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Shevchenko Oleg Yurievitch. Models of reality and motive images in the “Tvoriteli” Program. September 7-th 2018

One shall understand that everything we are creating in the course of the “Tvoriteli” Project, in the course of scientific trend “Psychophisical regulation as a factor of human culture modernization”, we are creating for psycho-physiological and socialy-psychology adaptation of human being under conditions of his everyday life and work, under conditions of paying attention at own state of health, under conditions of his personal growth, development and so on and on. In order to do so we shall understand what is human being as he is. And human being is a meeting point of various systems that are organizing him. Systems or projections that are organizing him. First of them is organism as a biology system. Second – psychic – psychic system. I return back: human being is a meeting point of his hypostasises (plural from hypostasis), it is possible to say so, of various forms of his realizations. Organism as a biology system – biology form of realization. Psychic as a psychical form of realization. Behavior in a group as a social form of realization. And the spirit – this is human being as a part of energy-information structure of the Space. It is possible to say that this is his Universal realization. Meeting point, crossing of these organizing lines: organism, psychic, behavior and spirit. Four. Naturally energy-information processes are laying in the basis of these hypostasises: organism, psychic, behavior and spirit. The goal of these very energy-information processes is maintenance of existence of these forms of human-being realization, to put it more precisely forms of realization of matter, energy and information - organism, psychic, behavior and spirit, which meeting in a single point represent human being as he is.

We understand that biochemical processes are supplying organism with biology energy. Psychic processes are integrating in themselves both biology energy and energies of social and cosmic origin. These processes either unite and start to interact between themselves and provide constructive normal development and functioning of human being as he is, or in case of violation of their interconnection, the loss of energy potential of human being takes place, which is reflected at the fruitfulness of being. So we consider energy processes, including psycho-energetic processes to be of extremely great importance, considering them as a basis of human being existence, as a basis of fruitfulness of his existence. That is basis of fruitfulness of his self-realization, his self-actualization as personality, the basis of his physical, biology functioning, basis of his health. Basis of his material well-being, which shows itself in material goods, which one is creating in the process of own useful activities, exerting efforts and influencing the outer world. And also in the sphere of spiritual and intellectual development. And I repeat myself, in case disintegration of system of interaction of energies that are coming from various sources takes place: between bio-chemical processes or biology energies, between social energy and cosmic energy, destruction of individual’s abilities takes place, his inability to function as integral whole, and to give birth to own reality, while interacting with the world and oneself, in constructive diapason of abilities, that could be characterized as fruitfulness of being. From this point of view, ability of human being to control own energy potential and own energetic abilities characterizes some definite stage of his consciousness evolution. From this point of view we shall understand that this very psychic energy, about which Sukhih Stanislav Alekseevich spoke at scientific conference, and about which I am talking all the way, this very psychic energy that we are spending at compensation of negative influences of our own unconscious, negative influence of outer environment factors – stressful influences and neurotization of the society, this vey energy is a major factor, because this very energy integrates, consolidates in itself biology, social and cosmic energies. Now we are using simplified categories in order to ease understanding. That is this psychic energy unites everything in itself. Because in terms of energies it is self-manifestation of such complex mechanism as a human central nervous system.

When we are talking about destruction of interconnection between systems – biology system, psychic system, spiritual and social structures of human being, because one lives in socium, we are saying that there are definite reasons for this. What are they? Reasons are in internal and external factors. Let’s list external factors: in the present-day conditions human being is suffering from the aggressive influence of outer environment, no use to deny this, it is proved long ago. This aggressive environment influence sums up from the following factors: technogenic influences – electromagnetic smog, they are talking too much about it nowadays, biosphere ecology that changes due to anthropogenic influences, increase of information load under conditions of not sufficient adaptation of individual in dynamically changing economy conditions. What are properties of technogenic influences? First influencing at human beings with harmful fields. Second, biosphere ecology is connected with excessive presence of negative factors or on the contrary decreasing of factors that are necessary for human being. That is with presence of negative factors and decrease of positive factors. Remember hidden hunger – the lack of trace elements in the organism.

Look, we see three factors of technogenic influence at human beings: harmful fields – it is energy, biosphere ecology – it is chemistry – it is material component, and information component – it is rise of information load under conditions of restricted adaptation in modern conditions. It was exactly the theme of our report at scientific conference devoted to saving technologies. Because individual experiences major stress due to increasing information load due to rapidly changing technology and management methods at the production processes. Losses of psychic energy are leading to decrease of labor productivity. Apparently they are introducing systems of production processes optimization, but humans cannot became accustomed to them, and it results in the opposite effect, and they do not have expected results. All these, that is factor of technogenic influence that sums from energetic, material and information loads, lead to high expenditures of human bio-energy recourses. Why expenditures? Because organism with his resources of psychic, consciousness tends to preserve own functional abilities, with all powers counteracting harmful consequences of these loads.

