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«Tvoriteli» and quantum reality of speech. Shevchenko O. Y. September 11th 2018. Internet Conference.

We have a serious theme today, it is prolongation of our previous discussion. It is about the idea that due to the use of “The Tvoriteli” program, due to a self-regulation system that is activated with the help of our program with the use of the main properties of human consciousness – language and images, we as if putting a head at the body. It is the position of a centaur, about which I told you many times, it allows to accomplish many things. Today we are going to understand this idea even more deeper, but first we shall refresh some moments connected with our un-conscious. This theme is endless and we are going to return back to it from time to time. It is a basis of our program, and generally the basis of our consciousness, our life, our being.

I am going to continue the theme of hierarchy. Any hierarchy in nature, social sphere is always governed from above. The world is designed in such a way. It is governed from above in accordance with the principle: idea or information, energy, matter – the matter is the lower stratum. It is like a pyramid. Idea is at the top, that’s why masons draw all-seeing eye there, below is energy, and then the matter as a material background. You probably noticed that the structure of our programs implies the existence of three spheres of human living world, each of them includes 7 life processes, which are “played” during each cycle of the program. 21 life process. And so, the first group are life processes, connected with individual’s development, one’s intellectual and spiritual development, and it is connected exactly with what we are calling “an idea” in this hierarchy. In any hierarchy – human, social – “an idea” is a kind of regulatory potential which has a property of self-developing, self-evolutioning and governing all other processes: energy, material and the rest. Idea is at the top of the pyramid. Then goes the group of life processes, connected with health, and as you all know well, health is directly connected with energy processes that take place in the organism. No matter what we would say about chemistry…. Of course it is all connected, but the basis of governing processes is energy, particularly electric energy, correct? Electric signals are sent by the central nervous system and are received be nervous system, distribution of command statuses takes place in each cell, each organ and so on. That is energy is the essence of life as it is, and so the second level of life tasks corresponds to the level of energy. And the third – the being as it is – material wealth, money, relations between people – of course all these is matter. It is material basis, the fundament at which this pyramid stands. That is we meet hierarchy principle in “Tvoriteli” program. It is far from being a simple coincidence. It reproduces a system, generally any system in nature, and if you forgive me using this term, at the level of interaction of these levels it reproduces cybernetic principle of governing of any complicated system, and human being is such a complicated system. Even our categories of states, which correspond to the idea, energy and matter, are strictly oriented inside their areas. Take for example “activity” – of course it is sphere of the idea, sphere of intellectual and spiritual development. Naturally “state of health” that is how one feels himself, feeling of one’s internal processes is the sphere of energy. And the mood (in Russian the word mood «настроение» has a root «строить», that is to build something) is composed from specific components of the material world and also is a reaction at specific material world influences , is of course belongs to the material processes – to the sphere of being. So our structure is built this way. It is built correctly, and as I already said, any hierarchy in nature, in socium is governed from above. Controllability form above is also present in our program, that is why I am always saying to you that due to “Tvoriteli” one has ability to put a head at own body, to become a centaur. To unite own consciousness with the body. Through consciousness to unite central and periphery nervous systems with the body, with organs, with vital processes, in order to start feeling own body completely, learn to control it. To receive “remote control” into your hands, at which one can do various manipulations, which will help to keep your organism and its processes in good order, and also feel this remote inside yourself. Not only this. Hierarchy! That is why I am making such an accent on it. Any hierarchy when it is ruined, when it is beheaded, it starts to govern from the bottom chaotically and anarchically. No matter being it a human being or socium. Giving birth to informational uncertainness, violating unity, distributing recourses chaotically and giving start to many other negative processes, which in essence are leading to pathology, decay and degradation. Being it a human being or a society or a state – anything. Being it even a world as a whole. Yes, it may happen both with the whole country and a human being. It happens so both with the human being and with its single cell.

