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Shevchenko O. Y. The principle of individual energy spinner in the Tvoritely Program. June 28-th 2018, internet conference.

I was always saying that it is brain that is at the first place responsible for providing of the organism security, interaction of its parts, supporting proper balances in the organism and transfer of the genetic information. Brain and central nervous system are responsible for our health, but often it happens so that they are not properly involved into this process, due to distraction of attention by prevailing social, stressful and biology factors. Exactly due to these levels of states tensions we discussed before, these 19 levels of states tensions we are working with in the test screen of the «Tvoritely» Program. These tensions of the states are resulting in a fact that our central nervous system, our head to put it roughly, together with periphery nervous system with its numerous chemical, temperature, tactile and other receptors are not totally included into the working process, they are working a kind of separately from our organism. We are calling this the position of the rider. Individual is riding upon his own organism but does not come into connection with it. And scientific concept of centaur implies connection of one's head, that is central nervous system with the entire organism in harmonious absolute interaction. That all organism functions at all levels, starting from cellular to organs would be controlled by well functioning nervous system. We may note that many people, who were leading active intellectual lives, demonstrated perfect health and longevity. Take such giants as Vernadskiy and Losev, other prominent Russian and foreign scientists. In overwhelming majority they are long lived. Steven Hocking who died not long ago, who lead outstanding intellectual life, made a number of discoveries, printed enormous quantity of works and gave to humanity invaluable scientific experience, died if I am not mistaken in the age of far behind 70. But he lived all his life fixed on the wheelchair due to disease from which people are dying in some 10-15-20 years at most. And he lived much longer. It is a model example of the fact that activation of the brain and central nervous system functions gives to a person undeniable advantages in the sphere of health. And we are stating that Brain governs organism and the consciousness governs the brain. And I am ready to prove this, at that not simply prove, but show on example of our today theme of energy spinner in the «Tvoritely» Program. Our theme is called so today. And we will switch to it very soon.

In our previous conference I promised to show you “The Tvoritely” Program attributes and instruments, with its objects at which one is going to focus attention. As we already know these objects are grammar and phraseology on one side, that is speech based at centuries-old traditions, particularly the Russian speech, and on the other side these are images, that were constructed from a huge cultural heritage of humanity, at that we thoroughly selected images that have specific notional passes into your consciousness through the unconsciousness, through images of the unconscious.

First we are going to talk a little about language, then we will look at some very beautiful pictures, and I will comment their meaning, and then we will switch on at the discussion of the energy spinner and the principle of consciousness existence as a form of life of energy, and how this principle comes into realization in us as intelligent biology creatures. And how it is working and what advantages it may give to us in “The Tvoritely” Program.

And so we are going to discuss now the scientific basis of “The Tvoritely” Program, we will discuss our unconscious, its structure and connection with our forms of speech, used in The Tvoritely”. What should be noted? I said many times that unconscious is as if some stream, river or an ocean, in which lives a big number of images. Periodically these images are coming out of there in the form of some tentacles, shark flippers, yes?! In a form of some splashes, in form of some half-manifested images, wishes, motivations, physical objects, which force us to do some “splashes” at the level of our neuron web functioning. The kind of “splashes” they are calling potentials of readiness, and which are bringing our brain into a state of readiness to fulfill these or that desires, follow these or that pulses, or perform some actions, connected with these or that motives. It is all built in a such an interesting way, but actually we are talking about consciousness structure.

