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Symbol-drama and theory of directive by Uznadze in the “Tvoriteli” Program. Shevchenko Oleg Yurievitch. October 12-th 2018

There are many instruments, which we are using in the “Tvoriteli” Program. Today we are going to discuss some of them, and discuss them from an interesting point of view. You know, generally one of our consciousness properties is interaction with objectiveness of surrounding world. When explaining the “Tvoriteli” Program I usually put it in more simple way – with resources of the surrounding world. With its resources and possibilities.

What we imply under the word “culture” when saying that the “Tvoriteli” Program is one of the ways of self-regulation, which is designated for correction, modernization, improvement of one’s being culture? We shall accent this, because from our point of view culture, if put it simple, is internal state of the human being. The quality of one’s internal states. And culture of one’s being or life is nothing else than states, and qualities of these states of one’s life processes. Here again I am bringing you to one of basic ideas of the “Tvoriteli” Program, that one’s living world could be regulated through consciousness, but with the use of states, which one possess potentially which he has in some convenient for use or non-convenient form. That’s why user undergoes a test, which orients at some evaluation of own states. It is designed smartly, and allows you to evaluate your states more or less objectively. Each time, with each cycle you have more and more objective results, it is designed in such a way. Then our goal is to correct the level of tension of your states of how you feel yourself, activity, mood through some forms of unconscious. Through the pass, a bridge of specific forms of unconscious, connected with these states, connected with psycho-emotional sphere, with subjectiveness and objectivity of your internal world, come to taking control of own programs and own life processes. Under “own programs” I understand our possibilities – hidden skills, possibilities we potentially possess but unable to use full-scale in the surrounding world due to these or that reasons, that generally speaking are leveled due to interaction with the “Tvoriteli” Program. I already said to you that each fraction of our intention, each fraction of our desires always corresponds to some specific particle of quantum world. Forms pairs. Some non-structured element of conscious appears in our head, which denotes some form of our desire, energy impact at the psycho-energy level forms, and specific particles of quantum worlds are always responding on it. Some specific pairs are forming. And what is quantum world? It is exactly the surrounding space, the objectiveness of surrounding world which possesses recourses and possibilities able to afford our desires. I hope this is clear. This process is under close investigation now in neuro-physiology, many data are finding confirmation and actually general theory is forming.

And so, when this pair forms, it may form. For example I may have a desire to build or purchase aircraft tomorrow, as in a well known phrase (from Russian comedy movie “Mimino”) “I have a desire, but do not have possibility”. It is exactly so, I have a desire and I have no ability to put this desire into realization. And I am sending a thought into the universe: “I want aircraft tomorrow, yes, I am going to have an aircraft tomorrow”. Next morning my state is something average between being a fool and complete disappointment. It is also important in what state to send the desire. When this is done, the response appears anyway, but it appears at so far-away frontiers, that often one’s lifetime is not enough to master this pair being formed. Formed pair of elements of your consciousness with the objectiveness of surrounding world, its quantum objectiveness, in order to put the desire into realization. That is the desire turns into silliness, nonconformity, disproportion to the abilities and powers of your intentions, which exist at the current moment. That’s why the “Tvoriteli” Program very correctly, proceeding from your individuality, evaluating your individual abilities, because it is you who does this, you are evaluating, starts from targeting directives of your individual unconscious and forms these very messages into the universe, let’s call them so, as directives which put into realization your intentions in specific living process. In your own specific living process. In your own individual living process. We have 21 living processes, and Program orients you not for ordering an aircraft for tomorrow morning, but maybe it orients you to wake up earlier tomorrow and do morning exercises. This is as an example. That is to work at yourself. Or maybe do breathing exercises, or maybe concentrate attention at your organism in order to regulate the processes that are violated. Program will turn your attention to this, because when you undergo a test you moved a runner into a position that indicates a tension of a state of how you are feeling yourself. And so Program reacted in such a way, that at the first place one shall pay attention at own health. And formed targeting directives, to put it more precisely not formed but oriented you to extract these targeting directives from your unconscious, there are a number of them there – so called you individual modal codes, in order to make them take participation in amplification, concretization, forming and your orientation in a specific living process, which is needed to you at the moment. Even more needed than an aircraft. And so your quantum coherency with the objective world forms by appearance of events that are natural for you, processes that are natural for you, that are leading to accenting of specific most important and most necessary for you at the current moment life processes.

