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Cryptotypes in “Tvoriteli” Shevchenko O. Y.

Nowadays we are starting a new cycle of research works on the “Tvoriteli” Program, new institutions are joining, new universities. We have a lot of work to do, nevertheless we are going to meet once in a week. The goal of our meeting today is to explain once again the principle of the “Tvoriteli” Program work and on the other hand to unfold content of some quatrains at the second screen. I was engaged in preparing texts for the translation, and we already handed information for translation at Mongolian, and willingly or not I had to decrypt some words and notions and cultural schemes for the translators. So today we are going to devote some time to our phraseology constructs.

And so you always have questions connected with understanding of the Program sense, the idea of its technology, somehow some moments are still remaining unclear. Let’s simplify our task and switch to our favorite activity – unfolding of picturesque associations, which would help us to understand what is the “Tvoriteli” Program, what we are dealing with in it.

Let’s imagine enormous ocean, suppose Atlantic ocean. Atlantic ocean which was formed during billions of years on the planet Earth. One forms of life in it succeeded others, leaving after themselves geology traces, leaving traces in the water medium of the ocean itself, in biochemical composition. Countless forms of life succeeded one another, they grew up, progressed in the ocean water medium, perished due to natural conditions, passed their genome memory to new generations, which progressed again, perished again, passed memory…. And it was forming these way millions of cycles. There was Perm catastrophe, then was the Bible explosion, which was characterized with appearance of a colossal number of living creatures, mainly the water ones. Forms of life refined and so on and on, and all these was concentrated in the ocean – the memory of the environment. Memory of the environment which is concluded in geology layers, chemical elements, and also in those creatures, which appeared after the ones, which perished in the process of evolution selection. And so this way gradually formed geology environment, water medium of the ocean and so called biocenosis which actually ensured appearance, birth, renewal of new species and supporting of balance of life in this colossal water medium.

Now I actually reproduced the process of formation of our unconscious. Exactly. Our unconscious was formed exactly this way. It was formed not only out of memories of our ancestors and so on. Our unconscious, which embedded in itself enormous quantity of non-conscious images, this very unconscious formed from the moment of the beginning of life on Earth in general. So this is a specific informational matrix, specific medium, which accumulated in itself everything, including experience of survival of various kinds of creatures, which existed at our planet, adapted, evolutionated, perished, then new one appeared. Here we have the entire progression of biology evolution, all experience, which accordingly included all negative sides of these processes, connected with death, fears, various irrational, destructive functions – all they are present in the unconscious. Everything is there – there is an enormous colossal ocean. And similarly to the Atlantic ocean, which could be tendering for us, could be fruitful for us, give us goods, give us fish, give us energy, give us rest. But it also could be dangerous – because there are dangerous sharks in it, there are dangerous sea creatures, which may attack. Which may kill or harm us. Also, there could be storms, various eruptions of underwater volcanoes, tsunami, which would inflict local of global scale catastrophes, it all could bring danger to us. There is both good and bad there. It is similar in any other environment, but ocean looks like most complete allegory, and at the same time it is exact illustration what is unconscious in a life of every individual. That it, there are enormous quantity of most various resources. Maybe it is a joke, maybe not – nowadays some scientists are saying that in case one would awaken in a hen sleeping instincts of dinosaur, it has them, they are laid in the genome…. Our combinations of the genome codes are looking similar. They have so called trash codes, which occupy large volume, much more than the functional part, and it is not clear what for it is responsible… It carries in itself exactly the memory of the bio-sphere – of all species. And so, in case one would awaken sleeping instincts of dinosaur in a hen, then in some five years we will get henosaur. dinosaur in form of a hen.