What happens? That behavior of human being under current conditions of competition has pronounced neurotic character. For example Erich Fromm in his last appearances noted a tendency of humanity to compensate own true non-realiztionness with consumption. That is to substitute dynamics of own psychic I with consumption or buying. You understand well the phenomenon of shopping as a psychic problem, that exists both in the west and in Russia, is exactly noting more than an attempt and system of substitution of internal values - non-realiztionness – substitution with a system of buying. Actually individual starts to personify own personality not with own internal states, but with material goods, which he is able to purchase. There are many good quotations on the matter, but I like capacious Erich From saying: “Consumer consists of things he possesses”. You may imagine the abyss between real, true self-realization of individual as a spiritualized personality, as an intellectual hypostasis, even including biology hypostasis. Remember, these hypostasises? also including social, cosmic ones, when crossing / meeting in one point create such a phenomenon as a human being – many-sided, functional and so on. Human being is actually a colossal psychic phenomenon, and in consumer’s society it is substituted with a psycho-emotionally and psycho-physically restricted consumer in a full meaning of this world. Not having own gist he consist of his possessions. And what he turns into? He turns into the following: while substituting the dynamics of own I, own true center, remember I told you about the true center of a human being, he creates for himself an illusion of the sense of being. Of course we understand well that hunger drives the wolf out of the wood, let’s say that there is no much happiness in starving countries. But we also understand that there is also no much happiness where the life level is high, where the level of consumption abilities is high, where material goods are purchased in volumes, there are no human relations there, they are destroying. We may often see such pictures in life and often we understand intuitively what the problem is, and when we are starting to sort things out we see how matters are. That is individual, while substituting the dynamics of own psychic I with the dynamics of consumption or purchasing, creates an illusion of own sense of being.

Now let’s turn to the biology sense. Why biology is suffering? Because psycho-emotional stress in the consumption society is softened by eating. It is not a coincidence that according to statistics every American gains a kilo and half every year. I do not have statistics for our country, but I think the situation is also not good and our people fatten not because of good life. Good if one is able to afford normal balanced nutrition, organism needs, and consumes healthy products, but when one switches at carbon-hydrates diet, supporting own life with macaroni and potatoes and so on, then naturally metabolism and excessive weight problems appear.

But what is the source of these feelings? It is the internal conflict of psychic I dynamics that is not put into realization, that is the source of these troublesome feelings. Because individual is purchasing, purchasing and purchasing, but internal feeling of own true internal center that is not put into realization remains, of own internal program that is put into him by nature, space, evolution, ancestors and so on. This program is not put into realization. And understanding this, individual is involved into internal conflict all the same, this is the source of troublesome feelings. Thus modern civilization makes human beings psychologically defective which is seen in the neurotization of the society.

Another important social factor adds up here, because humans exist in social environment. I repeat myself a little – consciousness is a form of energy life, and when consciousness comes to live into biologically organized matter, which is human being, intelligently thinking biology object, then conscious is forming in the social environment, that is in a group in an environment in which these biology objects are existing. And when conditions of this group are forming, then consciousness of human beings is forming as well, why? Because various groups have to communicate with each other, we discussed how the language appeared, how initial forms of language consciousness developed, because consciousness does not exist without language. And language is a means of what? Communication, reunification of people into group and interaction in the group in order to solve common problems. Archetypes of social unconscious are showing out exactly here. Generally, when we are talking about programming of human beings, first of all we shall understand that in the social environment human being, forming own consciousness through the exchange of various information signals, naturally becomes programmed by the group under influence of this very signals, or one is an object, programmed by the part of the group that executes control at goods distribution, at one’s functions in the group, and so on. It is hard to deny that human beings are socially programmed creatures. We all are programmed by socium in some specific diapason, with specific goals, with specific targeting. These imperatives are coming into us so deeply, and implant so deeply into our unconscious that even are passed along the ancestral line. It is in a good sense, I am going to disclose for you one sociology secret, remember we had dynasties. Previously we had dynasties of merchants, dynasties of industrialists, dynasties of lawyers, doctors. In the tsar period dynasties were in tradition of our society, when qualities of one’s belonging to this or that dynasty were passed from generation into generation at the level of DNA, note that skills that were passed at the implicit level, they were hidden in the unconscious. By the way, we all have them, we even are not able to guess what may come out – what properties and abilities. This is what I mean at the first place when talking about implicit skills or in other words implicit learning, when we somehow simply can do something, we understand that we can do something, but do not understand when we learned to do this, it is exactly it. And so when we are talking about continuity from one generation into another, about formation of some groups, about formation of some programs in the group, then we are naturally talking about dynasty traditions in a good sense. And do you know what these dynasty tradition creates? It turns society into a united organism, which is working in accordance with some definite laws and with strict functionality of its elements or so called groups when each is responsible for its own area. And everything develops dynamically, everything goes on well, life quality incessantly grows. All these is called by complicated term – cybernetic hierarchy of society. You know what is cybernetics – it is a science about management. And a system, that is built in such a manner, continues to develop in all directions harmoniously, calmly and in a stable manner. Remember “as the heights, so the bottom” – human being is a similar system that has definite hierarchy of control.