Here it is interesting to note that our unconscious is actually tremendous, it is an enormous recourse, which is reflected by our individual consciousness, and it reflects the environment or objectiveness of the surrounding world. In a whole. That’s why such silly things as “I want an aircraft” appear. Because someone in this world has possibility to purchase aircraft tomorrow. That shows that unconscious does not separate globally existing abilities from non-existent. That’s what the reflection exists for – paying attention by individual at himself, self-awareness if you want, but reflection is a scientific term. Exactly it is empowered. Why only 25 % have full-value reflection? By the way, it is not a fact that I possess it. Why 25 % in the world? Only they can reflex own targeting directives in the unconscious in such a way they correspond with their possibilities in life processes in major degree. That’s why these 25 % are reaching maximum success, because they are going step by step, putting into realization such possibilities of the objective world, which are at hand at the current moment. No need to reach far. No need to aspire because you will lose what is laying close at your hands and would not reach what you are not able to reach now in principle. Do you understand the principle – transiational advance, transiational conquer of the world. Transitional widening of own abilities in the objectiveness of the world that is surrounding you and building of own reality. Constant, steady, logical, adequate and transiational. Transiational because we are moving from one possibility to another. And it is possible that we are going to do today will become a first step in putting into realization of more serious life goals. For example today a woman may visit hairdressing saloon, change her appearance, and this may carry potential of possibility about which she even had no idea. But this is a necessary chain in committing actions, targeted at realization of intention in the surrounding objective world.

I want to draw your attention to a very interesting moment. As soon we talked about the objectiveness, I want to draw as an example the notion of an object in Japanese culture. In general. The objectiveness of the world for classical Japanese philosophy and for classical conscious perception is mysterious and sacral. It has much in common with understanding of the world by our symbolists – scientists and artists, who reckoned that every object hides under itself an internal image. We will talk about this later.

Absolutely everything that is visible, hearable, tangible, smellable, explorable by mind that comes out of nothingness, carries in itself reflections of this invisible, out of which it appeared. This scheme, this idea of mystery of objectiveness of the world that exists in Japanese culture fits very logically and picturesque into our concept of “Tvoriteli”, because it all really comes out of nothingness and becomes visible, hearable, tangible, smellable and explorable. In fact these are our directives of unconscious that in result of our interaction with the “Tvoriteli” Program are becoming visible, hearable, tangible, smellable and explorable. Hearable at the level of internal dialog, and they are carrying the glimpses of where they appeared from, that is glimpses of the objective world, reflection of which they are in our unconscious. In fact, with every our action in the “Tvoriteli” Program, which we are committing, by extracting these things out of our internal unconscious space, we are creating so called action of creation of own processes, own things, realization of own wishes, and actually in ancient Japanese culture it was in fact….. they had it the following way: the action of creation something or a process, all by itself was sacred, it was a kind of a prayer or a ritual action. A kind of ritualization, which was manifested in meditative form. For us this cultural phenomenon is not clearly understandable, but not without a reason those people, especially theater actors, ancient theater actors…. By their functions these acts of manifestation of a thing reckoned to be equal to prayer and appeal to Gods. That is in fact appeal to Gods in many world cultures generally in its symbolic – cultural form corresponds with our appeal to unconscious and through unconscious to the resources of objectiveness of our surrounding world, which is put into realization through modernization or an accenting of cultural aspects of our internal states and our lives.

Why I gave this example? As I already said in ancient times any human deed, connected with creational act of producing something, had a sacral sense. Being it production of some household-ware, weaponry, being it rituals that preceded hunting. There was so called hunting magic, it all was considered as specific aspect of sacral activities. Everything was transfused with sacral activities, everything was transfused with symbolism and senses, which were gradually laid into collective unconscious in the form of archetypes, various forms and so on, which now are laying in the basis of our unconscious, additionally enriched with our individual experience and experience of the civilization. I repeat – in ancient times all human activities – ritual and creative were understood as a way of communication with Gods.