Specialists, who are dealing with problems, connected with genetics, psychology, neuro-physiology are asking: why some individual suddenly develops, suppose, phenomenal smelling? Which is not appropriate to (average) humans. And due to the presence of this phenomenal smelling, in case he has this phenomenal smelling and uses this function in necessary life processes, then he is getting his special reality, look, he is creating wonderful aromas. He creates wonderful aromas, through poesis, through creative realization of own abilities, of his phenomenal smelling which he either received from nature or developed in himself in some way – this is one of the properties of unconscious – he opened / developed in himself one of properties, which existed in the unconscious in indistinct form, existed in non-manifested form. It does not matters how he managed to receive it, either nature put this into manifestation for him or he himself developed this ability due to some practices or life situations he started this conscious process targeted at poesis. He realized that he possesses this quality and so he initiated conscious process targeted at poesis. We already understand what is poesis. Poesis is a function of human activities or of human consciousness, which is aimed at putting into realization of creative potential of human being, at putting into realization the potential of the Creator, which is kept in everyone of us. And so he initiated this poesis and started to create wonderful aromas. And while creating wonderful aromas, putting into realization his creative potential through poesis, with the help of acquired phenomenal smelling he managed to be successful in life, he managed to put into realization his functions. He started to provision well his family or maybe he acquired a good family, he developed trustful relations in surrounding world – with people, with his partners, he started to form his own business, his own life way, improved quality of own life in all aspects, started to acquire material goods, suppose started to develop his spiritual qualities, started to be engaged in charity, put into realization some social projects. That is one started to put himself into realization in all life processes, about which we are talking in the “Tvoriteli” Program. Maybe not everyone of us possesses phenomenal smelling, far from being so, but everyone of us has some qualities not manifested yet, which are laying in the depth of our unconscious. At that this does not depend on age. Maybe not just properties, but also cues, specific recourses and skills, thoughts that are not manifested yet, they are coming to manifestation at the level of cognition – of cognitive thinking processes. That is precise hints, using which, by extraction of which from the unconscious and using them, one is able to build own reality in absolutely new functional and everyday quality. Similarly to the example with individual who started to use targetedly his abilities and reach life…. And why he reached?! He could have possess this phenomenal smelling and does not show out himself in any way?! Correct?! Because one shall possess the quality, about which I am talking all the time – the reflection – the habit to pay attention at himself, in order to realize own qualities and abilities – their nature, grasp own significance, and realize own program, unfold it / extract out of unconscious (and it is exactly there) and put it into realization. With the use of reflection one fixes oneself and own significance in the surrounding world, in the surrounding environment, and put oneself into realization with the use of this surrounding environment, its resources and possibilities. Building up own universe, own living world, own reality, and forming proper quality of own life. I could have brought similar examples with phenomenal hearing, voice. There are successful people who are singing, compose music. Phenomenal ability of drawing. That is ability that allows individual to draw pictures for living, putting himself into realization in such a way, and in addition they are getting joy form their activities. And so when we are talking about all these, we understand, that by putting into realization these abilities, we are putting into realization something inherited from colossal evolution processes, which took place at our planet. Similarly perfective sword-fish swims with tremendous speed and able to do unique tricks in the ocean actually has big potential of its own development. Similarly do dolphins who have intellect at the level of the dogs. Similarly is human being in own unconscious. But tremendous quantity of experiments of nature which were carried in form of evolutionary processes preceded both to dolphins and to the sword fish. A great number of species, which change each other, evolutionated, seeking perfection preceded to them. Similarly human being has an ability to refine himself during own life-cycle. And while refining oneself, one is selecting and using qualities, which were created before him, they were created and accumulated in this tremendous ocean of unconscious, colossal ocean of various non-manifested images, one shall have skills in order to use (these imahes). And so the reflection is one of the qualities, which allow us to use these resources we are carrying with us constantly. Ocean. Tremendous ocean. And with what we may compare the conscious sphere then? We are saying that according to Uznadze's theory of directives conscious and unconscious spheres are simply two sides of united psychic process, human psychology.

As we may understand, in case this planetary analogy will be continued, then it comes that dry-land at which first creatures stepped out – amphibians who later evolutionated into terrestrial animals and finally into mammals – is a sphere of our consciousness – cognitive sphere. That is a sphere in which thinking takes place, sphere of thinking processes. Sphere in which specific images are put into realization with the use of so called discreteness. Now we are going to understand what it is all about.

In case we are going to prolong out atmosphere, hydrosphere – litosphere analogy, then atmosphere is a medium which overtops us and is responsible for the function of a soul, and also for the meta-cognitive function. We already discussed that there is cognitive function as thinking processes and there is a meta-cognitive function, which is also thinking processes, which object is other thinking processes. It is nothing else than guard and security of our thinking processes. But. Ocean lives its own life, it is always full of contradictions, dualisms, it is filled with various images, now I am talking both about Atlantic ocean and unconscious one. Simultaneously, it is the same. There are always some movements. And we are understanding that hydrologic ocean is a complicated system of water streams that are interacting with each other. Water streams, water volumes, which are giving birth to incessant movements. Movement is a drama, drama is movement. It gives birth to drama of interaction of various layers, deep underwater streams, and so on. Volcanoes, which are situated at the bottom - тёмные курильщики (tyomnye kurishiki – dark smokers – chain of underwater hydro-thermal springs). And when we are talking about all these, we understand that there is something that vitalizes all these. Something that connects this environment – ocean – tremendous formless mass, colossal shapeless mass, unites with what is apart of it. That is with lithosphere – dry land, with atmosphere and so on. Especially with the atmosphere. There is something that connects. There is something that forms the point of view of natural forces, something that is a governing moment. And when we are giving thought to it, we understand that there is Gulfstream in the Atlantic ocean. Gulfstream – colossal warm flow, which carries warm water, regulates temperature processes, regulates processes of food components uplifting from the ocean bottom, distribution of gases, distribution of chemical components in water, that is actually supports life in an ocean as it is. Gulfstream. I want to bring you an example, that it is enough due to global warming effect for the Gulfstream to deviate several degrees, three degrees is enough for it started to pour the Siberia with water and Europe would sink right to the bottom. What is happening now? Europe is the first, why it is overflowed? Because water evaporates from Siberian rivers and air masses bring it to Europe. Gulfstream already started to deviate from its normal course and these masses are falling at the European countries. That's why periodically we are witnessing these cataclysms. We too at the European part. And so what I want to say? That in the Atlantic ocean, no matter what changes are taking place, the Gulfstream exists and provides everything I listed.

