Lagrange point” implies stability of individual in his own physical world, stability in his life processes. And the “Tvoritrli” program is prolongation of this process, it covers this process absolutely globally, at that it puts individual exactly at the center of all events – one’s own life processes, and allows to control them in such a way, that allows to reach desired results in building of own reality and own living world. According to our basic concept in order to understand better notional technology, to understand Salvator and “Tvoriteli” one shall take position of anthropocentrism. What is anthropocentrism? It is exactly such a theory that puts human being into the center of the Universe. It originated in ancient Greece. Human being is a center of the Universe. My heart is a mechanism that gives birth to the universe.

Didenko A. V.: It originated much earlier, it existed all the time over the centuries, it disappeared nowhere.

     Shevchenko O. Y.: Yes, from the moment of appearance of the first archetype – Tree of Life. There are several levels of profanation in the bible, actually the Tree of Life associates with the (illegibly) of human being himself. But exactly in Greece it was transformed into specific theory, and exactly in Greece it provided basis for the creation of society, in accordance with principles of which we are living and developing now. That is to social medium. And so one shall understand that both Salvator program and the “Tvoritrli” program are placing human being into the center. They say that there is a common universe, one for all, and at the same time every individual has his own universe. And every individual has a right to be in the center of own universe, take this center position. Both Salvator and “Tvoritrli” program allow individual to be not an object of influence of outer forces, but a subject who is in control of own internal universe.

Didenko A. V.: They help to realize that human being….

     Shevchenko O. Y.: Yes, they help to realize own form. Suppose in relations with own organism we are saying that there is such a notion centaur. This is a scientific notion, because we say that we are mostly riding at own body, at own organism, similarly to riding a horse. As a horseman upon a horse. Until the horse drops down we are connected. And the goal of such programs as Salvator and “Tvoritrli” is to unite the head with the body, in order to give central nervous system control over all processes up to the cellular level, give it perception and realization of these processes at the level of informational connections and internal interaction – through periphery nervous system, through chemo-receptors, mechano-receptors. That is central nervous system would supply information and react in due time with “switching on” of mechanisms of self-restoration, self-regulation, adaptation to some conditions, or informed in due course that it is unable to do something, in order to let outer recourses to interfere, suppose medicine would interfere, or something else. This is a very important moment in relation to health. And also in relation to all life processes of the individual – in the spheres of his well-being, material welfare, his development – intellectual and spiritual, which is of primary importance. Unfolding of internal programs, of internal potentials, about which one may even have no idea.

And so, nowadays, along with the third protocol, some universal form of Salvator is developed, which allows individual to work with it in any situation. In absolutely any. That is, saying of specific text, which is created and interacts with this object.

There are plenty of fantasies in the internet, once I’ve read some forum, what people are writing there – My God! I had even more gray hair, reading what they are writing. “This you should not do under no circumstances”, “this is what one shall do….”. You see, any technology is setting some definite standards, which are oriented at most optimum use of it.

     Didenko A. V.: Basic recommendations, they should be followed. No matter what we would take, there is an instruction, there are basic recommendations, the rest is your fantasies. In course of our work with various products of our Company we often are encountering with all kinds of nonsense. Some forums and independent cites are writing absolute nonsense, people are reading and then ask “why you do not have this information”

Shevchenko O. Y.: Yes, “why you are not doing this?! Do not recommend to people…. “

     Didenko A. V.: We often have to disprove such “information”, saying to our people “follow basic recommendations, the rest is creativity”. Creativity is unlimited, and it is easily accessible. In case one put some methodic at own site, then this is one’s personal business. But this has nothing in common with basic recommendations. That’s why we are constantly saying: “Follow basic recommendations, in case of some deviations – listen to your body, is it good for you or no”.

      Shevchenko O. Y.: That’s why first of all I’m always saying “Under no circumstances swallow the Salvator”. Do not swallow it – this is the most important. And do not attempt to make soup from it.