Now, please be attentive. It is implied, again it is taken from Japanese culture, that in response of well-judged hymn, the God will fulfill the wish of His adept. This is natural for the archaic model of the world, which implies the exchange of gifts. Suppose the one who appeals to gods creates a well-judged hymn, hymn is a specific speech form, which could be followed by music and may be not, carrying in itself some definite rhythm, which is sent to Gods as an endowment, in return to which a specific return reaction is expected in form of putting into realization of what is expected. Actually nothing changed in terms of mechanism of interaction with the objectiveness of the world, methods changed, attitudes changed, now they are based at scientific views. But nevertheless the mechanism, which in ancient times was built on a basis of intuitive experience, remained. Similarly that Roman law remained until now, which is now a basis of law of any country. This is a fact. In case lawyers are listening to me now, they may confirm.

Now we have a question: Oleg Yurievitch, I am working with the Program for the third month, and every time I came at words in the text that are related to viniculture and wine-drinking, a split starts in my thoughts and emotions. It is not clear what authors of the program want to tell to the user with the phrase that vine gives birth to courage: “Vines from the heights of all-solving intrepidity”, suppose that wine will flood the springs with clear water (sorry, I cannot translate the texts from the Program, I fill for the translators who will have to do this, no good comes out of my attempts. At this place a line of Program text was quoted) , and so on. A kind of apologetics of drinking. I have a feeling that authors forgot how much pains drinking brought to this world. What you would advise to do in order to receive positive emotions from the dialogue with the Program, instead of incessant internal dialogue on this subject. Thank you.

I thank you, Ludmila, for such an interesting question, because it is really interesting in the course of our current discussion. Do you remember works of Omar Hajam? Do you remember how much attention and semantic space, in his language in his poetry he devotes to wine? To wine, wine drinking, wine qualities, aroma, wine properties and so on. Now I am not analyzing the lines quoted by you, remember that I always was turning your attention to allegories that appear in ancient literature, poetry in historic and religious writings, and we understand that nowadays they have several levels of profanation of one’s consciousness. This profanation is closely connected with the reflection. Remember when I drew Bible as an example, the tree of Life, the image of a tree of knowledge of good and evil, tasting from it. At some specific level of profanation this will correlate with material objectiveness of a tree as it is, fruit tree that grows in a garden. At another specific level of text profanation and understanding profanation it will be personified with the tree of life – central console, I would say so, that possess a fruit – heart, through which the entire universe is given the right-of-way. This level of understanding goes back to anthropo-genesis and personification of a tree as it is with the human being itself. That is tree of life is a human being. Exactly this sense it laid in the Bible. Similarly in Omar Hajam poetry, whom many critics are calling nowadays drunkard and singer of boozing and wine-making, but serious scientists, who are doing research works and publish monographs in scientific journals say differently. Because it is not possible to tear out some work of some author out of cultural-historic context of their epoch, philology, literature, system of images that existed at their time, and also formed at the unconscious level. And so the wine in Omar Hajam poetry is nothing else but human soul, the substance of human soul that one shall comprehend, use, drink from inside himself, drink from the depth. Similarly we are scooping the images of unconscious out of our individual unconscious, out of this colossal stream, accenting these properties and possibilities with the help of the “Tvoriteli” Program, bringing power to these properties and properties and abilities of all life processes, so he had in mind: ladle wine – exchange with spiritual fits, spiritual substances with other people, drink wine – to drink wisdom of own soul. He called the wisdom of own soul “the belief”, he himself was deeply religious man, and you understand that being a poet, being a cultural and religious figure he could not be subjected to incessant boozing. This is simply absurd. That is wine, wine-making, image of grapes, images of senses, qualities, which one acquired with the consumption of this allegoric wine in Omar Hajam poetry is a soul, human soul. Substance of human soul, ether of human soul if you like it.