And so in our unconscious the role of this Gulfstream always played a most ancient part of consciousness – stream or continual consciousness. The most ancient form of consciousness. I already explained to you what is continual consciousness, it is actual personification of the human being with the surrounding nature. Inseparable connection of human being with the surrounding environment – is stream consciousness which always was able to control the unconscious. And being able to control the unconscious this very stream consciousness provided necessary level of reflection, which was needed for survival of the human being. That is s kind of a Gulfstream in the ocean of the unconscious, an instrument which is necessary to human being for self-realization in all life processes, in case one want to build own life processes with proper quality. And so this very Gulfstream in us is frozen. It is frozen due to a number of reasons, but first of all due to domination of the rational sphere and acquirements which came into our consciousness or were introduced due to some social influences, dominants, from the outside, from the consumer’s society. The further and more actively is formed the society of consumers and technocratic society, in which individual depends on mechanisms, devices and so on, exactly what we are seeing nowadays, the more complicated becomes hierarchy of this society, the farther and farther we are going away from our continual consciousness. From this most important instrument, with the use of which we are able to take control over our unconscious and correspondingly over all our life processes. That’s why the farther we are going into civilization, the more acquirements we have in form of narcomany, dependences of various kinds, various deviations from normal forms of being, various views that pervert the essence of natural processes, and what is most important they completely estrange us from internal spiritual understanding of nature and care with which we shall treat nature as it is. Consumption substitutes everything. It displaces from our consciousness even the instinct of self-preservation, and nowadays we are actually ready to sacrifice the health of the planet at the altar of the consumer’s society. Naturally it gives birth to a number of contradictions, we understand this internally – no escape from own nature! We understand that we have stream consciousness, that it does not work, that value guidelines are prevailing upon us, that are distorting our living world, prevent us to submerge harmoniously with the outer environment and to develop harmoniously, prevent our self-realization, prevent us from manifesting own abilities through poesis, through self-realization, through personal growth. All these hinders us, turns us into mechanical parts of tremendous mechanism, which is called consumer’s society. And as soon as this conscious nevertheless exists, it is not enough for self-realization, so it results only in neurotization of the society. That is consumer’s society is always neurotized. Up to hysterical psychology complexes, up to various form of non-adequate self-realization of individual in the world and in the surrounding environment. And finally these are stresses, illnesses, psychic indispositions, with which most of world population is suffering. Dare to say this. No matter how they are trying to hide this problem. And as a consequence it is involving of individual into specific relations, specific contacts both at family and business relations, involving of individual into specific management and work principles. That is involvement into processes, which are creating additional load at one’s consciousness, at one’s brain, which are causing negative reactions, internal protest, which is suppressed due to specific social directives, which again gives birth to a complex of contradictions. And naturally we may say that the environment in which nowadays live human beings, where they are living and working, trying to be healthy and a find a way to put oneself into realization, is actually stressful. It brings stresses. And stresses are leading to a colossal loss of nervous energy – I told about this many times, our professors at the dispute told exactly about this. Stresses are leading to nervous and psychic energy loss. Often governing circles are using this principle, because they understand – the individual who lost psychic energy, exhausted psychically, loses motive powers. That is loses exactly a kind of power, which could serve as a means for realization of one’s motive to commit these or that actions. For example, to protest against existing established order. Or to oppose to some economic or social tendencies in the society, object, appeal, form and speak out own opinion and put it into realization. And so, the loss of psychic energy leads to the fact that individual loses own motive powers and becomes controlled in the sphere of social processes – socially controlled. There are such techniques of social control which are pre-calculating and using such possibilities. They are also using various texts, text directives, graphic symbols and so on. Everything is built on symbols, all our lives and consciousness are actually symbols. Everything is built on the use of symbols and on interaction of symbols and on counteraction when three is a need to protect someone. The “Tvoriteli” Program was created in order to protect individual from non-sanctioned social influences.