Look, what happens when we are talking about society in which dynasty traditions exist, in which exists predisposition of functional abilities and indications. What is happening? Suppose a merchant spent his life, he accumulated goods, he acquired skills, some specific secrets of his craft-sheep, created some own internal values, which he passed to his elder son or to his sons through breading and as a heritage. Their goal is to grow things he accumulated during his life – material values, spiritual values, skills – they shall grow everything. That is during their lives they shall increase income, they shall increase material wealth, to grow, to enlarge business, and to refine their skills, to learn control family business even better and pass to the next generation these grown values and skills. Remember in 70-s there was a major crisis in Japan and millionaires jumped out of sky-scrappers, you guess why it happened? Or they did hara-kiri. There was happening exactly the following: they were not able to cope with stress, connected with the fact that the honor was lost. That is he received family business, which he was not able to hold, which he was not able to grow up, he decreased this business potential and abilities and thus disgraced himself in the eyes of his ancestors, in relation to his dynasty. That’s why many ended their lives exactly so, you may perceive this as you like, but it is a fact. It witnesses a very serious internal system of unconscious, into which these implicit skills and abilities are included, which stores them, and one shall use these skills and abilities.

What happened in Russia? And so cybernetic hierarchy of society existed, dynasty traditions existed, some functional hierarchy existed, which put itself into realization in this or that area, but suddenly great October revolution happened. And actually this hierarchy was destroyed. Cybernetic hierarchy of society was destroyed. Developed farming economies which had a great potential of development were destroyed, along with trade and industrial economies, jurisprudence – everything was destroyed, continuity was wiped out. And started to be created anew. Started to be created anew and existed for 70 years. If only this system would have a fundamental basis. They tried really hard, there were really a lot of good in it, exactly because people were talented, but nevertheless even they were not able to unite everything into a common / united organism, which would have a potential ability of growth and passing out of grown goods. They did not coped, the social concept introduced by the October revolution did not come to realization. It did not come into realization because it was not sought well enough and did not took into consideration a number of social factors, that should have been taken into consideration.

Why I was making so much fuss about 21 life processes – exactly the ones, we are putting into realization, at which we are paying attention, concentrating our attention during the course of the working cycle, at that we are concentrating attention in a special manner, given them potential energy and abilities, extracted from our wealthiest, almighty unconscious and transformed into constructive images with the help of our cognitive conscience, our thinking processes, our neuron network. We are going to talk about this now. Why 21 life processes? Imagine yourself this very state, and 21 life processes are as if dynasties, everyone of each is performing its own function. Its own functionality. And so, working from one cycle to the other, you first of all shall be in the center of all these events, of all these 21 cascades of interconnected events, mutually bound with each other, but pointed out in every day of the program cycle. Pointed out in order to pay your attention at them, formulate goals of this process, its functional specific, and give you a code – a psycho-dynamic path for its realization. Not obligatory during this very day, but in interconnection with other processes. You are in the center, you are in control of everything, you are the head of the state. And these are dynasties, which are developing, they are passing information from one cycle to another and they are growing, they are incessantly growing with every cycle. And while incessantly growing they are in a stable states, in the states you are controlling, and in the state of opened interaction with the outer factors, counteracting negative and perceiving positive, that allows you to build your life systematically, according to plan and with good quality. Actually in every cycle of the program we are modeling in small scale your life cycle, the way it should be. And we shall grow up from cycle to cycle. Grow and widen abilities of these 21 branches (processes) that are involved, which we have in our Program. Thus, we, by working incessantly and regularly from one cycle to another, that’s why I am always talking about regular work, we are ensuring stability and fruitfulness of our being in all its manifestations.

Question: Oleg Yurievitch, there is an opinion, widely spread in the socium, that one should not put pressure at own children, that they have own way of (self)realization. And you are saying the opposite, that I like. However there is a sad fact: in a business created by father, blood brothers cease communicating. How to return dynasty traditions into Russia?