And so, the higher is one’s reflection level, the higher is a level of modernization of his internal and life culture, the higher is understanding of these matters. And we together are coming to understanding of these matters, including asking questions to each other and answering them. There is no directions in the “Tvoriteli” Program for the wine-drinking as it is, grapes we have as graphic symbol is related to bio-sphere, and it is “responsible” for specific processes of sunny processes of human soul ripening, of human meta-physics if you like it. That is it is responsible for processes of formation of so called Solntsegrads (Cities of the Sun) – carriers of positive Sunny energies which is transferred from the unconscious to human being himself. Human being scoops out of depth of own unconscious. Solntsegrads are growing there, accumulate Sunny energy in themselves – positive, creative energy and give it to the human being. In all acts of human activities, in all processes of human life. So under no way it could be understood than wine will flood some springs with clear water. No splitting… I said to you many times - the “Tvoriteli” Program is created especially for you and does not carry anything negative. It passed a great number of tests for negative emotions and so called “splitting” about which you are saying, that no negative influence at one’s consciousness is possible.

I will say more to it, this line from the Program “all-solving intrepidity” carries very high semantic density, we will talk about it later. By the way all “difficult” words will have comments in up-floating tables when one is clicking at the word. We are planning to do this, and even pictures we see at the third screen will have such tables with explanations what this or that image means in cultural-historic aspect. We will do this, but your task in the “Tvoriteli” Program is not to slip into anxiety but to relax and calmly watch the text, you even do not have to understand it. But in case you have some anxiety in connection with words which you are personifying with wine and wine-making, wine-consumption, then some specific moments of your unconscious that are connected with this aspect are suppressed. Or maybe you are thinking that some problems connected with this aspect may appear or already appeared. This could be the reason of having anchors in symbol-drama about which we are going to talk now. Symbol-drama that comes to birth due to reflection that appears due to the fact of having these symbols in front of your eyes and their appearance in your internal notional space, this is possible. But it is not worth to give much attention to it. In any case the Program fulfils its goals, because being individual for everyone of us it carries universal factors of images of unconscious, which lay in socially-historic context of our common collective unconscious, and based at specific elements, principles, cultural schemes and images, and in any case they would prevail over your personal attitude. That’s why we have this term: “modal codes of your unconscious”, because modality means your attitude towards what you are talking about, name, or perceive. And so universality of these images prevails over modality, that is over your attitude towards these images. And speaking in a whole this leads to harmonization of the internal state, and brings to reaching the desired result. Simply stop to be nervous about this. Probably this symbol-drama goes on in you now, this could be, this is minor moment at which one should not be focused too much.

As soon as we are about it, let me explain what is symbol-drama. That is you understand what is drama? The drama is motion, development of some events and so on. What is symbol is clear. A young woman I know from Kuban State University completed the master of science on these theme – symbol-drama. Nowadays it is a very effective method of psychotherapy which is based on analysis of images at the work of imagination, which includes art-therapeutic elements. Specific elements of art that in a special way – calming, or on the contrary excitingly influence human conscience and psychic. Symbol-drama is projective method, it appeals directly to our unconscious, there are also specific screens, specific work, but this is narrow specific technology, from which the “Tvoriteli” Program differs significantly, because it has a global aspect. And so when we are talking about symbol-drama, then we actually are saying that the third screen finalizes our work with the Program. The Program fulfils its goals because universal principles of its images, symbols and phraseology formation are prevailing over individual, modal attitudes of individual to what appears at the level of internal dialogue. Possible hooks to some specific words or phraseological constructions may have a character, connected with your internal state or with neurons potential of readiness to commit this or that not very useful mission, in particular it could be connected with a tensed state, connected with observing what is going on around you or close to you. Suppose some processes are going on, which are connected with something that alerts you in the text. But this happens very seldom, this is a specific internal work, which is necessary for you. The question you asked was also necessary, hope you received an answer. If you have questions – please ask.