Look how the things are, I told you about this at previous lecture, great October socialist revolution actually destroyed cybernetic hierarchies in many economic branches, spheres of life – social life, state life, social-economy relations, such as merchantry, such as village husbandry – peasant households, such as engineering, medicine, jurisprudence – important branches, which actually were destroyed. Destroyed physically, destroyed at the level of the hierarchy, which we are talking now, that is dynasties, that were forming during hundreds of years were beheaded. They used to transfer experience, skills, make capital, which was multiplied by successive generations, all these kept continuity, all these kept tradition. Destruction of traditions lead to beheading of hierarchies and their disintegration. And when hierarchy in socium is violated, hierarchy of public conscience is also violated, it is important to understand this moment. When hierarchy of public conscience is also violated then a very very serious and very very unpleasant thing happens – hierarchy of speech violates – the basic instrument of both collective and individual conscience of every human. Look in the web, read blogs, read forums, read what people are writing about, read how they are writing. How they are communicating with each other. Does not matter young or old, see at what level the speech is! They are actually depicting their thoughts with their speech, the state of speech mirrors the state of thoughts. What are their interests? Where are they targeted? What are their ways to express themselves? And you will understand a lot. You will understand how poor nowadays is the culture of speech, exactly public culture of speech. How poor is people’s language and how depleted are their recourses of consciousness. It is exactly the primary reason why people are not able to pull themselves out and built their own world the way they would like it to have. Their conscience is not ready for this. Their conscience is half-destroyed, hierarchy of conscience is destroyed. They are not the only ones who are guilty in this, actually the state of society we have now and these pathology processes we are seeing in it are actually consequences of that catastrophic explosion that took place in 1917. By far we are experienceing the consequences of this catastrophe. Actually technocracy development adds to the situation, there are many violations of ecology of conscience. It is exactly “Tvoriteli” that are to restore the links in the chain of linguistic conscience evolution of every individual, lost in the process of revolution, brake of aristocratic abutment, technocratic jerks of civilization. “Tvoriteli” are to restore the violated ecology of conscience. With what the ecology of conscience is violated? Exactly with these notorious non-sanctioned social influences, when they dictate us what to eat, what to drink, what to wear, what to drive, how we shall live and what we shall use – what detergents, with what to heal ourselves, and so on. This is violated ecology of conscience. It is violated in tremendous degree, violated with the commercials that are introduced into our life, commercials always have compulsory character in relation to our consciousness, it always brings by force what they want to implant into our heads. Always. Of course one shall also remember in this connection political advertisement and political influence, which actually have colossal destructive character. And so, “Tvoriteli” are to restore the links in the chain of linguistic conscience evolution of every individual, the links that have being lost in the processes of revolution, break of social orders, technocratic jerks of civilization that is in process ecology of conscience violations, which are bringing human being exactly to the informational uncertainty and total dependence from outer conditions.

I deliberately accented your attention at various blogs and forums in the internet, why? Because in case you will see the way they are communicating, you will see that we are about simplification of their thinking processes, simplification of their speech. And simplification of images in speech leads to degradation of consciousness, it is established fact, it is axiom. Simplification of images in thinking and speech processes leads to degradation of consciousness. That’s why tremendous volume of encoded data from human history, culture and science is inserted into “Tvoriteli” phraseology. Actually they are like Vavilov seeds which shall preserve potentials and possibilities for the development of each individual conscience of every human being. (Academician Vavilov founded a vast collection/ storage of seeds of all sorts of plant cultures for their preservation and use for selection purposes in future) And this work goes on and on incessantly. Because “Tvoriteli” have a super-task – to turn language, speech not only into a means of information propagation, but also into instrument of discovering and formalization of tremendous number of elements, forms, connections, plots of unconscious, that have potential abilities to take part in scenarios and models of reality under targeted / oriented control over them with the help of reflection and putting into realization of levels of conscience. This is important because sufficient reflection is absent in a large masses of people, because their levels of conscience are not yet unfolded and put into realization, because images are simplified, simplification of language takes place, numerous evolution parts are torn out of historical context both in our Country and at the West, that should really be parts of evolutionating consciousness of humans. This evolutionating consciousness could have led humans at an absolutely different level of self-consciousness in the Universe, of self-consciousness in nature, conscious interaction with society and with one-self and with that possibilities that are prepared for him by life. To our sorrow we do not see these things today, we are seeing a picture of degradation, which is in major degree is connected with not putting into realization of the levels of conscience, with absence of full-value reflection, that is paying attention at oneself. So of course it is necessary to turn speech and language into means of discovering and formalization of the tremendous number of elements, forms, connections, plots of unconscious – we are talking about this at every lecture, and this goal was set in the “Tvoriteli”. Similar to a clay that is used for building a home, not even bricks but the clay from which the bricks are made, these elements have potential ability to take participation in scenarios and models of reality. What are we doing? (in our analogy) we are taking this clay, at that we take a good clay, throwing garbage away – all unnecessary what is in it, and at the cognitive level we are forming bricks from the good clay, then as if burn them in a furnace under influence of meta-cognitive level of conscience, and then start building a house of own reality with the use of these bricks. We are really doing this, thus is absolutely normal process, embedded into a nature of human consciousness. Which to our sorrow was violated. Violated not once and due to various reasons. And at the current moment it is under destruction process as well.