Now you are touching a colossal, global scale question, and we are going to answer it soon, it is connected exactly with our topic – with programming of the individual in the social medium. You see, it is easy to destroy, they succeeded in it in 1917, but how to recreate? The traditions were created by centuries. These dynasties started with some minimal moments, they grew and grew from one generation to the next, how many generations passed? How much time passed during soviet history, and what time we had here? Take a look at our historic periods, the rise of the soviet state took 25 years, its overall lifespan was 70 years, 70 years is almost nothing! It is less than full value life cycle of one generation. And enormous, tremendous density of the events, at that chaotic events. I do not take into consideration 90-s and modern period of development. Add peculation factors, factors of bureaucratic system existence, oligarchic system. It is absurdity! Absolute misbalances of life processes in the society, which are consequences of the destruction of hierarchy that formed and existed for centuries. When we are saying that one should not press at children, yes there is no need to press on them, one shall simply breed them. Previously children were breaded in respect to the efforts of their ancestors, in respect to dynasty values. Did not they pressed at Japanese?! Do you know how they are breading children in Japan? How many degrees of freedom. But he does harakiri to himself when understands that business, created by his father, grandfather, ancestors goes to ruins, because there is an internal value in him…. It is not even a material value, it is a value of dynasty, value of the kin, value of prolongation of the business - all these is laid into him. It is most powerful center, yes, there are specific national psychology peculiarities, which do not allow him to live in case he violates principles of further growth and development of family process. And here is an answer about a business, created by father…. Because here business started in 90-s. How it was started?! At what money? Do you remember how much blood were shed. These people actually had no idea how it should have being created. No implicit unconscious skills, no values! That is why they are quarrelling with each other. They fight each other, go to court, kill each other because there is no core – values. It is possible to create material values, but without a core inside one would not hold neither material values nor relations between people. Because relations are not only a basis of the society and social pattern, they are also a basis of family patterns, dynasty patterns, which shall form in succession from one generation into another. This is absent. To our sorrow it is absent now, and in addition later you will see that people have very low cultural level. Very low. I already cited Erich Fromm, who put it brilliantly when said that consumer, not having own gist, consists of his possessions. In case individual consists of his possessions and personifies himself with the things, which he managed to purchase due to own activities, then what spirituality in relations with close people – brother, wife - we may expect, in case his values are his possessions, material objects. Naturally it is a basis for mutual demands for quarrels and for ceasing communication.

And so how to return dynasty traditions into Russia?! In case every individual will learn, similarly to us learning to do this in the “Tvoriteli” Program, to be a state and grow up daily! And so, from one cycle to the other, every month, every day one will grow up own life processes, and ensure gradual growth of own being quality, gradually widening up own abilities, which at the first place shall grow from inside. Then every individual will learn to be a state of own fruitful being, then dynasty traditions will return, then people will start to pass this to each other. Not only at the level of learning or breeding, but it will start to pass even at the genome level. For the time being we shall work on it, we shall aspire to it, and we are doing it in the “Tvoriteli” Program. One shall start here with himself, one shall put himself into realization in the wellbeing. In the spiritual wellbeing in order to avoid coming into contradiction with the spiritual and moral values. Put oneself into intellectual realization in order to perceive this world. Grow up in the sphere of health, in the organism development, in taking control over own body. You remember the idea of the centaur – unity of individual with own body. Consciousness with the body. And naturally to grow in the sphere of material goods and human relations, which generally insure stability of these material goods, but not an end of itself derived from material values. Human relations – relations at workplace, relations with colleagues, in the family. All these we are depicting in form of three spheres of human living world, all these provides fruitfulness of one’s being. This is culture. This is culture…. Actually, it is not a coincidence that we are saying “modernization and self-regulation as an instrument of modernization of culture” – the culture of being of humans. And so the “Tvoriteli” Program is an instrument, created within the frames of this scientific paradigm, which allows to rise one’s culture in relation to own life, oneself, other people, material values, to own spiritual, physical, intellectual abilities. To believe in oneself and became a center of own state, of own life processes, to head the state of own life. The more there will be such people in the society, the quicker we will be able to consolidate public, social, material and spiritual processes, which will aid restoration of dynasty traditions, cybernetic hierarchy of the society, which exists stably and develops evenly.

Question: Oleg Yurievitch, did I understand you correctly that the set of learned behavior models, thoughts, emotional reactions which are deposited in the unconscious, governs our lives? Negative could be deposited in the unconscious and take roots at the level of the body. In case individual lives for the survival, then one is in incessant stress, brain and body are misbalanced. That’s why individual is in need of outer world, in order not to forget who he is.