Now I am going to bring a small example. We already mentioned that it would be useful to give characteristic to graphic, semantic and text symbols, which are used in our program. And when we are talking about symbols at the third screen, there is a submarine. By the way it is one of the first submarines of our Russian underwater fleet that was taken as basis for the creation of the image. Actually it is an artifact, it has own story behind, but what this submarine personifies? What element? Or with what modal code of unconsciousness it corresponds in a decomposed state of the archetype? I want to tell you that in “Tvoriteli” Program submarine represents two notions. First it is ability to deep investigation of oneself, and deep investigation of the processes that are surrounding us in the world. And the second – remember I told you about Jules Vern, who’s books people are reading with great interest even nowadays, despite the development of modern fleet, and enjoy his “L’ile mysterieuse” and “Vingt mille lieues les mers”, why such a personage appeared in Jules Vern’s books? Remember, there is a rebellion, a person who revolted against annexationist, enslaving system. This is a deep sense, introduced by the writer, which actually has specific semantic characteristic, and it is not a coincidence that his motto is «Mobilis in mobile» - flexible in a fluid environment. That is our submarines pose a demonstration of human being ability, potential ability of the individual, in the social environment, to remain non-dependent on this social environment. Being constantly, incessantly flexible, adapting to conditions and demands this environment poses. This is important to understand. This is a notion, an image of the submarine.

Now let’s return to our analogy with the Gulfstream. We are talking about the need to restore the resources of our continual consciousness, our continuous stream consciousness, of the most ancient form of consciousness, in order to unite it with our unconscious and acquire the reflection. To acquire all positive that is needed and, and to dissolve and drown all negative, that is stored there, in order to get rid completely from bad tendencies in our lives. We shall remember that humans always seek ways to unite with this stream consciousness, to support and accent it. These were all kinds of psycho-physic practices. They were yogi, meditation, various meditative practices, starting from Chinese taijicuan – meditation in action, in motion, static forms of meditation at Buddhists and yogi. Various forms of meditation always helped awakening and restoration of continual / stream consciousness. Or its amplification, in case one had it in initial form. People used various practices, meditations. Prior to creation of the “Tvoriteli” Program we worked with a large volume of information in 16 universities of the world, we seriously studied meditative practices. How meditation influences brain, how it influences consciousness, actually we had interesting results, many of them were used as a basis for the Program. When we are talking about meditation, we understand that not every individual is able to practice this method. Not every ethnos is able to practice meditation in its initial form. Actually we understand that it is a serious process. Scientists confirm that in case one practices meditation for years and gives it considerable time, does everything correctly in accordance with specific rules, then one develops connection with own phylogenetic memory – with the information matrix, and what happens? Every living creature has this matrix, unconscious exists as it is, but we are wise creatures. And why we are wise? Because we have consciousness, and why we have consciousness? Because we have speech, consciousness does not exist without speech. And why we have speech? Because we form communication systems, based on symbols, symbols based forms of notation and formalization of various processes in nature. That is we created symbols, and through symbols we created speech / language. And so it turns out that our unconscious, as at intelligent creatures, consists of formalized particles of information, which are existing as cryptotypes – not realized deep laying images, which are able, under specific conditions, to be transformed into symbols. And symbols – to give birth to psychoemotional and cognitive responses at them, at this very deep laying images. And when these deep laying images start to be transformed into symbols and give birth to psychoemotional and cognitive responses at them, they are becoming our directives. In accordance with the theory of directives by the Uznadze. They are becoming directives. And so, they could be both good and bad directives. In case we do not control the unconscious process, then we may receive out of it outburst and formed directive in form of an order to smoke – through our brain, through the potential readiness of neurons. We start to smoke and became involved into this process. Or to inject narcotic. Or eat something not good, or to eat too much of something. To eat over some problem as they are saying. Drink over, sleep over and here we are on the hard way. In case we are controlling the process with the help of the stream consciousness – the Gulfstream, then everything is distributed correctly – negative, potentially dangerous signals do not float up out of there, they are not formed into symbols and do not give birth to psychoemotional and cognitive responses, which later are leading to dependences. Useful ones are forms, exactly they are giving birth to psychoemotional and cognitive responses, being formalized into specific symbols. And the “Tvoriteli” Program is a directing instrument. At the first screen you are dealing with the unconscious – with the ocean, with the Gulfstream of motion of 21 quatrains – this is your Gulfstream – your stream consciousness is reproduced and starts to be restored, and it is restored more and more with every session, with every your cycle in the Program. You are taking positive directives out of it. And at the second stream they are transformed into symbols and give birth to psychoemotional and cognitive responses, because you already have specific text directive of some life process and a specific key in form of a quatrain, which brings this directive into shape and models it in your head. And cognitive response is produced by the brain. That is the second screen is actually nothing else than formalization or transformation of those images of unconscious that you need both into symbols and into your psychoemotional and cognitive responses, this is the “Tvoriteli” Program. And you go this way along all 21 life processes. 21 main life processes. I want to tell you that along with this at the second screen you also develop motivation – value – component, which initially belongs to the unconscious sphere, but its value is not realized. But later, when this motivation – value – component is extracted by you from the unconscious and fastened to some specific life process, then it starts to influence actively at configuration and content of the conscious sphere, which is responsible for this life process.