Of course, we shall dwell here at another very important moment. Very important. We are using signals, signs, symbols which, to put it roughly, are loaded at all levels of our conscience from the socium, from genome material we are receiving from the ancestors, from our life experience and our skills, habits we received somewhere at the institute at work, that are adherent to our very human nature, which do not exist without symbols, which do not exist without speech, without notations of directions, volumes, and so on. And so we shall understand that these symbols, signs, forms, images is our life. We are not able to live without them, we are not able to live in a different system of measures, in a different system of interaction with the world. Only in the signal system. Only in the system of denotements, forms, symbols and connections that actually are forming our speech.

Now I am going to tell you why I dislike so much the term sub-consciousness, why I am not using it. Not only I dislike it, nowadays it is recognized as lame by modern science, why? You will understand soon. And this is tightly connected with the theme of our discussion. I was always telling you about unconscious, that there is no sub-conscious but exist unconscious. And this unconscious is a part of our consciousness. When we are saying “sub-consciousness”, with this “sub-“ we are rejecting, cutting apart what we are denoting. We are not able to understand what it is. That is something that is not really a part of consciousness, but something below it. There is no sub-conscious, there is unconscious. I will explain this to you, and this is closely connected with the “Tvoritely” technology, with interaction of human being with own unconscious. And so there is unconscious and it is a part of consciousness. Primordial I of first people, paleontrops, had enormous dimensions. “I plus the entire world”. Remember me constantly telling you about continual or continuous thinking – it is the most ancient form of conscience that stayed in us until now. And it plays enormous, simply tremendous role in our life, because exactly this form of consciousness is still connecting us with the world and nature. Remember in Mowgli: “We are of the same blood, me and you” yes?! And so primordial human consciousness personified itself with phenomenon and objects of nature it observed, and the language of pre-historic humans first had not analytic, but so called polysynthetic structure. That is through this consciousness and thinking process connected with it he personified himself with everything that surrounded him. He “said” to himself, thou there still were no language yet the way we know it now, “I am a parrot”, “I am volcano”, “I am a lake” “I am a fish in this lake”. That is pre-historic human does not parted himself from the nature, did nit distinguished himself as a subject, influencing at nature, but was its direct part, and perceived himself this way at this stage of the evolution. Exactly due to this pervasive form of continuous conscience turned into the background layer when other levels of conscience started to stratify upon it. Other layers of consciousness were born and started to show out in the process of evolution of consciousness, and this basic form of continuous consciousness turned into unconscious and remained so important for us, that we are not able to think without it. This is our luggage from the pre-historic past, in which the entire experience of our ancestors is accumulated, entire experience of communication of a human organism with the surrounding nature. This is the whole our experience, it is possible to say that through it we are carrying the entire experience of the bio-sphere, which is accumulated during the time of living creatures evolution, evolution of life on Earth. At least from the moment of human beings appearance. No, in major degree even including pre-human times too. That is why genomes of all living creatures differ only by several percents. This is natural unity of all organisms on Earth, including humans. When human beings started to set them apart out of this system, when they started to realize themselves as subjects that influence nature, the first offsprings of technocratic society appeared. Generally of the society that tended to transform surrounding world with the help of consciousness. It is a separate question where the society came now, but the evolution of consciousness took place exactly this way. Now please tell me how can I call “sub-consciousness” this most important phenomenon in the nature of our consciousness, when human being personifies himself with the surrounding nature, environment, outer space?! No. This is the great unconscious – the storage of colossal volumes of this very “clay” into which were transformed some knowledge, some primordial skills, including skills we may be even have no idea about nowadays, but which are coming out of our unconscious in the process of implicit learning, at the stage of implicit learning, including under the influence of the “Tvoriteli” program, and appear as if out of nowhere. This is the most important, the most tremendous (phenomenon) with what “Tvoriteli” are helping us to interact effectively. There is much bad there – 70 %, and this is natural. And at the same time there are 30 % of most important! So important that our entire life, the entire life of every human is only some 15 % of the whole 100, of projection from that volumes into the real world, one puts into realization both bad and good, and at that differently. We said about this many times. The goal of the “Tvoritely” program is that individual would put into realization from there only good and did not allowed into realization bad. What is actually happening.