Much is correct here, we are going to discuss this now. Look, we are saying that human being is an intelligent biology creature, who interchanges signals in a social medium, that is communicates with others. Subject in the social environment is programmable. Due to existence of mass media. There are ways of programming individual in the sphere of one’s professional activities. Take for example military servicemen, they are programmed for the specific sphere of activities, definite values are cultivated, that is the system of breeding exists. Similar is true in relation to people working at industries, or in agriculture. That is we see differentiation of the society, in it individuals that start working activities, who are involved into professional activities are subjected to some specific psychology influence – programming. They are programmed. It may sound rough, they are programmed for the use in the format of their living cycle. For example take a look at our pension reform, do you understand what I am about?! At that they are programmed to be useful for the society in this or that area. Service men are retired at 45. Retired – and this is all to it, one fulfilled life program and of no interest for the socium, he receives pension. He is not of interest for the socium. Similarly are the other people, up to 55 their program becomes exhausted, potential of worker who is playing some specific role becomes exhausted in them, and that is all, do what you want. Generally one already becomes of no interest for the socium, because one already put all abilities into realization and then goes pension, in terms of economy the shorter the better. Such a picture comes out. But individual have to live half of his life, and in case one was completely concentrated at his job as a value, this factor of being exhausted as a working material in this or that area brings him to a colossal internal stress. This depends on the cultural level in the society. I am about treatment of people, about the program itself and duration of the program. The higher is cultural level in the society, then this programming is more loyal, individual feels himself free, feels himself a specialist in any age, and in case one retires for the deserved rest one feels that society takes care about him. To our sorrow, we do not have such situation at the moment. And of course individual experiences stress. Who can say to me now, do they hire well people in their fifties? Are they getting good jobs? No. They appear in situation of people who are on their own, generally society does not need them. With the rare exceptions. I mean the mass of people.

What is going on here? What is the dominating factor here? Human being, fulfills some specific social role, during a preprogrammed period of his life, during half of his life, or some significant part of active life. Because one studied some profession, got it, acquired skills, program was forming together with the skills. He received (profession) and put himself into realization. During the whole active life period, when he realized (worked out) the program, which was put into him together with the profession, socially, he was wearing a mask. That is, it was his mask: I am a service-man, policeman, I am a builder, I am a teacher, worker… not important. He was wearing a mask, that is adherent to this program. Then society received from him what it laid into him, when he put his entire program into realization, finished working and took the mask off, do you know whom he became? He became a shadow! In case one has no internal cues, is not a center, as I said, of his own fruitful being, if this was not laid into him at the very beginning, then he was not ready to this. And the “Tvoriteli” program is doing exactly this, it prepares individual, helps him to have self-realization. In case one was not the center of his own fruitful being – the head of own state, then actually one remained a shadow. Shadow that does not know what to do, that does not know how to achieve self-realization. And what is the mask? It is the form. A form is always connected with specific perception of oneself in this or that role, in this or that quality. What am I about? Because when this perception is present, when the mask is worn, mask is worn at the individual by the socium, he understands that he is playing some specific role and it is connected with his cognitive functions, with his thinking processes, they are configurated in a specific mode, that corresponds to the program. One is acting. What is interesting, that this regimen spreads out not only at his professional activities but also at some moments, connected with his home relations, with folks, and so on. When the mask is on, thinking processes – cognitive functions connected with the program are prevailing. And when he took the mask off and tuned into a shadow, the unconscious started to prevail. Unconscious processes. That’s why people are often start drinking or go hard way when loosing job. Conflict develops between the program that was put into him – mask, and the shadow – this unconscious, which he is at a current moment. Conflict between conscious and unconscious takes place. It results in a colossal loss of psychic energy. Prominent scientists Von Humboldt pointed out at this problem, he studied this problem seriously in Germany. By the way in 90-s Germany took leading positions in studies of social stresses. But now we are considering an ordinary human being who finished putting into realization own program laid by society and became not needed to the society. Suppose we consider a person who put his own into realization through the development of own business, here we also see the mask and the shadow. Mask is exactly this very substitution, mask is his well-being, mask is a quantity of purchases in case he is in the consumer role, in case one is a pure consumer the mask is what he possess. As Erich Fromm put it: not having own gist one consists of his possessions – this is a mask. And there is also a shadow – his unconscious, which generally comes into conflict with the thinking process connected with acquiring goods, accumulation of something material, what one is purchasing – realization of the consumption function. There is a lot, hidden in the unconscious, we discussed this. Transferred genetically, acquired, there is something that is saying: “look, it is incorrect, you are contradicting to archetypes laid in you, to mythology laid in you, to forms of representation of yourself as a personality. You are contradicting to all these.” Here again an internal conflict arises for which one has to pay a very high price. The same loss of psychic energy, and the price for this ostensible well-being and material culture is neurotization. By the way all humanity has to pay this price in this or that degree. And to every separate human being as well because this neurotization influences life quality, quality of one’s relations with surrounding people and at one’s relations with himself. Look, how many people who are possessing colossal fortunes, but they are dying, end their lives with suicides, they are not healthy. They are ill and really seriously. This (wealth) does not add additional chances in the area of true human values. Why we are covering 21 life process in our Program? Look, we do not deny the material wellbeing, which naturally includes consumer abilities of the individual, we are not neglecting it, yes?! Individual shall live well, possess good things, and so on, this is not neglected. In the “Tvoriteli” program it is one third of life processes, of the 21 life processes at which the attention of user is concentrated. First of all it is one third. Second, in this third part some 30-35 percent is devoted to human relations. Inseparably. We deliberately did not created the fourth category, we created three categories or areas of human being life tasks, because areal of one’s material well-being, his everyday questions, professional activities, development of business is inseparably connected with human relations – with folks, colleagues, business partners. We deliberately showed them inseparably, in case they are separated then a big conflict between the mask and the shadow arises. Between consciousness and unconscious. Which will lead to a loss of psychic energy and to very unpleasant consequences, as we are seeing it in practice. That’s why we united this into a single area of life processes, accented their interaction with each other. In order to avoid situation when individual who is working, who is earning money, loses his gist and starts to consist of his possessions. Instead of be consisting of relations, with which he forms own life, of personal qualities, of internal and spiritual values. Look, in our Program intellectual and spiritual development is a single united area, one of three areas, because everything shall develop in a smooth flowing manner, harmoniously, including life priorities, values, loads, and so on.