As soon as we started to talk about sacrality of art, sacrality of senses, which we put into specific objects of art, about levels of profanation of consciousness, which implied when these objects of art were created, let’s consider now one very interesting art-object and discuss it. Do you know this fresco by Michelangelo? It is called The Creation of Adam. Is there anything that confuses you? It consists of two parts, odd and even principle is followed, and there are definite proportions of unconscious and asymmetry of conscious. We are seeing Adam to whom God is giving the energy of life with His breath. He breathed life into him. And now we are starting to analyze, what kind of energy is passing to Adam now? In case we stay at the first level of profanation then we will understand that yes life is passed with a gesture of God’s hand. Passed to a human body created from a definite material – clay, and so he comes to life and starts to live eternal life which was designated for him. But look, does not this contour resembling something to you? This part? I would be grateful if you responded. Look attentively. Have any associations?!

For example, Olga has association with eternity. May be. And so according to art-specialists and people who are studying ancient systems of signs, the most correct characteristic of this detail is human brain. Human brain in sectional drawing. You may even see vertebral vein, it is shown with a different color. And so the hidden sense in this picture is that God committed breathing in life into Adam by means of passing to him the energy of consciousness, which was accumulated in human brain. Its residence is human brain. That is the form of life of energy, about which I am always talking, which is consciousness, in the moment of formation of an intelligent creature, intelligent biology object, was transferred to him by means of forming of his brain structures, his neuron networks and so on. This was gradual, step by step process, but nevertheless this symbol of transfer is a symbol of potential of human being abilities, which are putting into realization through the presence of a brain, able to commit the function of consciousness. That is function of thinking and function of consciousness. Do you see what a deep and serious symbolism!

Now look, I often told you that we are often using baroque elements in the “Tvoriteli” Program, and we are also using cultural-historic schemes. We are using principles of elements formation, we do not borrow them, but we are combining them. Combine, transform and receive the effects we need in order to put into realization our goals in the Program – visual, graphic, phraseology ones. Look what happens, did I told you why we chose the baroque style? Because it well reflects the state of unconscious in human being, especially it's early forms. It reflects the state of non-discovered, half-manifested forms, half-manifested schemes, half-manifested images which later are forming human consciousness, and then form human thoughts and deeds. And so this phenomenon of baroque appeared at some stage. If i am not mistaken it started to from in the end of 16-th century in Holland. And what is most interesting, I am going to start to show you pictures that would probably amaze you, and you would not be able escape acknowledging that they are very close to the baroque style.

How do you like this?!

How do you like these forms?

I mentioned eternity, here it is!

Eternity of forms!

Look, what these forms resemble to you? Headdresses of tsars, chieftains,priests, orbs… Look at these marvelous forms! Amazing in their seamlessness and at the same time very close to forms which we are used to call baroque.

Look, here are domes, anything! Look, does not this resemble wall-painting at houses in Rome. Gypsum ornamentation at ceilings, walls. Look at this ornamentality!

Look at these images and beauty of lines in general!

Actually we are talking about microscopic seaweeds, microscopic cancroids, microscopic organisms which are living in the ocean starting from earliest stages of life development on Earth. Look how well they are conforming with the baroque elements, which are existing at the current moment and about which we know.

These are already shells. Clear that more later. All these is nature. And so who at the current moment may say that baroque style is not exactly the one that corresponds to interaction of human consciousness and nature. Here are forms

 that confirm this directly. Interesting?! I think it is interesting.

And so I have to inform you about our scientific concept of directives, which we are using in the «Tvoriteli» Program. By the way, the words we discussed in connection with Ludmila's question, actually do you know what characteristic they are carrying? Through the intra-speech poesis they are carrying characteristic of pre-structural-semantic, pre-structural-notional speech forms, which are reflecting the modality, that is your relation. Modality of directives that exist in your specific unconscious. And the intra-speech poesis, which I mentioned, is a principle. It is not poetry as it is, it is principle of creative realization of individual through item, object or word. And so, according to opinion of many serious scientists, this very poesis is a basic principle of human consciousness formation, speech consciousness, one's abilities of putting into realization words and thoughts, putting into realization properties of human consciousness that allow individual to build own living world. This is very important.