It is interesting that this very pervasive form of continues consciousness, that turned into the background layer of our modern consciousness – unconscious, even now is depicted in our analytic language with recalls of this ancient epoch of primordial consciousness. Note that we are often saying not “I am getting cold” but simply “it is cold”. Not “the hot cup” but “it is hot” and so on. Analyze these speech constructions and you will understand how the structure of ancient continuous consciousness is depicted in the structure of our analytic language.

Now comes the most interesting. In the brain of pre-historic human there was a continuous stream of items, events, phenomenon, depicted with his primordial consciousness and uniting him with the entire world. With the entire existing nature. Let’s remember Mowgli words once again: “We are of the same blood, me and you”. Not by a game of chance I repeated this phrase, all our unconscious is closely connected with our blood and processes that are taking place in it. Unconscious may influence and does influence this processes through neurogenesis, through potentials of readiness of neurons and so on. Unconscious may influence processes, that are taking place in human blood, causing specific states of the entire human organism. Exactly that’s why people are saying intuitively: “do not feel angry”, “do not offend”, “do not accumulate offence”, “do not use low speech” otherwise you will fell ill. And generally it corresponds with the fact that when giving way to negative outbursts of unconscious, individual influences own blood in a specific manner, and often becomes seriously ill. That’s why they are saying about evil people: “he has black blood”. Such a saying exists. It is all at the intuitive level, these things are reflected in our language structures and forms of information transfer. And basically it corresponds to the fact, I will repeat myself, that really by giving way to outbursts of unconscious, human being influences own blood in a definite negative way, and often develops serious illness. And why we are saying “black blood” ? - I am now about intuitive speech constructions that are based at one’s beliefs, centuries-old beliefs, because it is our ancient continual thinking, that became the basic of our unconscious, gives out knowledge that are stored in it without analyzing them. Knowledge was borrowed from nature itself without any intermediates. Out of there we are scoping out information that one should not be evil. In case you will be evil, you will be ill, you will have illness of blood. Generally there are many rituals and beliefs that are connected with the blood, and it is not a coincidence. That’s why “Tvoriteli”, controlling the unconscious, help you to get rid of all negative in this very own unconscious, and help you to control your own blood, and through the blood as if through the transportation system for the genome material, that is a carrier of components, produced by bone marrow and giving renewal to the whole organism, and as a medium for the interferons induction, which provide organism defense, controls the state of organism, creating various effects. For example, a special concentration of components, that empower activity of blood cells, that are connected with the bone marrow blood-producing functions, they are called granulocytes – they are most numerous subgroup of white blood cells, which are able to create an effect of full chain reaction of the whole organism renewal. Or they may create so called effect of the fourth state, discovered in 1959 by professor Lazarev, head of laboratory of medicament prophylaxis and curation of cancer in the oncology institute in Leningrad. He is considered to be a founder of toxicology in the Soviet Union. And so he created a theory about central biology mechanisms, able to start and support the whole complex of defending reactions in the human organism, and at the same time abilities of these biology mechanisms to empower functional abilities of various organism systems in response at multiple unfavorable influences. In essence he discovered the most ancient way of human being protection through the realization of the fourth state. We have three states: first is the state of relatively calm and balanced chemical processes in the organism, when one is not ill – normal stable state. Second when one is in pre-illness and organism functions are in a tense state. And the third is an illness, when organism turns into fight with the disease and forms specific protective complexes. Loss of energy takes place, loss of resources, of biochemical recourses, violation of balances and so on. And the fourth state is an empowered state of the organism, at which biology mechanisms are able to accent possibilities of various organism systems as a response at multiple unfavorable influences. Discovery of these fundamental laws of human organism adaptation served as a basis of the theory of non-specific resistance of organism or its fourth state. And so Lazarev’s group actually proved the existence of the fourth state, at this state human being feeling himself healthy also receives additional strength safety margin, that gives possibility to resist unfavorable influences effectively. His mental and physical capacity to work increases as well. Along with multiple other positive effects. The fourth state is characterized with the increase of organism energy-information support level, and so on. It is adaptation. The highest level of organism adaptation, including accenting of mitochondrion functions, which are playing most important role in biochemical adaptation and restoration processes in the human organism, in restoration of cells, tissues and so on. I am carried away a little with this theme, it is really very interesting and very big, we will return to it later. Now it is important, that influencing through the resources of unconscious, one may form such states, about which we have no idea now. All this is due to following the great principle of control from top to bottom: conscious shall control the biology machine of the organism.