Now I want to bring you a very simple example. Generaly human being has a symbolic modus, entire our being has symbolic modus. And sometimes these very motivation – value – components, in case we cannot specify them and extract with the use of our stream consciousness from resources of our unconscious, then be attentive now, someone will do this instead of you. And will do it very successfully. That’s why coca-cola trademark costs milliards of dollars. The trade mark itself costs milliards of dollars. Give a thought to it, I think you understand me well now. And so the ability to unite own life processes with the surrounding world is exactly what the most ancient form of stream consciousness is giving to us, and it is awakened in the “Tvoriteli” Program. At the first screen. And creates natural-information- basis for increasing of fruitfulness of all your life processes and entire living world of yours.

I said to you that we are going to return back to discreteness, and so I am telling you that the stream process is continuous, perpetual, it is inseparable, it is a stream. Ocean, which is here the model of our unconscious is something that is actually inseparable water medium. And at the second screen (of the Program) at which symbolization of processes of unconscious takes place, allotment of symbols to them and their notation (that gives birth to psychoemotional and cognitive responses), the discretization takes place. We are dividing this stream at segments and extract these segments for the subsequent use for our symbolization of processes, that take place in the unconscious, and their use in our life process. This takes place. In order to do all these the Creative Mechanism of the Program really plugs in the user to the continuous streams of images. At that one shall understand that Mechanism of stream-like thinking in the “Tvoriteli” Program has individual character. Character of individual internal dialogue. Of the internal dialogue. And it could be said that the reflexive, logic thinking “switches on” into this stream process as discrete-orienting module, it is possible to put it this way. It splits the stream at discrete segments. Why spits. It is our organization, our reflection, which is a carrier of discrete notions / signs, that are connected with specific life processes. Program gives them to us at the second screen. In the form of directives, which we start to carry and put into realization in life processes, into all life processes that we have in the cycle of our Program, at that we are staying in the center of our life events. The “Tvoriteli” Program takes into consideration nuances of psychic organization of humans. As I already said, in accordance with the Uznadze theory directives depend on content of both conscious and unconscious spheres. The sphere of unconscious includes information reflections of both negative and positive experience of subject’s interaction with the outer environment. It could be considered as philo-genetic matrix because it carries reflections of experience of interaction with the environment of preceding generations of people, their positive and negative experience, and preceding living creatures in general, that is memory of the bio-sphere in general, and it all includes images. Both consciousness and the unconscious are forming in the social environment, it includes images of the collective unconscious, and all these comprises information matrix and philo-genetic memory of human being. And I want to accent your attention at that this matrix exists in the ocean of unconscious, that carries such colossal, enormous volume of information, which is not yet manifested / shown out. But nevertheless from scientific point of view it consists of specific constructs, these very targeting directives or modal codes, about which I am constantly talking, of archetypes, cryptotypes. We already discussed what are archetypes and talk about cryptotypes today. I named some cryptotypes to you today and we discussed that they are unperceived by human being, laying deep in unconscious. The goal of stream consciousness is to make them perceivable. The goal of the “Tvoriteli” Program is to make them perceivable. To bring them up to the level of thinking processes. At the level of understanding, at the level of reflection. And to all appearances the “Tvoriteli” Program is coping with this goal well.

At our previous lecture we discussed that process of archetypes splitting, separation is taking place, and it results in release of colossal energy at the level of consciousness – this very psychic energy. Thinking as it is, the cognitive process – thinking is a mechanism of transformation of unconscious energy-information structures (which are continual by their nature and also carry energy) into conscious or discrete symbolic structures in accordance with specific logical schemes, that are defined by working components of the “Tvoriteli” Program.

Now we are coming to an interesting moment. Splitting archetypes, splitting cryptotypes at the level of everyday consciousness, connected with major living processes that are written in our Program, the “Tvoriteli” Program transforms them into mythologems with the use of so called cultorological schemes. Into mythologems of individual consciousness, that are connected with the existing artifacts of collective consciousness and (images of) world culture. Not important if it is literature, decorative, pictural arts. Recreating the system of internal values, recreating internal cultural-historical values, recreating them in the contour of individual artifact-oriented consciousness, about which we are talking constantly.