The unconsciousness is a bottom, underground river of our consciousness, one should not deny this, and one shall take this into consideration. The unconsciousness world is represented to a human being in form of modal codes. Do not be frightened with the term. We understand what are the codes, it is something encoded, encoded volume of information. And what is modal? Modality is some level of relation of the individual to these or that objects or phenomenon, and it is always manifested. What is important – always manifested in imperative mode. That is things that are contained in our unconscious, always influence at the levels of our consciousness through the neuron web, through the biology object – brain, always influence targeted and in the imperative mode. This is an order. That is we are always receiving some orders from own unconscious, which take forms of objects, desires, thoughts or motives. And so once again: in the unconscious sphere the world is represented to the individual in form of various modal codes. We understood what are the modal codes. And it is consciousness that performs the representative function, that is function of unfolding and interpretation of what is laid in the modal codes, and our consciousness is doing this in accordance with some specific rules of symbolic constructioning, which are socially determined in our current conditions – conditions of living as biologically and socially active members of the society, who are united into socium. Once again: it is consciousness, that performs the function of unfolding, understanding and interpretation of images, that are laid in the codes of the unconsciousness, it is designed in such a way. And consciousness performs this function in accordance with rules of semantic designing. We said about it many times, the consciousness creates some specific constructive field, including the influence of the Tvoriteli program. We are calling it “Tvoriteli Program semantic field”, it is individual for everyone of us, and at the same time it has general characteristics in terms of containing common archetypes and so on. Including social sphere. And what is taking place in this internal field? Symbolic constructioning of what we want to receive takes place in this internal field. What kind of own reality we want to see? That is we are doing symbolic constructioning. We are taking specific images from the unconscious, they are reflected in form of pulses in our neuron web, and we are starting to create our reality with the use of these images. Actually our reality depends on how are we doing this, with what effectiveness, are we filtering these images or not. That is the most interesting starts at the moment when we did this symbolic constructioning in the head – when we created a model, a model of reality that we shall transfer into the real world. And we have no escape from doing this! If the model is already created, then it is very difficult to destroy it. There is a saying “tough nut”, but actually it is a model example of the fact that when a model is created, individual is already unable to get rid of it, and one will put it into realization. Do you understand the importance of this internal symbolic constructioning?! Here, with the use of the “Tvoriteli” Program it acquires constructive, structured character with the property of filtering out of what is harmful or potentially dangerous for the individual in one’s own unconscious. There are 70 % of dangerous and 30 % of useful.

Note that some social preconditions are interfering into the process of one’s symbolic constructioning. In major degree society imposes some limitations and restrictions at the individual, more to it non-sanctioned social influences are interfering with the process of symbolic constructioning, they are motivating individual even for doing something that contradicts one’s own interests. Suppose to vote for some law or for someone who would not take care of his interests. This is done with a row of manipulations, motive, notional juggling, which generally are accepted by individual and are implemented into his model of symbolic constructioning, which is a model of the reality one is implementing into life. The modeling of public order and modeling of some specific properties of the society is taking place with the use of this mechanism, the kind of properties some definite group or political society is interested in, and it is working. It is working at the level of semantic influences, it is working at the highest levels of modeling of social processes in the interests of some group, it is working all over the world. All these is used, and now I am disclosing for you the techniques of manipulating of the public conscience. Through the individual conscience. I described for you the mechanism of this process. “Tvoriteli” Program is designated for taking the heat off the human being with the use of the resources of consciousness. And organizing the recourses of conscience in such a way, that individual would not be subjective to outer influences, preserved own freedom and was able to build one’s being and individual reality in a constructive way. It is the task that is solving and will be always solving in the “Tvoriteli” Program. At the first place it will be targeted at the supporting of individualization, of the individual form of your consciousness, your distinctive manifestation in life, and realization of your individual human nature, which is different in all of us. And at the achievement of maximum abilities and results, not suppressed by social conditions, not suppressed by outer stressful factors, not suppressed by outer negative influences.

When we are talking about the perception of the first screen of the “Tvoriteli” and alternating texts at the second screen, then it is exactly the process of structured working with one’s consciousness which takes place at the in unconscious level, that includes associations, archetypes, the process that “switches on” both right and left hemispheres into the cognitive mode – into the mode of thinking, and splitting the consciousness and unconsciousness processes exactly at the borderline level when one is perceiving the archetypes. What for the splitting is needed? Because when one is perceiving the archetypes, archetypical stories and images from the unconscious, one have to split, to distinguish what is useful for him from what is harmful. This process is taking place. And then notional components of archetypes which are coming to us through pictures and phraseological constructions of the “Tvoriteli” Program are turning into regulators of our states, contributing concretizing of individual images, contributing forming and understanding the goals of our orienting images. Building up of individual’s interaction with his own life processes is taking place this way, properly speaking here the “Tvoriteli” Program poses regulating action and allows individual to reveal his own possibilities in all processes and spheres of life processes.