So, we understand that the work with the unconscious is laid into basis of the “Tvoriteli” Program and into basis of subject area, which we are calling “Psychophysical self-regulation of human being as an instrument of modernization of one’s life processes”. Of all being, of a culture of one’s life, and the culture is a very important sphere. Cultural sphere is a basis for growth of other stages. And “Tvoriteli” are actually mirroring these stages. Look, starting with the first screen we are using the stream consciousness, at the same time with the use of the cognitive contour, because we possess it. Nowadays we have advantage over primitive people because we may control the processes, which they only identified with themselves. See, what a complicated matter. We can control because we have subsequent levels of consciousness. Cognitive consciousness, yes?! It is interesting that the first language appeared at paleontrops (humanoids we already mentioned today) not as a means of understanding each other. It developed in order to support coalition of own group and in order to prevent understanding by other humanoid branches. See how interesting it is! No matter how paradox it sounds, it was not the intention to reach understanding that laid in a basis of language formation, but drive to cut out communicative abilities of other group to penetrate into their group. It was very important. At that we shall have in mind that speech precedes the language, this is interesting. Speech as it is was initially formed as a specific set of sounds. There were suggestive methods of control, there were ways of communicating with gestures, may be even with thoughts, this could be suggested that we lost this ability later. That is speech existed in various forms and language developed on the basis of these forms. It was forming and forming and what is interesting is that language preceded consciousness. Talking about various branches of paleontrops, who had only primordial consciousness, but it was powerful stream consciousness that was not formed yet, that did not personified itself as a personality. That is I merged with everything that surrounded it, I was tremendous. They did not have consciousness in the meaning that we are implying now under this word. And language, in the process of its forming, preceded consciousness. That is actually it is language which formed consciousness of a human being. Of a modern human, whom we are considering ourselves. Language formed our consciousness. But language implies the presence of texts. Thou I will agree with you that there are languages in which writing is absent, it was painting that was initially used as texts. That’s why modeling the picture of consciousness evolution in the “Tvoriteli” program, we pay so much attention to graphics, and when working with a program you understand that it is far from being a coincidence – the combination of graphics and specific style of the texts, used in the Program. Of cause, when we are saying that painting preceded text, hieroglyphs, letters, we understand there were stages of development of this process.

The moment languages started to form, other type of consciousness started to form, its dimensions started to shrink. The consciousness of people which lived later already had a dimension “I plus my belongings” and “I plus my tribe”, that is differentiation already started, separation of specific objects started , at that group objects - “I plus my belongings”, “I plus my tribe”, yes?! By the way interesting way of objects formalization corresponds to this stage. For example a deer is a grain. Why deer is a grain? Because both are foods. That is clear gradation of objects was absent, and such “terms” were used. Another example is from later time periods. The echo of this principle “I plus my belongings” we see in Manu laws and in “Russkaya Pravda” by Yaroslav the Wise, stealing one’s belongings leveled to maiming. The next very important stage of consciousness evolution is when one submerges with own kin. One starts to speak in the name of his kin. When kin programs start to form, that is when the experience of the tribe is forming, the experience of the community is forming. Socium starts to grow up, and socium starts to have something in common with personal motives of the individual. Here interesting thing start. Rituals started to form, appears the idea of the soul, and also first signs appear – ideas of signs appear. And so called schemes appear. This is very important for the understanding of the “Tvoriteli” program. Two polar processes started to take place in thinking: formation of closed data domains and process of schematization. It is very important because schemes always perform functions of human activities constructioning, and also functions of forming reflexive conceptualization about individual. And so all these first schemes appeared to people as primary archetypes (by Young) and by what is accepted by modern science. All these schemes, which perform function of human reality constructioning, first appeared as primordial archetypes. I told you about this, about drawn objects, drawn primordial archetypes, what we saw there? We had Uroboros – the snake, biting its tail, and Tree of Life – a very important symbol, out of which grew many archetypes of unconscious, which actually constituted the basis of human life, of human society. Later the Tree of Life gave birth to anthropocentrism, you remember that in the bible and in a number of other sources tree personifies a definite symbol. Symbol of carrier of knowledge, symbol of ancestral information transfer, symbol of human being, as it is, who is keeping in himself knowledge and hereditary information. Keeps and is able either to enjoy fruits that are growing on it or not. In our case, with the “Tvoritrli” we are able to taste them. To taste in a best meaning of this world, because we have possibility to look into depths of our unconscious ourselves, into depth of human experience, into depth of bio-sphere information, which we have at our disposal. We will return to Uroboros symbol later, but when we are talking about the Tree of Human being symbol, here one is already starting to personify himself with the center of the world, yes?! It is very interesting to note that the personified heart with the center of the world. In the anthropocentric theory that developed, they started to personify heart with the world, heart of the Tree of Life. Human being was personified with himself, as with the center of the universe, that is individual directivity appeared – we are talking about it in “Tvoriteli”. Individual directivity of human beings appeared – paying attention, reflection at oneself as at the center of the universe that exists around him. Remember me saying: there is one Universe, but everyone has his own universe. This principle is realized here. Human heart was personified, and now in all world cultures it is personified with the center of life and with the center of the universe. Heart is the basis, the main chakra and most important driving power of a human being. Spiritual power and so on, everything is personified with the heart. Heart is a center. This is very interesting. Because nowadays this is not archetype, but archetypic plot. Archetype is a Tree of Life. And archetypic plot is a scheme, which is included into a scheme of the body. And in this case the scheme of the body humans associate with the space. In addition this archetypic plot implies that human heart is not only the center of the body, but also is a center of the world, which is controlled by him, that is why yoga pays such attention to the heart. And this very archetypic plot lays in the fundament of human motor and speech activities, this is interesting. They are paying attention at this in the Far Eastern cultures even nowadays.