Thou when it comes to soup and other everyday activities – it lays at windowsill in my place. You see, it is working. When it is close to you, when it is in home it works with you. Because you know that you are connected with it, and this connection is very rigid. Put it close to yourself at the computer table. Put it close when you are cooking. When doing anything! When weeding your planting bed or plant tomatoes, all processes will be improved, just because there will be more energy due to you doing everything more correctly and with better quality.

    Didenko A. V.: And so there is a kind of small questioner. Taking into consideration that Salvator is a personal device, may other family members touch it?

     Shevchenko O. Y.: Various forms of fanaticism could be met in this area too. Personal use. Nothing will happen to it and with you if children would take it or someone will touch it. Actually there is nothing sacral in it. Salvator is an intermediate, it is as if a carrier of your internal sacral state, which was put into realization through the unconscious. Nothing will happen to it. It is the same as “can I communicate with you?” Salvator is actually you yourself. Can I communicate with other people?! Nothing is going to happen of it?! But most important of course is that people would not swallow it….

     Didenko A. V.: And would not saw it.

Shevchenko O. Y.: And would not saw. You see, here we have some specific ritual, some act of initiation of your work with this object. As soon as you are going through the syntactic protocol, this syntactic protocol is actually the beginning of your work with the Salvator, and then nothing is gonna happen with it.

      Didenko A. V.: Another question – in case one bought is and did not activated, nevertheless one is feeling that Salvator is working. What gives activation in comparison with so called “passive use”?

Shevchenko O. Y.: This is called formalization of one’s activity process at work with the Salvator, that is it directs more correctly. And one feels the connection because reacts unconsciously. One feels connection at the level of archetypes that are put into realization – implicit processes, which precede thinking processes, exactly of target directives. One feels that communication with it is needed, that he has to use it, and so seeks for ways of interaction. One is as if calling it, this is if put it picturesque. Actually, realization through the protocol seriously, well and precisely formalizes this part – the beginning of interaction of the user with the object, and orients user’s consciousness. It sets definite algorithm, with use of it one is using the object more effectively and more targeted,

     Didenko A. V.: Does Salvator pose influence at the energetic of the house, in case it is …..

     Shevchenko O. Y.: I do not know what is energetic of the house, I know what is energy. Energy is ability of human being or an object to commit these or that actions. When they say to you that someone took away your energetic – some vampires and so on, do not believe this, because actually the opposite takes place – one simply deprives you an ability to commit some job. By changing your psycho-emotional level one drives you to crisis, to hysteria, to a state of unwillingness to do anything, and you gain a feeling that you… actually it is your internal psychic energy goes at overcoming of these crisis phenomenon in communication, and it really is spent significantly. But it does not go to another person, it is simply spent and you are losing it. Psychic energy is a very important thing and nowadays they are conducting more and more researches on it.

When it comes to the energetic of the house, I do not understand what you are about. I understand that some atmosphere exists, for me it is more precise word. Salvator influences atmosphere in the house. Just because it aids rising of your communicative competence in relation to other people, who are surrounding you in the house. That is conflicts are going more evenly, communication comes to norm – you understand people better, people better understand you. Your close people. You become inspired with their interests, and so on. And naturally creative abilities are unfolding / opening, it is very important to understand that psychic energy is released free, negative programs are going away and creative abilities of human being are unfolding. Appears the desire to arrange well own life, plant own garden in front of the house and to take care of it, or suppose to weed the grass. Or suppose to lay some carpet, change furniture for better. This constant desire to change something for better naturally influences atmosphere in the house and mutual understanding.

Didenko A. V.: Will the presence of Salavator in the house bring anxiety to some very sensitive person?

Shevchenko O. Y.: No, it would not.

     Didenko A. V.: May Salavator become charged with negative energy?

Shevchenko O. Y.: No. By definition it cannot become charged with negative energy because it is unlimited object. In the notion technology it is transformed into symbolic form, materialized into a symbol form, which is able to absorb colossal volumes.

Didenko A. V.: We compared it with the black hole.

     Shevchenko O. Y.: Yes, it absorbs everything, but nothing will go out back!