At the first place the “Tvoriteli” Program is considering the human consciousness in the form of individual operator of translation of models of reality, which are oriented by the Program. At that as reflections that are carrying most overall descriptions of what is wished and planned by you.

Do you understand what I am about? Once again: in the “Tvoriteli” Program human consciousness appears to be an individual translation operator and with the help of models of reality, oriented by the Program, the ones we are building in our head, these models of reality are becoming the reflections that are carrying most full description of what is wished and desired. Of your own individual system of what is wished and desired. This is connected with phraseology.

When it comes to our graphic forms, basically they are fulfilling the same role, but working strictly through eyes. In complex with phraseology constructions they provide the effects that are reached with the Program use.

We shall note that in united consciousness theory at which our and foreign scientist are working nowadays, human consciousness is perceived as a phenomenon. I already mentioned that modern science has two priorities: - investigation of the far space and investigation of human consciousness. And so they have more achievements in the far space researches than in the field of human consciousness. A complicated matter. So it is natural that it is perceived as a phenomenon. From the point of view of modern science the phenomenon of human consciousness represents the ability of building of rational sphere construction in which bio-physical reality of this or that phenomenon is absent. Returning back to the characteristic of what I was talking about: built in internal model of reality – is actually building the construction of the rational sphere (because in order to put into realization our wishes and desires our life shall have rational character), in which bio-physical reality is absent, because we are building a notional model. But everything that will come into realization in the future will depend on this notional model. Believe me, we will discuss this later, even the probability of occurrence of this or that events will depend on what is put into this model. Even things that are taking place in the outer world are dependent on what is built in one’s head. I am able even to bring an example of this, taken from the scientific sphere. We are often mentioning “materialization of thoughts”, I do not like this term, I prefer to say “materiality of the thought” and discuss influence of consciousness at the material world, and scientific experiments confirm the influence of consciousness at the material world, particularly at the computer. Such experiments were conducted in a laboratory for investigation of engineering anomalies in Princeton University. Its colleagues came to conclusion that human brain is able to pose influence at the functioning of the computer, at that the most simple effect was at influencing the machine at generation of random numbers. This is common-known fact that often is used as an example. In result of billions of experiments, they were conducted during 18 years, it was shown that more than two thirds of people being tested were able to pose influence at the machine, that is at the computer, making it give out numbers of higher ranks. Another and more significant result was also achieved: two or more people, who attempted to influence the machine performance together, reached success more frequently than lone persons.

Achievements of modern physics are bringing us close to the solution of problem of material foundations of consciousness, modern science is forming a specific notion field around this problem, and in this connection we can remember about our triad: idea or information, energy and matter. About this hierarchy in which one single element cannot exist without the others. Nowadays physicists are saying almost calmly that objects in the Universe are forms of consciousness, they are carriers of forms of consciousness and interact with each other. It could not be the other way! Because, the matter would not structure without propagation of consciousness from the center, everything would be simply filled with chaos. Everything would be filled up with material chaos, consisting from enormous quantity of elements of matter, which are not organized and do not interact with each other. Information separately, destroyed matter in chaotic form is separately. That is all. Consciousness as form of life of energy performs at the first place this role. In Russian the very word consciousness is “со-знание” that means exactly “together with the knowledge”, together with information energy is always transferred. It is mediator of a number of processes, including material ones.

And so nowadays quantum-relativistic model of modern physics states that the process of order organization in the world is based on various kinds of interactions, and actually is a basis of consciousness of fundamental type, which dominates at the initial stage of humanity formation. Exactly this type of consciousness allows most ancient archetypes and algorithms of interaction with planetary spheres and cosmic factors, that were stored in our genome structures, to exist there. That's why here in the “Tvoriteli” Program we are interacting with the planetary spheres. And we are associating our images, graphic and speech images with the planetary spheres.