Now look, psychophysiology processes, which are essential for the human being’s ability to control own energetic potential, and they are characterizing him as a subject standing at some definite level of own individual consciousness, these psychophysiology processes are always go on unconsciously. But it is they who are in basis of individual’s ability to control own energy potential which is needed for realization in all life processes. Both in intellectual and spiritual development, and in the sphere of health, and in the sphere of being processes and human relations – material wellbeing, professional activities and so on.

Why are we talking about psychophysiology? Because it is the essence, it is the law of functioning of various level systems in human body. Including physiology system. And so it is based on unconscious processes, it is working unconsciously. And why it is working unconsciously? Remember when we discussed formation of first archetypes – tree of life and snake biting own tail – initially they formed in collective unconscious, when continual stream-oriented consciousness still existed (I am saying about this at every lecture), which formed basis for forming of speech consciousness and formed basis for forming of discreet consciousness, discreet thinking processes, which nowadays we are calling cognitive processes. These thinking processes are as if cutting what is needed out of the stream, take it, and transform into definite thoughts, definite images, forms, which are working for building individual’s purposeful activities. And when we are saying that physiology processes are taking place unconsciously, we are actually saying that human psychophysiology is a basis of his psychic, psychodynamic, basis of neurophysiology, because outbursts and realization of potentials of readiness of neurons to commit this or that thinking processes or activities or put into realization these or that wishes are coming exactly from it. They could be good and bad, we discussed this. And so, when we are saying that psychophysiology processes are taking place unconsciously, we shall have in mind that content of this unconscious or even the influence of this content of unconscious shows up in translation of mythologems. I told you about mythologems. That is we have some definite archetypes of collective unconscious, archetypical figures, which show out archetypical properties in some forms, and we have archetypical plots – they are the very first forms when languages were not formed yet. They formed at initial stages of human evolution in the continual stream-oriented consciousness at the level of feelings of danger, at the level of feeling of some warmth, some goods, or some catastrophes. They formed there and they are hiding very very deep in us, they are collective. Later, with appearance of some artistic forms, forms of culture, language, some symbols, development of symbolic, formation of images - graphic arts, development of speech forms, concoction of historic tales, development of language culture were transformed into various myths or mythologems. That is these myths are consisting of what? They consist of plots and heroes, which are included into these plots. They are realized differently at various nations. But if you look attentively you may see the similarity in plots. That is some succession exists. It is very interesting topic, but now we are about different matters.