Didenko A. V.: In case one did not used Salvator for more than a year, is there a need to activate it with the help of the protocol?

     Shevchenko O. Y.: Yes, this is possible, this will be as a reminder.

Didenko A. V.: Possible or necessary?

     Shevchenko O. Y.: Even necessary, desirably.

      Didenko A. V.: And how to direct it? Black hole away from yourself?

Shevchenko O. Y.: Away from yourself. Always away from. When working – yes, it lays in front of you. In (exercises) away from yourself. Do not listen to anyone, there are many actors.

     Didenko A. V.: May be you will add some instruction to the third protocol, add a couple of pages, in order to stop questions and this “creativity”. Give clear recommendations, this will help users to avoid mistakes.

Shevchenko O. Y.: Of course. Most important, do not give way to this amateur activities.

Didenko A. V.: Does Salvator structure water? I think it is not designated for this.

     Shevchenko O. Y.: First, it was not created for this purpose. Second I have a mass of questions about water structuring.

Didenko A. V.: What could be the reasons if user has an impression that Salvator stopped working?

     Shevchenko O. Y.: Sometimes user may have plateau-phase, when some “reboot” is needed. Not to the Salvator, to you. And this plateau-phase may last for some time – a week, a month, it is not horrible, let things go as they naturally do. The release of the third protocol will accent interaction of human being with the Salvator, and in case these plateau-phases will continue to appear, most likely they would have temporary character.

     Didenko A. V.: A technical question. First Salvators sometimes split. How to make sure if Salvator is working in case it fell and split?

Shevchenko O. Y.: it is possible to repair it.

     Didenko A. V.: It is possible to glue it, as far as I know this does not involve information filling, just the back cover.

Shevchenko O. Y.: Yes, it is possible to glue it, making sure that internal filling remains in its place

     Didenko A. V.: Does this problem eliminated now? Please explain to our users – various production lots of Salvators had various color, different weight, they are worrying.

     Shevchenko O. Y.: Yes, I really heard that in France they stared to weight Salvators , this has absolutely no sense, no influence at the quality of your interaction with it. Actually there were two production lots of Salvators. The very first lot, that was produced – the reason was that we were not able to order big, by definition it should have being some trial batch…

Didenko A. V.: There were various suppliers. They casted it, there was white jewelry steel, which is used for decorations, they are selling bracelets in airports. They said that in case they will fill in yellow metal, then they would have reclamations from main customers, and they cannot use separate process because of small order. So they proposed to use white bronze with coating, it is more light, so the weight differs too.

Didenko A. V.: They also differ by stamping.

Shevchenko O. Y.: This is already the next lot. Slightly different technologies were used. Second lot was made from yellow bronze. It happened to be more thick, different casting processes were used. Actually the very first light lot was the most expensive because the white bronze is not cheap.

Didenko A. V.: They also differed by colors – golden and more modest.

Shevchenko O. Y.: You see, for example I like bronze, I like heavy one, someone on the contrary like….

     Didenko A. V.: I like the first variant.

    Shevchenko O. Y.: I want to say straight that appearance of natural patina, of some oxides on the contrary makes an item more noble. I am a man who is possessed with antiquarian bronze, I think this is so. It is not a reason of some faults in work with the object.

     Didenko A. V.: There is a question, you already answered previously, why Salvator production was stopped? There were disturbances…..

     Shevchenko O. Y.: Yes.

      Didenko A. V.: What else can you say to our French partners? About “Tvoriteli” program.