Aleksander Afansievitch Potrebnya, in 1875 he became corresponding member of Petersburg academy of sciences, and professor of Kharkov university, who developed a theory of human language origination and development, and also historical grammar, studied various dialects, semasiology as it is, poetics of speech, he was also interested in folklore and ethnography, and always the main theme of his research work was interrelation of language and thinking process, language and nation. You can read his work “Thought and language”, 1862, may be you will find it in the internet. And I want to tell you that he developed a theory of language, onomato-poetic theory of language in accordance with which any our internal thinking - speech act is considered as an individual psychic creative act, results of which are either become acknowledged or rejected in the process of its creative perception. What it means “either becomes acknowledged or rejected in the process of its creative perception”? In what are we engaged in life in general and in “Tvoriteli” in particular? In thinking - speech acts. So any thinking - speech act is considered to be individual psychic creative act, results of which are either acknowledged or rejected by individual himself in the process of internal dialogue. Fits or not. Either corresponds with the form of unconscious or not. Remember me saying that all human culture, graphic, speech in general is dedicated to the control over own unconscious. It was so in the past and remains so nowadays. I reckon we achieved this in “Tvoriteli”. Being a prominent linguistic scientist Potrebnya actually formed his own onomato-poetic theory of language based on the fact that the higher is language culture of people, the higher is consciousness, then the higher is the level of the social, cultural, economy development, the higher is the development of the civilization in general. According to Potrebnya internal act of internal dialogue of the individual, of the dialogue with himself is based on poesis. That is at creative flash of inspiration and creative reproduction of internal speech forms. Let them be at first in unconscious, by the way at our first screen they are half-manifested, that’s why they have so strange characteristics which are associated with many things, including personal (remember Ludmila’s question?). And so see what is happening – internal form of personal, of our intra-personal dialogue, which we are having all the time, this dialogue could be about everyday tasks, problems and so, has a character of poesis, that is a creative act. Speech act which is based on the poetics of speech. And in the process of its putting into realization in a specific living process, the level of poetics decreases and turns into prose. Interesting?! By the way this is based on numerous observations, comparision of various dialects, he also studied south-Russia dialects. And so first goes poetry then prose. Poetry as a highest form of poesis manifestation – the creative origin in the human being which later transforms in simplified prosaic form. And the higher is the level of internal culture of the individual, the more one is connected with the artifact oriented area of consciousness (that is with those objects we are carrying inside even not realizing it and response when seeing something similar…. You responded at natural forms because they are close to cultural forms laid into us, to the same rococo or baroque), then the higher is the level on one’s connection with objects of culture, cultural heritage, speech, music – any the higher is the level of subsequent realization of his internal speech acts, targeting directives of unconscious in specific life processes. This is very important because has close relation to the theory of directives about which we are going to talk now.

Dmitriy Nikolaevitch Uznadze is a prominent Georgian philosopher and psychologist. He is the author of many theories and particularly of the theory of directives. By the way he received education in Leipzig in 1909, his teachers were well known scientists Undrt, Bart and Fonkelt, and in 1913 he graduated as external from history-philological department of Kharkov University. He studied there exactly at the period when linguistic school of Potrebnya prevailed there. And this linguistic school of Potrebnya had very serious influence at linguistic researches of Uznadze himself, exactly at the theory of directive. Particularly Uznadze wrote a special work which is dedicated to the internal form of the words, we are going to discuss this work later, because internal form of the words is one of the basic stones of our scientific fundament of the “Tvoriteli” Program.