The consciousness, which in widened interpretation we are perceiving as a form of energy living, starts to take participation already at the stage of human fetus formation. What is a process of a child conceiving? At the initial stage it is a process of genome information transfer with the help of specific carriers. The biology material is delivered, exactly in biology sense, and along with it the genome information is to be transferred, which is in form of specific codes. Later the translation process takes place – reading out, translation and transfer of this information, and finally its perception. Perception is transcription from the biology DNA systems, then constructioning of new organism starts, of a new biology object. This process is unrealizable without participation of energy, it would simply fall apart without it, information separately, biology material separately, finally everything will turn into some homogenious substance. And so here we see an energy in some form, which transforms interaction with material substances and interaction with information, which is laid into this biology substance, it gives life! In fact it helps information to come to realization in matter. This is the first phase of consciousness. Which later acquires individual features, which later start to take tangible forms, connected with conditions of living of this or that biology object, with social conditions and so on. But initially this spinner, as we are calling it, is a form of consciousness in the Universe. In previous lecture I told that there could be fields, and there could be solitons – such energy spinners.

Now look how it is depicted in our graphic row. This is our frame. Here we see interesting cultural phenomenon: elements of steam punk are united with baroque. You remember that we are using baroque because it is exactly the stile which better depicts the interaction of human consciousness with the outer world and nature. With plastically overflowing natural forms, and it depicts well the world of unconsciousness. And so our frame has a big number of symbols, a big number of stylizations, that have notional character. Particularly this watch. I want to say frankly that we borrowed many elements from the palatial culture, from various forms of heraldic symbols, and even from culture that exists in ancient cities, particularly in Prague, Rome, when they put some symbols or systems of symbols at the buildings. This has very deep roots and deep meaning. And so we sifted the enormous number of variants and used…. If you look at this watch, exactly at the face, then you may see that it is constructed with the use of elements and principles, taken at the Tsarskoe Selo (Russian tsars' summer palace near St. Petersburg). There is large watch with the blue face, we took this watch and made it one of notional components. This is a long story, we will devote special meetings to the graphics.

Look at the construction of our «tree» or the Creative Mechanism, which is styled like an angel. They are asking me: «Why the angel has no face?». And do you remember a culture of Dominican Republic, in which there are sculptures and pictures, most often it is feminine figures, at which there are no faces? This is because a number of various nations united in this culture, and they are saying about themselves that they have no face. The face is absent and at the same time for each one it is individual – one's own. That is, it could be any face. They say that all people are equal and all are carriers of their culture. Here the sense is a bit different, similar principle but a different sense. This face should be yours. That's why in case we would portray here some signs of some face, some features, this would deprive you the possibility to look at the “Tvoriteli” Program as at strictly individual, that belongs only to you. This angel, this genius, as we are saying, this internal genius has only your face, that's why we are not putting any face at this console. The symbolism is clear, this lower element overlaps with the frame. These balls are depicting the internal space of a human being, the notional space in which these gears are situated. In the Mechanism they are rotating, and they are symbolizing the connection of human consciousness with various world-spheres. Hydro-sphere, atmosphere, piro-sphere, centro-s[here, lito-sphere, bio-sphere. There are 6 world-spheres, and in addition to this there is another gear rotating which is made from the face of the clock, and it rotates backwards in relation to the hour hand, it depicts the cosmic role of consciousness, sphere of the far space, Universe that surrounds our planet.

Here, inside the internal space, these gears are depicting interaction of human consciousness with various spheres of our planet, various elements are drawn on these gears and they are changing. These elements are constructed from various spheres of culture, they will renew constantly, will be supplemented with the new ones, this process will be incessant.

Here is one of the gears. This is grapes. A bunch of grapes. It is created, constructed on the basis of analysis and graphic processing of elements which are at one of most ancients buildings in Prague. People who are carrying a bunch of grapes are depicted there. A very deep sense.

Here are mountains. They are taken from an ancient sample of so called porcelain culture – a picture that depicts the interaction of human being with litosphere.

These are medals. If one looks attentively, the large number of symbols are present here.

I want to draw your attention that this example gear with grapes is related with bio-sphere. And so in case some specific life process, one from the 21, is related to the bio-sphere, then at the third graphic screen the gear center is filled with green color, local green color that corresponds to bio-sphere. It is always this way. And this process could be followed with the another gear as a pair. It is less active than bio-sphere, but supports it, we always have monads both in quatrains and graphic screens. We will discuss it more detailed later.