And now we are going to discuss some images of our artifact-oriented consciousness, we will analyze some text images, that we are using at the second screen. Quatrains. I am going to read for you now one very interesting quatrain, it is 69-th creative mechanism, I am reading the text:

Storm of firely bowls as if woven from the stars

Shawl of dreams for cradles and heavenly rivers flood

As if rustling of fire in dragon’s eyes

Gay-colored appearance of shutters in sireneje (lilac + tender) candles

(Note that here and below I am giving my own, not official translations of the Program texts. I translated this material at once, not waiting for release of English version)

Let’s analyze. And so “Storm of firely bowls” already gives birth to a paradigm, gives specific interpretation at the unconscious level, We are understanding that a bowl is a large vessel for washing and in orthodox tradition it is used for christening, by dipping into holy water. The notion of this vessel personifies the new rebirth, renewal of individual through realization of own indissoluble connection with the energy of space – stars. “Storm” here is used as allegory of excitant creative origin in human being, that is of poesis. We continue the phrase: “Storm of firely bowls as if woven from the stars”. “as if woven from the stars” is related with the subsequent notions “Shawl” and “flood” (in Russian there is a word ples that has no direct analog – slow flow of the river in a wide place, where water splatters). And so “as if woven from the stars” is an allegory. “Shawl” is a light, airly warm knitted of fabric kerchief (babushka). Then: “Shawl of dreams for cradles” – shawl is clear, dream – a game of imagination and at the same time it is a link to legendary panel by Mikhail Vrubel “The Princess of Dreams” which he created after the play by Edmond Rostand, but in Russian manner. This link characterizes the potential of individual creative impulse in human being. “for cradles” – allegory of one’s renewal and return into childhood, to the internal nature, to unaffected perception of the world through the stream consciousness. And then goes the image of a river as a stream consciousness – “heavenly rivers flood” – a wide and deep part of a riverbed with a slow flow. “Heavenly” here is a reflection of a starry sky in the river as if a reflection of cosmic events in a flow, in a river, in a life of every individual. Up to now we analyzed semantics of only first two lines, and what goes next? “As if rustling of fire in dragon’s eyes”. “Fire” here is a feminine gender derivative from fire (I did not found a way to write fire in feminine gender in English, but in Russian text it is in feminine gender form). Fire is of masculine gender, so this form hints at the dual nature of fire. “Rustling” is a comparison with crackling of burning fire with a light rustle, this accents warming and guardian feminine origin. “In dragon’s eyes” – dragon as a pure masculine principle is considered as masculine origin of fire, accenting its dual nature in ability to transform the world creatively. Power of creative insight, which is only possible in harmony of masculine and feminine origins. And the fourth line is also very interesting: “Gay-colored appearance of shutters in sireneje (lilac + tender) candles”. “Gay-colored appearance of shutters” many nations in the world are covering devices for winds closing with symbolic ornaments – guardian signs. “In sireneje candles” – a complex word is used here, word-combination that means an image of blossoming lilac inflorescences, which a like candles. And simultaneously it is a link to another world known work by Vrubel “The lilac”. But the image, created by Russian construction “sireneje candles” is so semantically complicated, associative and deep in associations, that word combination that we are giving for our translations is only slightly uncovers it’s notion / essence. Construction “sireneje candles” is pre structure semantic speech form, which reflects the modality that exists in unconscious universal context of images and targeting directives in internal speech poesis. That is it is a stimulus to our internal speech poesis – a pre structure semantic speech form. In translations it will be shown in form of up-floating transcription in a Russian variant. It is a very interesting form of a stimulus, that we designed. Look, what I am saying / reading now are actually fragments from our comments for the translators. They are universal for all translators – being it English, Mongolian (Mongolian is going to be the first language at which “Tvoriteli” will be translated, because there is a very large community of people, who are using Center Region products), being it French. Translators shall understand cultural schemes behind words, their combinations, derivatives. So it decodes in such a way.

Here is another interesting quatrain:

Polar world shining like hot

Rises with gold-carrying springs

Ruling the spring time over ripe snows

Oakeries welcomed inflorescences of fire

“Polar world shining like hot” – symbolic combination, allegory of two origins – cold and hot. Awakening of spring and rebirth of a new life. And “Oakeries welcomed inflorescences of fire” – is an allegory of fire as a flower, that is sending us to the image of a Sun, traditions of spring folk ceremonies, rituals that are connected with fire – with the Sunny cult (archetype) and renewal of nature. For example to fires at celebrations of Ivan Kupala day, live healing fires in the forests, king-fire and so on. Ritual fire is indispensable attribute of Ivan Kupala day celebration, this is an example.

Another interesting quatrain:

Golden splashes of gulf

Everything becomes light and ancient

With brassy wind in saffron crests

Wings of grifons run high to the to shipyards

Here we have a very interesting combination “Wings of grifons” (in Russian we write Grifon for griffin) that links to generalized notion of griffin – of a mystical lion with wings, that originated in Assyrian, Egypt, Scythian cultures. Griffin personifies Sun, power of watchfulness, retribution, he guards treasures, inner secret knowledge. Along with that, this mythical symbol personifies the unity of two nature elements – earth and sky.