We are saying that primitive humans had stream consciousness, connection between events for them was as if in the form of streams on a river, which are forming with bents. It is interesting that mental outlook of a newly born child is very close to this stream consciousness. Later individual evolution takes place in the process of which he grows other layers of consciousness. Due to living in socium, due to having some specific relations, breading, education and so on. We shall pay attention at another important moment – all nature was animated for a primitive human with his primitive but powerful stream consciousness, at the level of this consciousness has connection with the entire world. Later various beliefs appeared in connection with this. Trees, stones were allotted with their own small spirits, especially at the Far East, they communicated with these spirits, the system of intermediaries was formed later. We are going to understand the essence of artifact-oriented consciousness. The system of intermediaries was formed, or the elemental spirits, due to which humans started to communicate with the objects of the outer world more consciously. Sacral postulates formed this way, sacrality formed this way, a belief into a world that lays behind this reality was formed. By the way in our tradition of Russian Silver Age it took reflection in Balmont’s poetry along with numerous other symbolists, which are bright representatives of Russian culture, their concept is slightly different, they saw some hidden fire behind every phenomenon, which (hidden fire) should be disclosed with word, picture and so on. And so gradually so called sacral implications / senses of various things formed. In accordance with this logic the sacral sense of every item is more ancient than it’s profane meaning. More ancient, because, for example, a spirit lived in a stone, from which a sculpture or something else was made. Or they dared to build a house with the use of these stones, then the house is also an animated, sacral object. Even in middle ages they considered the production of things as a sacral sphere action. Now we are closing to the artifact-oriented consciousness – how we are using this principle, that exists in the structure of our conscience up to this very day. We are using it very effectively. Now I am going to tell you a paradoxical matter, where from technologies appeared? Ritual gave birth to the technologies. Master committed ritual in result of which a useful item appeared. Believe me, even nowadays, no matter how we would simplify our life, rituals are the goals and sense of our lives. At many people, actually at everybody, actually they do not realize this fact. Because, remember what is conscience? It is a form of life of matter. And what is conscience for a human being? Part of the Skies, that remained to live as a human – this is our motto. We remember that consciousness shall regularize matter, moving in accordance with centripetal acceleration principle in counter-clockwise direction, to the center, tightening the time, and bringing the chaos to which the matter tends into order. the power that counteracts the matter. And so ritual is a product of consciousness. A factor of conscience that brings the world of chaos into order, organizes it. Ritual was always corresponding with the main function of consciousness, the one I mentioned, the reduction of chaos or entropy. You may note that ritual is even now an essential part of Far Eastern cultures. You may see it even in England. And so we shall understand, that the difference between primitive and modern people is only in the form of connection with the outer world. It is one of the basic principles of the use of artifact-oriented consciousness in the “Tvoritely” program, the psychology of program perception is built on this. In his continuous consciousness primitive individual was directly connected with nature, not separating himself from it, and subject and object were absent as such, then for the modern individual subject and object are connected not directly, but with the help of artifact or the scheme as ideal model. Artifact or scheme mean a model. What we are taking as an artifact? Something made by a human. Something produced: a picture drawn, music composed, poetry written. It could be music, architecture – anything. It could be poetic literature, it could be form of speech – self-expression of speech, that is some specific grammar – anything. Some specific system of symbols – both material and nonmaterial. All these could be an artifact – something that confirms the fact of creative influence at the surrounding medium by a human, and obtained in result of this influence. It could be a bronze candleholder, it could be a picture drawn at the canvas, it could be speech, transformed into a beautiful composition – all these are artifacts. It even could be some specific philosophy theory – again an artifact. And so, when we are speaking about ideal side, when we are talking about candleholder – it is primary artifact, And when we are talking about technology, which allowed to produce this candleholder by casting, making forms, proportioning bronze composition, finishing – all these is secondary artifact or the cultural scheme. During the history of human race development these schemes in all cultures added up into collective-unconscious, to which at some definite conditions we all have full access. All these is already here (in our unconscious).