We always have monadic structure, and interaction of two elements always takes place. Suppose in some specific life process interaction of bio-sphere and lito-sphere. Of the earth and biology sphere, then all these is reconstructed and interacts in a special way in speech and graphic images. And influences our consciousness in a definite way, and are the exactly the symbols, which are organizing it, and the objects of self-directed attention, about which we talked at our previous meeting. That is, they are orienting notional forms, but in graphic embodiment, we have both language and graphic elements, that are interacting with the resources of our consciousness.

Here we have wonderful montgolffer air balloons – which are alsow elements of human culture, they personify air – atmosphere.

We can also bring as examples separate elements from which these gear are consisting of. Here is a harp, which is constructed from elements of several harps, which were kept in The Catherine Palace (Moscow).

This is a bow. You may see it separately, and there is a special gear in which the bows are used, it personifies the element of air.

Here are roses, they are constructed in a very interesting bronze plastics of one German craftsman who worked in Yusupov's Palace.

Fish is an example of picture we have special proud, because it is an image, constructed from elements of Russian bronze of the 19-th century, and it personifies traditions and notional connections, laid into this elements by numerous époques, by various views and concepts. Cultural concepts that were present in French and German cultures and in Eastern cultures, and nevertheless they received interesting interpretation in Russian culture of bronze-work.

Today I showed you some graphic elements, which are working elements of the Program. Gave their short characteristic, later we will have detailed discussion of them. All of them have interesting history, interesting notional connections, which we will discuss. But wat is most interesting, that you are perceiving them at automatic level. Actually they are formalizing forms. For example this is our Gold fish which fulfills wishes about which I am talking often. It is these images that help you to formalize archetypes of unconscious, which are working as instruments, orienting notional forms, and allow us to construct our reality in our internal space correctly and effectively. There are many functions, we will discuss them in details later.

Now we are going to switch at the second very important theme of our lecture. It is energy spinner in the «Tvoritely» Program. What is it? I will allow myself a quotation in order to make things more clear. And so we were talking about participation of consciousness as a form of life of energy in formation of human being at the biology level, from the very moment of his conceiving. Now I want to read you an interesting passage from an article by Sukhih Stanislav Alekseevitch and Larionov Pavel Leonidovich, which is called « Integral psycho correction of the personality» It is a scientific article, published in 1994 in materials of international conference «Technology and interactive anthropology in pedagogic, sports, medical and psycho-therapeutic practices». It was published by Kuban department of Moscow Central Humanitarian University. What is written there?

«The process of communication is superimposition of subjective notional fields». But we are not about this now, we are about something else now. Every subject potentially has his own center as an ideal point of manifestation of his entire being, predestination, that unfolds itself in fruitful orientation» – exactly what we are doing in the «Tvoritely» Program – giving productive orientation. But in reality one's actual point of the notional field does not coincide with the potential center. Look, in the moment of life conceiving, in the moment of organism appearance some specific natural claster forms, which has it's own clearly defined center. The entire enormous amount of genetic information, enormous quantity of ancestral features, the colossal set of various attributes, the colossal set of various properties and phenomenon, which are laid down at the moment of biological formation of the human being, all these has definite center. Definite center which is actually what later we are calling personality. While developing it transforms into personality. This definite center. It is laid into human being. But due to various influences in the process of one's life, his notional field point, not the center but actual current point, could be shifted or accented at some other moments. If it were anyone's own center it would be the reflection – paying attention (at oneself), incessant striving to the center. Remember – centripetal movement to oneself is the sense of human nature, the sense of one's movement in own development, unfolding of one's true nature. The striving for own center. And it is the process of bringing own matter into order by the individual. The one who is moving along this way, the one who is striving to put this potential into realization in himself, acquires absolutely different forms of the body, different exterior, acquires different level of success and achievements in all spheres of own life. Just because one is nearing as close as possible or reaches one's own internal center, which was put into him from the beginning.