Here is an interesting quatrain:

Crownness of roses in Venetian cornices

Laid between marble columns of caryatids

Airly image into golden mechanisms

Was put by hoops of cloudless planides

“Planides” is borrowed from Michailo Lomonosov. “Crownness”, apogee of creation – finality that is close to perfection. “Crownness of roses” – the rose here is as an ancient symbol of love – allegory that links to “Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighiere, in which a flaming rose was put by the author into a center of 9 spheres of heavenly paradise. “Venetian cornices” – as we know the cornice is overhung element of internal and external architecture, that separates the surface od a roof from vertical surface of the wall. It is interesting that cornices that include painted and plastic decorations are carriers of culturologic symbolic and one of architectural remarkable virtues of Dante’s birthplace – the Venice. “Laid between marble columns of caryatids” – caryatids are architectural columns in form of feminine figures – a link to antique architecture, which is a basis of all European architecture. Most interesting is that “Airly image into golden mechanisms Was put by hoops of cloudless planides” – keeps specific images of a clock tower at the San Marko square in Venice. To individual who knows nothing about it is not obligatory….. You see, these are specific codes that “switch on” consciousness and “plug it into” collective unconscious. This is a process of “plugging in” the individual into a global system of world knowledge. We are talking with you about existence of cognition. That is “plugging in” into a Babylon library of own brain, in which absolutely everything is stored, into own neuron network in which absolutely everything is stored, one shall only activate it. And so these symbols are just “plugging in”. Now I am just commenting them for you, they may “switch on” at third, at fourth or fifth cycle (of your working with the Program), but they would switch on obligatory, and they are obligatory invoking psycho-emotional and cognitive responses at the individual, at the user.

I am going to find some long quatrain to which we have vast comments, this is an interesting ad beautiful one:

Slips invisibly along the moon streets

Glancing of windows that reflect the seas

Suites of volcanic rubies

In winged wines of golden September

Here “Glancing of windows that reflect the seas” as if the eyes of windows, they are “looking” at the streets, and they are reflecting not only September transformation of nature that is taking place but also all the seas. The whole world is reflection in these windows, it is allegory of human eyes. Suite is a music composition that consists of several separate parts, united by common artistic idea, or a ballet cycle that consists of a row of dances, united by common theme. “Volcanic rubies” – a color of brightly colored autumn leaves. And “In winged wines” – exhilarating, with its freshness and autumn colors, air of golden September. Here we have very beautiful images.

Another very beautiful quatrain from the second screen:

Frosty breathing of silver capitals, Swan winters are cooling motion of planets

Covering tenderly white roofings

Freezing the light in the widows vastness on the walls like light colored faces, that taken away from snowdrifts of the past

Pages of bizarre frosts are burned in and fall down to pieces as if morning dreams.

Decoding: “Frosty breathing of silver capitals, Swan” – winter is compared with white swan down. Look, it is beautiful, the symbol of delicate beauty and at the same time association with both cold and cozy warmth. Synchronous combination of warmth with cold – monad structures are always present in these quatrains, all the time. Thou plots as they are absent, attitude of the author is absent, but the monad structure always forms.

“winters are cooling motion of planets” – interesting allegory of time slowing down in spellbinding sacraments of winter. Remember, when everything is covered with snow there is a feeling that time stopped.

I am going to look-through our text we prepared for translation, we had to comment seriously for translators in order to give them good understanding, the material took 113 pages.

Here is an interesting one:

Lepestniy (complex construct = petal + trembling) ballet of fallen inflorescence

Young vlajdenniy (complex construct = wet + daytime) light is crawling between melting bulks

To brojdenie (complex construct = wandering + fermentation) of wines in their stony dungeons

It ripens with the pinky road into silver duration of comets

Pay attention at emphasizes, they are in the Program texts! “Lepestniy (complex construct = petal + trembling) ballet of fallen inflorescence” “Lepestniy” – complicated form derived from “petals”, note how interestingly constructs may combine, morphology form that combines “petals” and “trembling”. And then goes “ballet”, accenting the trembling. “between melting bulks” (in Russian was used word тайных which means secret / mysterious but with change of stressing it could be read that something that melts) – this line is about mountain glaciers that are melting in the spring time. “Young vlajdenniy (complex construct = wet + daytime) light is crawling” – complicated form is used that combines wet, desired and daytime. Three words are combined into one. Three notions have something in common and combine together (especially in Russian reading). “To brojdenie” – again a complicated form that combines walking, wondering, and fermentation of wine wort in winemaking. “Wines in their stony dungeons”- it is clear that dungeons are a place of imprisonment, allegory with storage place.