Shevchenko O. Y.: To our French partners I want to say that nowadays we created a global program “Tvoriteli” which is most powerful instrument, that allows individual to transform own living world, own reality. There are no analogs to this Program in the world. Similar to the Salvator it continues the theme of the use of language forms, forms of language consciousness, of interaction of individual with own unconscious and the use of its most powerful abyssal resources for building of models of own world, put into realization own ideas, wishes and so on. The program is vast, it implies interaction of user with 21 life process – main life processes, which are divided into three spheres of living world. They are: sphere of intellectual and spiritual development, sphere of health and organism functionality, and sphere of material interests and relations – of material welfare and everyday relations between people. Family relations, business relations and so on. Three main spheres. And the most important technical feature of the “Tvoriteli” program is its influence at the sates of the individual. There are three categories of these states in the program. That is the state of the mood, the state of activity, the state of organism general state of health. Through these three states Program influences all your living processes – follows, accents, improves your every living process – no matter what you are doing. That is interacts with you literally in the whole lot – both in relation to your health, remember centaur – to put the head at the body, and in the sphere of learning and your development, and of course in the sphere of material well-being and reaching some definite goals in life, which you are setting for yourself, and the Program also helps to set them. It is a global realization of an idea of individual universe of human being, which is based at individual qualities, properties, events. At that you are passing a teat, scientifically valid. Generally Program has serious scientific basis, several institutes are working in it. We already did several reports and published in VAK (ВАК National Attestation committee). Actually we have serious relations with the academy of medical sciences. We are going to make additional special programs for people who are suffering chronic heart disease, survived strokes. We are gong to work actively with our doctors in these spheres. And so in general this program allows individual to regulate all own processes – to become more aware, significantly increase the level of own communicative competence about which I told you, increase the level of reflection, that is pay attention at oneself. As I already said only 25% of world population poses full-value reflection. The level of consciousness evolution increases significantly when one is working with the “Tvoriteli” Program. It takes place from one cycle to another. The user undergoes a test, test determines the levels of tension of your state, and the goal of the “Tvoriteli” Program is exactly to decrease these levels of tension, which are preventing you from realization of your goals, life tasks and take participation in own life processes. Again the question is to make individual the subject of interaction with the outer world and with oneself, and not an object of influence of outer powers, even of your internal impulses, which are forcing you to commit not very useful deeds or be involved into some bad processes, habits.

If you allow me, I can give short characteristic what the “Tvoriteli” Program is doing.

       Didenko A. V.: Of course.

Shevchenko O. Y.: Yesterday we worked at short consumer information leaflet, and I will cite myself.

“Tvoriteli” Program ensures grows of consciousness constructive and creative abilities, functional abilities and fruitfulness of individual’s being in every life process.

Second, it ensures the decrease of tension of all states of the user, as a factor of neurotization and loss of psychic energy. We are living in socium, We are living in social medium, which is based on consumption, in this connection incessant neurotization takes place, susceptibility to stresses, changing of goals and so on due to various outer targeting – outer influences, commanding “do this, buy that, take credit” and so on. All these may lead to potential loss of energy and rise of tensions of one’s states.

      Didenko A. V.: Socail targeting directives from which one shall get rid of.

Shevchenko O. Y.: Yes, non sanctioned social influences. Who did not sanctioned? We did not. But they are ingraining various economic, political and social directives into our heads.

Third. Ecology of human consciousness, rise of adaptive abilities of one’s psychic and organism in relation to unfavorable conditions and stresses. Most important factor we have to put into realization nowadays.

Fourth. Reduction of one’s dependence on social environment conditions.

Fifth. Increase of individual self-awareness of human being and removal of negative factors of unconscious – I told about this in the beginning. There are 70 % of bad in human unconscious, and 30 % of good. The goal is to remove bad and use good. (Removal) of negative factors in unconscious that pose negative influence at the structure of behavior, one’s way of living, states and habits.

Sixth. Strengthening of one’s ability to self-control own health, restore own psychic and organism.

Seventh. Orientation of human being in his interaction with own unconscious, with the purpose of representation by it of own real abilities and increase of probability of coming of needed, favorable events. Turning of non-conscious psychic processes into conscious ones with the use of symbolic speech constructions and images. Speech and images are the basis of the “Tvoriteli” program, generally speaking speech and images are the basis of the Salvator program as it is, but the “Tvoriteli” program is a global one. Salvator is a small, very effective and reliable program, and “Tvoriteli” program is also very reliable, but a global program, and it is strictly individual, because one undergoes a test in the beginning. And it groups – builds up, one cycle of a program takes 21 days, each day is devoted to one of 21 life processes. You undergo a test ever 21 day, and every time it builds up individually for you. Suppose milliard of people will use it, and every one will have his own “Tvoriteli” program.