I do not whant to frighten you but we are like a small sail-boat, which is going over a large large ocean. This tremendous endless ocean keeps in itself a colossal number of images, various phenomenon, processes and things, which we shall use wisely and skillfully. And at first we shall get them into our disposal. And so the “Tvoriteli” program creates conditions, that allow you to get them into your disposal, grants you such possibility.

And so artifacts are needed to connect people with the world and with each other, they are playing role of intermediates, no matter if they are primary or secondary artifacts – product or technology that helped to obtain it. From this point of view the “Tvoriteli” program is a typical artifact. It is primary artifact when you are using it at the computer screen. And when it is formed into the description of the technology, it is a secondary artifact. This is so. At that all artifacts are combining properties of tools and symbols – this is obligatory condition. All artifacts are combining properties of tools and symbols. Due to this on one hand they are providing interaction of all levels of our consciousness with nature, society, and on the other hand they allow us to build own worldview, while orienting at them, take participation in own life processes, control own life and build own reality. In case they are selected correctly. “Tvoriteli” program is a system of correctly selected artifacts, not so much selected but created at the basis of specific principles of world culture, language culture, applied culture, paintings and so on. The main principle of the “Tvoriteli” project creation, which has a character of artifact oriented consciousness, is poiesis. Poiesis as a main property of culture that shall save human beings, only culture can save human beings, insure against adversities which may appear in result of further degradation. Poiesis is exactly the needed principle. It is the first that shows itself as esthetic comprehension of the world, and that gives birth to reflexion. Controllability from above. Poiesis, not poetry bit poiesis – such principle. Principle of creative influence at the world. Principle of creative cooperation with oneself, society, surrounded nature. That’s why world-spheres appeared, but we will return to world-spheres later. Now I want to tell you that the main, basic symbol that appeared in ancient times and became a basis of civilization growth, cultural evolution, evolution of human skills and technologies is a Tree of Life, it is the basic anthropo-centric symbol, archetype, that personified connection of human being with the center of the Universe. This Tree of Life is seen at our third screen. It is so called console of the creative mechanism which is in the center of the screen, at the same time it is genius, who is depicted at the very center, it is build in proportions and in accordance with archetype of the Tree of Life. It fixes attention of the user at this archetype and at oneself. It is possible to say that it is a specific monument to human consciousness, which grows in the universe due to own individual properties. And of course the wings mean the branches of a tree, which are stretching over life processes, which are depicted by rotating gears. Rotation of the gears is actually not that simple, their linear speed is not equal, but different. Look: Pirosphere is the most light element – fire, plasma; Atmosphere is still light element; Hydrosphere – water is already more heavy one, matter becomes more dense. Biosphere – life is even more dense. Note that there is hierarchy in this consequence: fire – idea; and on the way down densifying takes place. Then goes Litosphere – Earth. And Centrosphere – metal, which in our Program is personified with the Earth core, which has magnetic properties and protects us from penetration of outer irradiation and so on. That is hierarchy of images is built (organized) in accordance with scientific views. Human consciousness interacted with these images from ancient times and until nowadays, images are organized in such a way that you would contact with them at the level of artifact-oriented consciousness. They are given to you in a ready form, you are able to orient at them, interact with them easily. And so these gears, that are rotating under the wings of the Tree of Life, which personifies yourself as a center of your individual universe, they are rotating and personify world-spheres, personify images of resources with which human consciousness interacts, and with which human being himself interacts in the process of life, in the course of life processes. Gears also correspond to life processes with their monad – summation of two gears with center filled with colors.