Another interesting quatrain:

Demonicness of steel abraded, soigned scabbard lacquer

With dancing cranes and wings of summer cicadas

Faded wings replenishment, whistling and whipping ball

That celebrates the dividing essence among atmospheric mirrors

“Demonicness of steel abraded” – the steel that was worn out in raging battles. “Soigned scabbard lacquer” – here is a link to Japanese tradition, more to it in combination with “wings of summer cicadas” – an ornamentation at the scabbard. It is interesting that along with the link to the Japanese poetry, to Japanese images in art, the steel plays a special role here. Generally steel – swordblade as it is, image of a sword – graphic, text, phraseology, every time plays a role of separation, of cold mind which separates, analyses. By the way it is taken from Taoistic philosophy, later we discuss this in more details and return to images of weaponry in Tao te Ching, here we have eastern airs. May be we will devote a whole lecture to images of arms, what is a poleaxe, and what differs it from the saber, and so on. But all these is based on ancient philosophy traditions, which are still existing nowadays and give us very effective instruments for controlling cultorologic and symbolic processes, at which our conscience is based.

Generally it is easier to read silently than aloud. Our constructs are not difficult for internal understanding, but more difficult for pronunciation. By the way it is even good to became lost in these constructions, they are created exactly for this – to give an opportunity to wander, it is a stimulus.

In conference chat: Psychological breakdown takes place.

Well it is not breakdown, I would say it is a kind of psychic lens, which refracts light with its facets in order to show you reality in a different projection, your internal reality at the first place.

I want to tell you, that there is no need to give a thought to anything when you are looking at the first screen, you better wonder there, relax, digress, duck there, and believe me the effect will be only better.

Let me answer questions.

Question: I notice that my interpretations of the text are far from yours, is it dangerous?

No, the fact is that I am talking about images, I am giving you classical interpretation, actually images of the first screen, of our text constructs in the “Tvoriteli” Program are so universal, that they may refract, they are very flexible and plastic, they may refract in any individual reading (interpretation). But they are always positive, this is most important! They are always positive, they are always catching, make one to think over, and one is really wondering, one dives into this space, and really extracts from it what he personally needs. So in case you have your own interpretation, then use it, it is very good. I gave you classical interpretation, which will come up to the surface sooner or later, it is laid there. I do not want to draw parallels, but you see, there is Mona Lisa, or some other painting of well known artist, for example “Night Café” by Van Gogh. Artist put some sense into it. But the pfenomenality is that at the same time it is unique for every viewer. Everyone sees his own picture, everyone sees in it something individual. Sees a link to something that is deep in him. You understand?! The sense of art objects, as they are, is exactly in this. I already told you that all art objects, including painting, graphic, sculpture, literature and especially poetry is that all of them were created in order to establish the connection of the individual with the unconscious. And the “Tvoriteli” Program is doing this at the scientific basis. There is not poetry in the program, there are constructs. They do not describe author’s attitude towards the things said. In our constructs there is no author’s attitude, no plot as it is, note that this makes them so free for the perception, for filling them with our own emotions, feelings, sensations, thoughts, that generally they are ready for transformation into any individual form. But only into a positive one. In your individual reading. It is important to understand this.

Question: In case understanding of the quatrain is important, then where to find interpretation?

You have interpretation, you yourself will give the interpretation. Do not be possessed with this, here at the lecture we are discussing culturelogical schemes, and understanding of the sense, filling of the constructs with the sense is done by you. They are created exactly for this purpose. They are like bowls in which you are pouring your emotions, fill them with your own content. This is wonderful. The value of the program is exactly in this. But it is strictly determinated in the psychology of perception, it clearly orients you at filling it with something definite, but not bad, not unneeded. What is needed but your individual and holistic. It is easy to get lost when they are reading to you. When you are reading yourself, then internal dialogue takes place. That’s why it is better to read silently. Then internal dialogue takes place, formation of internal cognitive constructs, models, directives, internal interpretation takes place, often you even do not realize that this process is taking place, but it does. And generally all these gives birth to the stream-consciousness, which transforms into thoughts, feelings, decisions. I already told you about students, who are astonishing: “how this happens?” Apparently there were no prerequisites, apparently they did nothing especially, but there is a result. It happens this way. This is a result of our own internal work, and it is a pleasant one. Close to the piano playing. Not a work of the miner, but of o musician or an artist. Internal. Internal work that shows in such results of your internal poesis, which takes manifestation in your life processes, in form of improvement of your life processes, conditions of life, appearance of new possibilities, appearance of new objects, people, connections, contacts, widening of some interests, widening of some boundaries, your achievements and so on. Everything is “tuned up” in your individual mode, in order to fit into your life processes, create your reality in a form, that is most optimum for you, in your understanding at the first place. But only in positive constructs.

What is not possible to translate for the foreigners we are changing for more acceptable combinations of words, which could be translated, but to which we are also giving culturological aspect, which translators may use in their creative work.

I thank you for attention, wait you at our next meeting, best wishes!

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