And so, psychophysiology processes are taking place unconsciously, but they control everything. The action and content of unconscious shows up in translation of mythologems. What is translation? It is similar to TV broadcasting, but here it is translation of mythologems into our consciousness. They are forming images. Periodically under influence of some outer factors these images are floating up out of unconscious, and they may work as a defense and help, and on the contrary they may work as some harmful driving. Bad habits and so on. I will bring you examples. By the way mythologems continue to form at the basis of archetypes, archetypical plots, and even classification of mythologems exists. For example, according to Craig there is a dozen of only modern mythologems, publication was in 1977. Myth about Prometheus lays in the background of classical science, classical mythology. Look at it as at the example of mythologem. What this mythologem puts into realization? It puts into realization the need of humans to take everything at their control, to forecast and explain everything. Did you noticed to what this mythologem is ocressponding in the “Tvoriteli” Program? What we have there? It is related to piro-spere. In the piro-sphere we have a lion, carrying the torch. Fire torch, fire in itself. Also we have there fire-birds and so on. Myth about Prometheus comes into realization through these accompanying images. Myth about Prometheus puts into realization the need of humans to take everything at their control, to forecast and explain everything.

Let’s consider another example. What do you think about a myth about progress, which was put into realization by Saint Simon, Fourier in a number of utopist social works. Myth about progress. About prosperity, about progress. By the way it is modified biblical myth about paradise. There are mythologems about self-sufficiency, about mentorship, about wisdom of ancient, about global piece. There is mythologem about weakness of feminine and power of masculine gender, about equal rights. Or such causalities like “good wins over evil”. Or a mythologem about heavenly origin in a human being. Mythologem about a child as a defenseless victim, about human being as a crown of creation, about perfection of own nation and many others. Which are summing up into content of consciousness of an ordinary individual. They are kept there – deep in unconscious.

Now let’s analyze how good it is when due to some reasons an outburst floats up from our unconscious and suppose we are putting into realization mythologem about wisdom of ancient. This mythologem is very robust, very viable at mountain people when they show respect to the elders. It is put into realization through some rituality, targeted at accented respect to the elders: one should not sit in presence of elder, one should not speak first, and so on. It is a very good principle, it exist at mountain nations as a definite ritual, definite attribute of their life, inalienable and very important. This is their specific feature, their being culture. Myth put into realization and works for their good.

And what if we consider mythologem about perfection of own nation?! Once outburst from unconscious and formed at the cognitive level into specific theory, at that in a group of people, this mythologem served as a basis for the creation of nazi germany and brought countless troubles to our world. This is the power of these things. That’s why I am talking about mythologems. Now we were discussing mythologems working in social sphere, but similarly they are coming into realization in our personal lives! At our personal contours. Correct?! In addition in the social sphere in a hidden form they are forming hidden content of various mythologems which are activated to realization in mass consciousness through mass-media. So called hidden trans-actions, which set expectations, may show out in form of group fantasies, form public opinion. And they are using this, you see these are the strings they are pulling us, it is possible to control us they like, because they know that we have them, we would not escape. In the process of the same nazi germany formation everything was planned and build thoroughly. For example, group fantasy could be formed by a group of individuals as a defense from childish fears. Various projective identifications and so on, I do not want to go deep into details now, I want to pay your attention that it is so when we are considering social processes. It is actual, it starts from the individual himself, from individual unconscious, which is sitting inside us, and a lot of things is accumulated in it. Things that were received, passed through heritage. There are both fears and positive states, there are also this very hidden skills we have, properties and abilities – pile of everything. Later in the process of upbringing and acquiring of living experience, also from the socium, a number of various imperatives were introduced there, and we are living with all these…. It is a big ocean, and in addition we are plugged to the collective unconscious which is even more tremendous ocean. If we would speak about unconscious, we are living as if a small vessel which is riding along colossal bottomless ocean, it is literally so. We shall catch there with our net what we need and under no circumstances allow giant octopus to attack us and sink our vessel. We shall orient precisely in all these, and the system of mythologems, myth heroes helps us to do this. It is very simplified, but these are visual symbols at the third screen of the “Tvoriteli” program, that are interconnected with text symbols – with the symbols that are existing in texts, with which we are building up a system of heroes, turning every life process into some definite system of heroization of these personages: lion if a fire-torch, fire-bird, a fish of a special kind, air balloon, gryphon, not important… Bu the way, they will be renewed periodically, new one will appear. We are conceptually calling these myth, mythological personages heroes, and with the help of these heroes we are helping our psycho-physiology processes to function correctly at the unconscious level. And at the level of conscious, at the second screen, while receiving on it targeted goal set for the specific life process, we are putting these processes, we are putting these heroes to realization, because through them we are pulling up all the most important and useful from our unconscious, out of this colossal ocean, we are pulling and pulling already in structured form, already in perceived form, in the form of neuron activities and thinking processes that are forming. We are pulling up useful things into a life process, which is indicated in our program today, which will be indicated tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, and by doing so we are ensuring the growth of each life process. And at the same time we are staying in psycho-physical balance, able to regulate and follow all these processes, watching all of them, not allowing yourself to deviate sideways and leave some processes unattended, when they would start interact with each other chaotically and give birth to chaos and entropy, information and energy indeterminacy, which would lead to being fruitfulness decrease. At the same time we allow these processes, as we put it, they are existing as some dynasties in a state, we do not allow these dynasties to self-deteriorate or to self-change. You know, this could be compared with albumens synthesis in the organism, there are definite lines of albumens synthesis, and when the stream of information transfer is violated, the order of information transfer in hormones is violated, logic of information transfer suffers, then albumen synthesis starts to go incorrectly, violations in the albumens structure appear and oncology develops. And so we, while using the “Tvoriteli” program are not only the center of events, heading the state of dynasties of our life processes, but we also do not allow these processes to deviate into pathology changes, connected with changes in information transfer logic, preventing pathology changes. We do not allow their turning into a modified state, which implies the decrease in the fruitfulness of being with deterioration of these processes quality and disintegration of dynasties, if using our analogy.