I will repeat once again that in reality (we are encountering with) outer orienting forms, they influence us from the socium, from natural environmental factors, from our own stresses, and from destructive irrational programs of surrounding reality interpretation, they are shifting our notional center. In result the notional center we are living in does not coincide with our true center. Does not coincide with the center of our potential possibilities, that are laid into us. (In Russian the use of plural may be used in order to accent the unity of the speaker with his listeners) and we do not put them into realization. The goal of the «Tvoritely» Program is to bring you into coincidence with your potential center, to start realization from it. It is most important, very deep «moment», which one shall understand in relation with the «Tvoritely» Program functioning.

Then the quotation continues – «This is stipulated by exogenous factor, that is socialization. When values and qualities which are significant for the society are replicated through the parental programming, and also through endogenous influence of heredity.» Here we imply both negative heredity influence and influence of parents as representatives of some specific social group. A lot is depending from parents here. It is a process of upbringing. Not important what are the values. Nowadays when we are starting in the «Tvoritely» Program, we understand that we are starting as we formed. The goal of the Program is to correct us, including bringing into coincidence our notional center, our actual center of own notional field, with the potential center. Then the development will go in an absolutely different way. Then unfolds….. At that at absolutely any age. Absolutely different possibilities appear, even the kind you did not suspected. It takes place due to including of implicit abilities into living processes, the kind of abilities we even do not guess, because they are closed from us. Closed from us by the factors about which I spoke today. Accordingly this mismatch creates low coordination of movements, I am about movements in the sense of taking decisions, in the sense of motive powers, realization and so on. It is very important.

The Program helps to bring actual center of the personality, it is the center we are in at the current moment of time, to the absolute potential about which I told you. How our actual center could be shifted? For example our current point of the notional field is at the area of work now. We are not thinking about health and we do not think about normalization of relations with close people. Or do not think at all about the need of development, we think that we shall earn money, yes?! And we do not think at all about spiritual growth. That is we are shifted. We are shifted and we do not control all other processes. In the best case we are able to deal with 7 processes and there are 21 of them. And so, the «Tvoritely» Program includes into its working cycle 21 life process, in relation to which it supports your activity. It accents your self-directed attention in relation to all these processes, and the program is incessantly bringing you to your ideal center with your absolute center, it takes place with the help of the tests, you are doing in every cycle of the program.

I am quoting once again: «the basis of bringing of the actual center of the personality to the absolute one is bringing to balance the energy spinner of the psychic with the help of various techniques.» it was written in 1994. You can imagine what long history we mastered to pass, and what experience we gain at that rime.

And so, the energy spinner is mentioned. Now I will allow myself another quotation, this time it is materials of scientific-practical conference «Integrative anthropology and problems of healthy way of living». Again it is an article by Sukhih and Larionov «Category of health in the integral psychology». Again Kuban department of Moscow Central Humanitarian University. «Understanding of the human being as evolutionating energy that tends to understand the principle of life is essential for the integral psychology». This is a very good quotation! We are saying that understanding of human being as evolutionating energy that tends to understand the principle of life is essential. This is exactly our principle of life. Perception of life goal, perception of one’s own values and true life goals, it generates enormous quantity of motive powers, energies and possibilities. And the closer you are to your own potential absolute center, the higher are your abilities. It is the way of energies evolution to perception of life principles.

How this evolutionating energy comes to realization in the «Tvoritely» Program? This is a question we are going to consider now. «Tvoritely» Program stimulates mechanisms and resources of consciousness that are responsible for generation of psychic energy by the central nervous system. I am accenting that this is connected with the organism biology. I repeat once again: generation of psychic energy, which is actually a basis of all motive powers and wishes, wishes that are in the process of fulfillment and wishes that are in project, is connected with the fact that «Tvoritely» Program is designed in such a way, that by sifting out in automatic mode and exhausting in space and time negative factors of the unconscious, releases enormous energy, it economizes for you enormous energy and releases it. (This takes place when you are reading the first screen.) Because one is spending enormous amount of psychic energy in order to block harmful modal codes of the unconscious, block their ability to gain control over your brain and neuron net, awake readiness potentials in neurons and turn you into biochemical marionettes of own brain. We are talking about energy aspect of the psychic energy. This takes place in any case, it is hard to deny, in some degree we are biochemical marionettes of own brain. This is a fact that is fixed by our science. But the higher is one’s level of reflection, and reflection is paying attention at oneself – self-directed attention, the higher is aspiration of individual to unite with this very absolute center, laid into him by nature at the very beginning. Laid into one’s consciousness as a form of energy existence, as a form of energy life. And so the higher is the level of the reflection, the closer we are to this absolute center, then in lower degree we are biochemical marionettes of own brain. It is something that is very important to understand. And when the energy is released, and many people who are using our «Tvoritely» Program even as testers, note this rise of energy, rebuilding of consciousness in the aspect of reality perception, activity, and so on. Including normalization of sleep, quicker restoration of powers, more energy.