Didenko A. V.: Own algorithm.

Shevchenko O. Y.: Exactly, own algorithm, that depends solely on one’s individual test data, on tensions of one’s individual states.

Didenko A. V.: We shall confirm for our partners, that the program is also individual, that is depends on the test adjustments. It is not possible to move runners double, triple – there will be no result.

Shevchenko O. Y.: True. There would not.

Finally the most important achievement of the “Tvoriteli” Program is release of internal programs of human being and one’s hidden abilities. Increase of communicative culture, productiveness of one’s interaction with surrounding world and social environment.

By the way we reported these tasks at the conference organized by ministry of economics. We participated in scientific-practical conference in polytechnic university. There were three universities: Kuban, polytechnic and agriculture. There was a discussion on human factors under conditions of saving technologies. They are introduced nowadays. That is intensification of production processes and control over them and so on. And we rose a question about the use of the “Tvoriteli” Program at production facilities in order to reduce the levels of tension of personal, to improve quality of one’s adaptation to new conditions of production and reduce losses of psychic energy in the process of this adaptation, in relations in working collective and so on and on. That is to influence for better the global factors that pose influence at the human factor, which is often of decisive importance.

When it comes to individuality of the “Tvoriteli” Program, then yes, at the beginning one undergoes individual test. It is test called “General state (how one if feeling himself), Activity, Mood”, initially it was developed in Lenigrad university, then improved in Moscow university, we reconfigured it for our purposes and using it in our Program. One undergoes test, there are 19 questions in it, everything is simple, one is moving runners along balancing lines opposite to each question. On the left we have bad, for example “I am tired” or “I am indifferent”. On the right the good – “I am active”, “I am interested”. Because we are writing from left to right, so we follow this linearity.

     Didenko A. V.: What about left handed?

Shevchenko O. Y.: Who is left handed may use the left to move the runners, but in any case one will move …

     Didenko A. V.: From left to right.

Shevchenko O. Y.: There is a question with the Chinese. And so it comes to that while moving the runners you are defining the levels of tension of all states, and then the computer, the so called “Creative Mechanism” recalculates all these and in results it generates for you three screens every day. Every day you are receiving three screens. It is very pleasant to work with the Program, it takes approximately 8 minutes a day – just to sit and drink a cup of tea or coffee.

     Didenko A. V.: The program has very beautiful, simple and easy to use design, and in accordance with this algorithm it picks up a text for the first screen….

Shevchenko O. Y.: For the first screen. Actually at the first screen you are watching your unconscious – your individual, and as I already said, you are catching there golden fishes, which are helping you to build your reality.

     Didenko A. V.: Texts are very interesting, they resemble – they returned me into childhood where is “Alice in wonderland”.

Shevchenko O. Y.: Yes, “Alice in wonderland”. There are special constructions, first morphological, that is there is a special structure of words. By the way, nowadays we are working now on preparing these texts for translations.

Didenko A. V.: Yes, we are waiting.

Shevchenko O. Y.: Yes, this is really serious work to translate all these. There are special rhythms. That is there are special constructs, that are actually these targeting directives, or modal codes of unconscious about which I told today. They are carrying archetypes in themselves, they are creating archetypical plots with which you are working at the level of evaluation and discreteness. You are selecting what is needed for you from the stream, and then you transform it into thinking processes, creative processes.

And people are seeing a very interesting effect of the Program, saying: “Events happened in my life, about which I did not expected that they aid realization of this or that intension”. Similarly are students, saying: “I did not knew this, and here it as if jumped out of me!” that is implicit level is activated.

     Didenko A. V.: Some blocks have gone.

Shevchenko O. Y.: Yes.

Didenko A. V.: Program removes blocks and this aids more quick putting into realization of your positive future.

Shevchenko O. Y.: Of course. And it frees what should have being freed, it was held there due to some specific reasons.