Today I was carried with this theme, I consider it to be important for understanding of our Program, because it is life processes that are objects of self-directed attention. Life processes, forms of unconscious, images of unconscious that correspond to these life processes, with which we are dealing in the “Tvoriteli” program with the help of artifact-oriented consciousness technology. They are “formed” they are given notional meanings at the level of your automatic reading of the text materials of the first screen (they are in form of modal codes and targeted directives, then at the second screen in the form of formal life process, and in the form of graphic images which you are seeing at the third screen. Everything is meaningful at the third screen, even speed of gears rotation corresponds to specific mythologems, to specific complexes. It is very important for understanding of the Program idea and your interaction with the program.

I want to return to human adaptation problems, I said about it in the beginning, the problem is very serious, it is connected with stressful influence of outer environment, with neurotization of society and so on. According to VHO 40% of world population have problems with organism adaptation mechanisms. At this 40 % are people with chronic diseases, who are in need of constant medical support. The rest of world population have flexible enough homeostasis processes, but have constant tendency to its reduction. And so when we are talking about control over own body, own organism, we have in mind a very important factor of reflection – paying attention at oneself. When reflection is working, suppose in relation to health, then subject concentrates attention at definite areas of the body, with hearing and receiving an answer in a form of some signal in image form. When we had a meeting with Kupatenko, and he said that so called quatrains of the first screen – modal codes – are corresponding with music phrases, that is they could be transferred into music, a woman with music education are doing this, she is singing the quatrains. I am not saying that one shall do this, but this is interesting, of course there are natural rhythms and they could be transferred into music format. And when they started talking about tact frequency generator, my dear, tact frequency generator is tightly connected not with electromagnetic, but with acoustic field of the human body. This is closely connected with the centaur principle and with the internal dialogue. And so the subject due to existence of this field concentrates attention at definite areas of the body and receives answer if form of feedback signals. All these is passed through central and periphery nervous system, and in case one possesses the reflection, to which the “Tvoriteli” Program helps, then along with possibility of receiving qualified medial help, in addition he acquires ability of in informational, not energy-informational !, but of informational influence at own organ or energy center for changing its potential. Of course it implies high level of awareness of events that are happening both in internal and external worlds of human being, because individual shall be aware what influences at him and what is changing his potentials. And one shall understand that it takes place in the internal space of human being, who is in a role of contemplating subject, who is reflecting surrounding reality at internal notional space. Contemplating subject contemplates inside himself own organs, cells, states which he has. He acquires ability to influence them informationaly, suppose to change their potential in needed direction in order to regulate some process. We shall understand that it is consciousness that executes control over information streams, when we are receiving the information from inside, receive it as a responses of internal organs. And the central component of the entire control process is concentration of attention. That’s why at the second screen we see one of 21 life processes, at which we are concentrating attention in the form of some imperative. It is most important factor, which one shall understand. Exactly the process of concentration of attention. And where the attention concentrates, there also concentrates what? Energy. All vectors, all fields are meeting there. Both matter and energy are concentrated where the attention concentrates. This way every day we are concentrating attention at each our life process, we are creating possibilities of controlling them, and creating own state. State under our control, which is able to deliver information depending on specific of this or that life process, its belonging to this or that area of living world. In the organism this could be accomplished with the help of neuro-humoral system and with the help of energy meridians. In the outer world it is energy-informational environment of the outer world, which we perceive and with which we are working.

Question: Is it possible to distract when working with the Program?

It is not desirable. Concentrate and work calmly as if in the state of meditation.

I thank you for attention and wish you all the best!

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