There was a fault in connection, that’s why Oleg Yurievitch is repeating….

And so, we are saying that in the «Tvoritely» Program principle of life is considered as a form of evolutionating energy. It is very important. We also said that due to the program enormous amount of psychic energy is gets free at the individual, the energy that should be spent at suppressing of the unconsciousness outbursts. Negative outbursts, negative images, negative forms of unconscious, which are turning us into biochemical marionettes of own brain. Anyway it often takes place in some degree. But the higher is the level of individual’s reflection, the higher is his self-directed attention, and the higher is one’s aspiration to convergence with own absolute center, the lesser energy one is spending and the better one is taking control over own life. And we said that the farther is this point of the notional field of individual from the center, the less he controls own life. The more energy he spends, and the less effective is his building of reality, why? Suppose I am shifted into the area of work. That is my notional center is shifted into the area of work. We remember that we have three areas of living world: they are area of one’s development, both intellectual and spiritual, the area of health and everything that is connected with organism health, and area of being processes – everything that is connected with material wellbeing, professional activities, relations. Suppose I am in this third area. And I am far away from the first and the second areas, what is happening? In case I am in the third area of living world and pay no attention at my health and intellectual and spiritual development, and I am only doing my work, then it starts to pose influence even at the area I am in. Correct? Health does an ill, then I am not able to work. Health let me down, this is the first problem, in case I am not developing spiritually then I am not able to establish good relations with folks, do not understand them correctly, do not able to find a response, and so on. That is without being in the center of living world events, and we have here 21 processes, not being in the center, I am not controlling everything, and hence the farther I am in some specific area, the farther I am from my internal absolute center, the worse is the process of my own reality formation, of my internal space, then they are transferred into outer world more difficultly, the worse they put into realization my true goals, intentions, and the worse is my reality, less successful, the less is the number of successful events, favorable events appears on my way. this is the way things are. Our consciousness is built in such a way and its interaction with the outer world and itself. But the higher is one’s reflection, and it is exactly the property that the «Tvoritely» Program is developing at the first place, the higher is you abilities in coincidence with your own absolute center, the higher are its possibilities. It all will happen at your own eyes, from one cycle to another. You are passing a test – it is a step. Another test – another step. You are incessantly in active interaction with all processes of your living world. With all 21 processes. The priorities of your work with living world processes is built in accordance with your test results. One week – one area pf living processes, and there is also a priority of working inside every week.

When we are talking about energy-creative spinner, we imply that negative images of unconscious are depleting automatically in the «Tvoritely» Program. These negative images of unconscious at which one has to spend energy are vanishing, and so the energy is released and it is directed into this energy spinner, which yours form of life. Providing its supply at all levels. This energy spinner implies creation of conditions for filling up the physical body and surrounding world with the energy of though! Make a note. That is we are spreading our neuron web, reflecting all facts, objects and phenomenon of the surrounding world, which we have to use in order to build our reality. The more effectively we are doing this, the better is our reality. The better grows our garden as Voltaire said, the better everyone of us is cultivating own garden. That is own reality, own living world.

I will repeat once again, that energy spinner implies creation of conditions (including the help of the «Tvoritely» Program) for saturation of physical body and surrounding world with energies of thoughts. Creation of these conditions includes the system of actions in the internal space that are targeted at building of individual reality, yours individual reality in the surrounding world. That is the more saturated is the energy spinner, the more powerful and stable are its lines of flux, the more effectively you are building your models of reality in your internal space and transferring them into outer world. Due to the fact that you are saturating the world with the energies of your thoughts, this helps the events to appear. Events, people, relations are starting to build up in a definite order, which allows you to put into realization your goals and wishes effectively and with comfort, As if moving to your goals through tunnels, about which we are talking often.