Didenko A. V.: Me are speaking about the same things, I say block was removed, you say “was released”. The same chain.

Shevchenko O. Y.: Yes. Everyone of us has implicit skills, maybe passed through ancestral line or through some programs, connected with heredity…

Didenko A. V.: But they are “closed” by blocks, with the same social directives, with some issues from own childhood…..

Shevchenko O. Y.: With some fears.

Didenko A. V.: With fears, may be someone oppressed you, and you are afraid to put something into realization. Program removes all these, and you are going out at the road of self-realization

Shevchenko O. Y.: Practical psychoanalysis in pure form, but not for 100 USD per hour or more, or they take 200 USD an hour! But radically more affordable. You are purchasing the program and use it, it is strictly individual, it is interesting. It contains constructs – modal codes, they are configured in quatrains… they are looking like poetry, actually they are not poetry, they are phraseology forms – constructs, built in accordance with specific laws, that follow specific connections of your unconscious with your cognitive conscience, meta-cognitive, implicit level – learning, and all these in the process of interaction develops and widens your abilities to build the reality. Interact with the surrounding world, look for resources, attract them, build relations, communications, contacts. Interact in most effective way, act as an open system and build own universe. It is very interesting. Very interesting and very effective. And pleasant. Pleasant to read, lines are recombining. At the first screen you have the flow of the text, which you are reading, the text is moving slowly. It is comfortable to read this text, you may even give no thought about its meaning. Absolutely no need to analyze anything or give a deep thought about its meaning. Program does not teach anything, it gives possibility. And it is you who is learning, using the sources….

     Didenko A. V.: When reading text your consciousness frees.

Shevchenko O. Y.: yes, it frees.

     Didenko A. V.: Even in case you are reading some fragment of this text.

Shevchenko O. Y.: Some people even a crying! Because emotional issues, connected with the blocks you told about are freed. Often this release process is followed with emotions. This is normal.

     Didenko A. V.: This is a normal process, everyone feels differently.

Shevchenko O. Y.: Some feeling a state that is close to sleeping. This is also correct because the first phase of the Program realization is connected with the fact that in the state of half-sleep we are mastering better what is given to us., better analyze, and better interact with our unconscious. Then at the following stages, at the subsequent cycles of the program user remains more active. It is strictly individual process. That’s why it is recommended to pay attention at this program, it is interesting. Nowadays, as I already said, we are preparing texts for the translations.

     Didenko A. V.: We would be glad to have it, but by far we do not have translations. We are waiting for them.

Shevchenko O. Y.: You will receive them soon and will be able to start. At that this Program will evolutionate constantly, something new will appear in it all the time, new processes will arise within its borders. Any process shall evolutionate, not stop but develop, refine.

     Didenko A. V.: By the way, we shall say that soon we are going to have this Program as downloaded application. One will be able to download, install, and one will have to connect with the server only once in 21 days in order to undergo a test.

Shevchenko O. Y.: I also want to say that of course it is beautiful, it is based on a connection of bronco with steam pank, we developed our own unique style, at that all graphic elements we created ourselves. Graphics is also based at the principle of artifact-oriented consciousness, this principle is used in our programs very effectively. There are three screens, the second screen is also text, it is directive, it is connected with cognitive consciousness and with specific life process which is unfolded, as if a file that unpacks in front of you, and some positive directives are created, which are posing positive influence on you. And the third screen is graphical. Moving graphics. Which goes back to the archetype of the Tree of Life. You will understand everything there – world-symbols, world-spheres, but this is a separate theme, there are other lecturers. And nowadays we are preparing to a serious work with our foreign colleagues, with you. And I want to wish further development of our relations, development of mutual understanding, more interesting questions, discussions, which are helping us to develop and better understand our users.

     Didenko A. V.: Help us to move forward.

Shevchenko O. Y.: To move forward along the road of evolution of our consciousness, including collective consciousness.

Didenko A. V.: Yes, because nothing can stand still on its place. What is standing still goes into the past.

We thank you for your vast interview. Thank you. 

     Shevchenko O. Y.: Thank you.

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