It is interesting that Uznadze was among the first ones, who started to deny and very successfully the Freud’s theory of unconscious, which does not take into consideration the fact that unconscious and conscious lives of individual are two subsequent forms of development of the single psychic. And so Freud’s psychoanalysis does not give positive characteristic to unconscious. And we do. We do, based on the experience of Russian and Soviet science. Problem of psychics development is a cornerstone of theories that are taken as basis for the “Tvoriteli” Program. In essence, the reflection, about which we are talking so much, falls apart in Freud’s concept. Probably this was the reason of a conflict with Yung and his apprentices, who started to understand significance of archetypes of unconscious. Freud does not understood this. And so, Uznadze naturally makes reproach in his works to the kind of psychology which does not takes interest in the problem of origination of psychic as an unconscious process. This is the point. We are talking about this at every meeting. That is he rebukes such psychology which takes no interest in origination of psychic process, being an unconscious process at the beginning. Does not investigate how this process originates and how its transfer into an active state takes place. That is into conscious state. In our Program this takes place with switching from the first to the second screen. And so Uznadze was actually the first who set the question of connection of unconscious and conscious. And he points out that “activity of psychic, that takes place without any participation of conscious, as necessary precedes the level of conscious psychic processes”, that is pre-conscious level of psychic exists. And so the level of psychic development, that precedes consciousness is directive. Or these very targeting directives, which we are using, extract from our unconscious – extract positive and sink down negative, dissolve, eliminate – these were targeting directives are put into realization in the “Tvoriteli” Program. And so, according to Uznadze the directive means non-realized readiness of object to the perception of events to come. And this very directive, according to Uznadze, appears in presence of a need and situation of its satisfaction ta the interaction of the subject with the environment. Exactly as it is done in the “Tvoriteli” Program, because “means non-realized readiness of object to the perception of events to come and to act in a special way” means potential readiness of neurons, which we are forming at the first screen – positive potential readiness. And negative potential readiness are dissolved, correct?! Which “appears in presence of a need and situation of its satisfaction ta the interaction of the subject with the environment” – is a specific life process, to which we are coming at the second screen.

I hope that today the logic of working with screens and their interaction became even more clear to you today. I would not “burden” you more with the theory of directives, I only want to point out that Uznadze agrees with the idea about stimulative character of notions of a specific kind. These notions of a specific kind we are creating in the “Tvoriteli” Program with the use of your own individual forms and images with the help of our words and images at our screens. Actually these results of structuring of reality building and living world, modernization of your being culture the “Tvoriteli” Program are the result of logical, targeted, correctly oriented activity of your unconscious and conscious states, which together are creating your psychic. That is they are inseparable processes, which should interact correctly forming and being formed from positive directives of life processes which are awaiting you in near future. Even next second. And as soon as I am saying that negative elements of unconscious are dissolved in our case, I want to return Ludmila to the phrase, she asked about: “Vines from the heights of all-solving intrepidity”, and to explain this phrase as an example. We understood that “wine” implies the spiritual substance of a human being. One’s psycho-emotional state, psychic energy and a state that we are calling the spiritual state. This is a principle of our psycho-energetics. Why “from the heights”? Because spiritual in a human being always takes the top position, it always prevails, it is always in a place where our meta-cognitive processes are situated, that is thinking processes which object is other thinking processes – this is a control. “Wines from the heights” – is a control which is accomplished from the very top, there are “wines” at the top, and these “wines” are guarded – here we have several images/ideas which we will decrypt in up-floating text tables. One of them is gryphon – the keeper of treasures. Higher keeper of treasures. Top – height – hints at the atmosphere. “all-solving intrepidity” - all-solving these not good that is situated downwards, in the depths of the ocean of our unconscious. “Intrepidity” – courage, exhibited in relation to these very (not good things). Internal courage, internal energy, which is targeted in relation to these negative targeting directives, which are solving out. And positive ones are coming up, became perceived and put into realization in our life processes with the help of the “Tvoriteli” Program. By you. By you in the first turn, but with the help of “Tvoriteli” Program. This is an example of decrypting of a specific phrase from our phraseology ocnstructs.

Question: Is it possible to work with the Program using music for activation of chakras, aura cleaning, healing, and also use healing mantra?

Answer: I do not see obstacles for working with the use of music. We ourselves did not added music into the Program and would not do this because it is internal, intimate act of interaction of the user with the program. We have no way of knowing what kind of music you like. You may use music which by your opinion is pleasant and useful for you, and which is in harmony with your internal state. Use it. But we would not propose you any music, so this is up to you. I prefer to say “work in silence”, we are working with deep levels of our internal dialogue, better avoid introducing something there.

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