I also said that one of basic concepts in the «Tvoritely» Program is understanding of human consciousness as multilevel formation. We are understanding that consciousness has four basic levels: unconscious, implicit, cognitive, meta-cognitive. Along with that it has formal specialization: there is cellular consciousness, psychic consciousness, which is working exactly at the level of unconscious consciousness, and cognitive – creative thinking consciousness. That is there is specialization of levels of consciousness. And these levels are life of psychic energy, again in the form of the energy spinner, which is moving along upward and downward spirals. Equilibrium of this spinner fluxes characterizes its stability in relation to the center.

In the «Tvoritely» Program the work on this spinner correction is the basis of human health restoration, his life status, personal growth, realization of connections with the close people, workmates, realization of professional qualities and so on. On the basis of energy the consciousness is creating the balances in all spheres of life, including physical health. Because organism health is precondition for the harmonious exchange with the environment. As Sechenov put it in due time – the idea of human organism is inseparable from the environment that surrounds it. Always this exchange is based on the feedback of informational streams. Every level of consciousness is responsible for its own kind of informational exchange in accordance with its specialization. And the increase of this exchange volume give evidence on the balance quality at every level. And energy is needed in order to increase the information exchange. And the energy is generated in the «Tvoritely» Program. It is not only saved, but is also generated by means of presentation of special stimulus to the human being, reacting at which one increases own level of psychic energy. It is only natural that bringing into coordination of all levels of human consciousness opens new possibilities for influencing at own life, health and future.

I said that an illness is also a kind of energy spinner, but it has own angular momentum and originates only in energy field of such a person who has weak and unbalanced flux lines, whish is exactly the consequence of the fact, as we put it “all illnesses are from the nerves”. One emptied himself and became a target. That is potential targets opened at him, which are attacked by potential carrier or preconditions of diseases. Potential threat of disease forms.

(another connection interruption)

I was saying that ensuring of the energy spinner stability and movement of psychic energy in the human organism and psychic structure of human being with the help «Tvoritely» Program allows oneself to establish feedback loops with own levels of consciousness, and also to stabilize connections between these levels, to develop user’s ability to control processes and regulation in his own organism, improve co-tuning and interaction with the outer world. It is very important to understand. That is the longer we are working with the program, the more energy we are generating and keeping. This energy is organized purposefully and embedded into general potential of one’s energy field, which acquires a form of a spinner, supports it at all levels, preserves its structure, this allows individual to interact with the outer world more effectively. And to control processes of own organism regulation with better effectiveness. And also to control more effectively the processes of own activities, relations. To attract better possibilities and recourses from the outer world. I want to say that with the stimulus, which are presented by the program, the program performs integral correction of user’s consciousness state and level in accordance with one’s internal notional field. That is this energy spinner is involved into correction. Actually it results in balancing of one’s internal energies. We are talking about reflection, in the sense of reflection with the help «Tvoritely» Program the user is moving closer and closer to his true absolute center. Yes?! From some point of notional field in which one was initially, one gradually is moving to own notional center. One’s own senses are rebuilding, they vary on the process. On one hand it is reflection. On the other hand we are taking participation in this process energetically with the use of the Program, and energy supports the reflection quality. Everything is interconnected. And everything is involved into united process of organized, oriented attention of consciousness at the quality of life. At all levels and areas of individual’s life quality. Own life quality. Of own individual world. This process oriented and directed in the «Tvoritely» Program brings individual into the center of his life processes, all his life processes, all his life phenomenon. Puts into the center and allows to control all life. Allows to take total control over the process of building of own reality and orient / direct this process.

Generally this is all I wanted to say you today. There is no questions so we are going to end our meeting, and wish each other good luck until the next meeting. Questions will appear with practice. May be the material we considered today was a bit complicated, but it will become more clear when you will start practical use of the Program. We are building a kind of basis of your knowledge now. I thank everyone for the attention and participation. I wish you all a good day!

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