And so they rotate with various speed. According to common logic, the smaller is the disk, the higher its speed should be. But no, at our screen the smallest disk – Centrosphere rotates with the lowest speed, and so on in ascending order. Because metal is most heavy element. This is the logic used in “Tvoriteli”, logic connected with the perception of these elements properties. This perception, user’s awareness together with gears rotation in accordance with definite law – the more heavy is the element that is personified by the gear, the more slowly the gear rotates, creates effect of counterclockwise movement. You may not notice this, but when contacting with the third screen your processes are activated and spiral winds up to the center, centripetal acceleration is created – at what the consciousness of the whole Universe is targeted. Human consciousness should be also directed at creation of neg-entropic function, at the function of opposing to chaos and entropy. Overcoming of the chaos is the main goal of any biology object, especially an intelligent one like the human being is, such one who is able to create to control oneself, creating neg-entropic possibilities, that is counteracting chaos that may take place in our bodies, our lives, in the surrounding space. It is a very powerful stimulus, which you are receiving at the third screen.

I promised you a space flight, and we have some time left. As you remember we started from the very first steps of consciousness forming, which remained with us as a most powerful structure that supports us and allows us to live, as a basis of our being, about which we often even have no idea, but it actually makes itself felt every second. Also have in mind how our unconscious is working – our brain does a lot of work every second. When doing anything even moving eyes or a hand, jump somewhere we have a choice from 40 variants of how this could be done. Brain has to choose optimum variant, and does this work incessantly, we all are moving constantly, winkle with eyes. Brain is constantly working, you shall understand that it is always under colossal load. And so I do not know what is cosmoenergy, and who are cosmoenergy practitioners, I suspect that I am not of the kind, but I would like to tell you the following: In the “Tvoriteli” program is realized and will develop and evolutionate in future the principle of cosmophysiology. Principle of cosmophysiology is based on the Einstain principle that human being is a part of the whole which we are calling Universe. Compare with our motto “part of skies that remained to live as a human being”. As is a feedback, and it exists. Results of cognitive researches of brain state that our brain contains entire universe which is reflected at the unlimited screen of our consciousness, this is exactly what I was telling you. Hence, in accordance with paradox logic, universe itself is a part of a human being, his internal component. It is possible to say that human being comes to life as versatile keeper of a number of elements of the Universe, big and small elements that are able to combine with the help of human being, with the use of global abilities of cognitive consciousness. And we are planning to use this principle, helping human being to lead own life in such a way, that it would flow not only in planetary bit in cosmic scale, to empower abilities of the incessant and rhythmic process of human being adaptation to constantly changing conditions of the Creation, Earthly, natural phenomenon, and various outer space phenomenon, which are influencing us naturally. Here we are taking support at the idea, that tremendous evolutionary achievement of human being is the fact that body system is anatomically continuous not only inside, but also outside, no matter how paradox it may sound. This continuity is seen in the form of channels, which are connected with body systems and cavities on one side and outer planetary spheres and cosmic recourses, which are responsible for specific functional properties on the other side. Understanding of this gives right and ability to the “Tvoriteli” Program to consider human being as a material reflection of all spheres of Earth and Space. It is clear about Earth, we are talking about it already for a long time, and now is the outer space. (consider human being as a material reflection of) their properties, that have evolutionary defined symbolic meanings, that could be unfolded in the context of modern ideas and scientific knowledge. It is obligatory. And I want to tell you the following: through the unfolding of these meanings “Tvoriteli” will influence positively at the biology and everyday processes, that are playing key role for the physical health and optimization of all life conditions of an individual. We will see later how it will be realized. Generally cosmophysiology will give every individual a possibility to build in own head a complex of connections with his organs and body systems on one hand and his everyday life processes on the other hand with cosmic objects of the universe and use properties of this objects for restoration of health and own intellectual and spiritual development and for course for increase of own life processes quality. But this is already a next step, some running ahead, I allowed myself to carry you into space for a while in order to give you more confidence in the abilities of the Program.

Ludmila is asking a question: what is better to do directly after working with the Program – mental or physical labor?

Absolutely not important! Do anything you have a desire to do. Do not strain yourself. The Program will help you to make a choice in favor of this or that activity, which will be useful for you at the moment. The more you will work with the program, the more adequate and objective will be your choice, it is exactly the sense of working with it. That is why do what you have a desire to do, there is absolutely no limitations.

I sincerely thank you for your time and attention.

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