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Tvoriteli. Shevchenko Oleg Yurievitch. March 23-rd. 2018 Internet conference

Theme of our meeting is general overview of the “Tvoriteli” program. I am going to give some pre-history, on what platform it is built, I want to give you clear idea what it is, you will understand its status, and in the end we are going to answer questions.

First of all, let’s get clear understanding what is the “Tvoriteli” program. I want to do all the I-s, Tvoriteli” program is in no way connected with any religious, esoteric or cult ideas, it does not involve religious views of people and their beliefs. In no ways it is connected with culture moments, that could be related to any religious concepts. That is “Tvoriteli” program is absolutely scientific, it has its own platform, it is connected with various branches of science, such as: psychology, neurosemantics, neurophysiology, antorpology, linguistics. Even physics. That is the program is created at the joint of various scientific disciplines, and it has a long history because enormous massive of data, obtained in various researches was compiled. I would say that for the period of recent 16 years. Yes, during last 16 years a large work was done in various universities of the world, and only during recent two years we were engaged in its technical embodiment. Our project was embodied in the form of a program. All these materials received application forms and you will see them when you will start to use the “Tvoriteli” program. All these materials got special attributes, which served as basis for the program development. At the final stage we spent long time for the programming, the program is very complicated when it comes to internal algorithms and signal connections, which ensure its user’s functions, and allow you to use it with maximum comfort, ease and effectiveness. Simplicity of the program use was one of our priority goals at the stage of the project development, and I believe we coped well. More to it the program has esthetic character.

Now about our connection with the Center Region community. “Tvoriteli” project was created for a wide mass of users, it has various functional branches. It works in the sphere of empowering human being’s abilities in various spheres of one’s life, we will consider these spheres today. Some state structures showed interest in our project and nowadays we are working in this direction too. Actually nowadays we have a large quantity of corporate partners. Company Center Region community is one of such partners, at that Center Region is a special partner for whom we created additional functional and who has special commercial terms, I want to say that commercial terms are preferential for the Center Region community, so I hope you will be able to use the program effectively.

By now “Tvoriteli” program was reported at large scientific conference devoted to the increase of productivity as strategy competition factor, conference was organized by the ministry of economy of the Krasnodar region, and we received two diplomas for two our reports. First report was made by professor Lugovskoy Vladimir Alekseevitch, it was called “Tvoriteli – oriented form of cognitive lingual consciousness in optimization of labor and management processes”. You see these diplomas here. And the second report was made by well known to you Suhih Stanislav Alekseevich, it is called: “Implementation of new semantic technology of psychophysiology and social-psychology adaptation of the individual in conditions of labor modernization and productivity increase. “Tvoriteli” project”. Reports were included into peer reviewed journal released by State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles.

More to it, this year this theme will be reported at the interregional conference of the ministry of the economy of Russian Federation, which will be held in Kazan city and in Moscow. The theme is actual because nowadays economy policy of the Russian state is oriented at the development of productivity, application of economical technologies, you probably know about this.

Economical technologies is a way of production and management that implies the use of intensive methods in the working processes. One should not mix it with the assembly line techniques. Economical technologies are the kind that allow human being to show maximum results both for himself and production process. And so, Japanese company Toyota was the first one, which started to use economical technologies, later this system became commonplace in the world. In this connection the question of human factor role in production process became actual. That is in what degree the human factor is important and in what degree it is necessary to develop abilities of individual to adapt to changing condition of working process, abilities to psychophysiology and emotional adaptation, how important will be one’s communicative competence, that is how individual would develop new connections with coworkers, colleagues and so on.

I want to tell you that program demonstrated good results and potentials in educational processes. Two educational institutions worked with the “Tvoriteli” program – Kuban State University and Kuban Agriculture University. This year we are going to expand the circle of scientific organizations, which are involved into the project, we are conducting negotiations with Berlin University about “Tvoriteli” use there and in Western Europe.

The results our students are getting in their learning process give us understanding of the program effectiveness, flexibility and comfort for the user, about its safety for the ecology of consciousness, for the emotional sphere, even in the sphere of neurophysiology of some processes that are connected with the formation of human being’s thoughts.

This was “official” part of our lecture, now we are going to switch at our materials.

About age. They are asking me “why not from 16?”. I say frankly that for this category of users we are going to have a special program for juniors, in this age –from 16 until 18 hormones are “playing”, you are aware of this problem, so program for this age should be corrected. The functional of “Tvoriteli” program, that we are giving to you now, implies the presence of specific elements of consciousness, which are working from the age of 18.

The idea of the “Tvoriteli” program is based at creation (for the user) of specific oriented forms of cognitive consciousness, which works in cooperation with unconscious sphere of human activities. With the unconscious sphere of the human being. It is a very important moment one shall understand. Nowadays many people are still using the term sub-consciousness, but it is obsolete term, because today science came to acknowledgement that unconscious process exists as reflection of brain neuro-physiology, and actually the higher function of consciousness is to use, direct this unconscious process as a potential recourse for reproduction, creation and construction of various models of reality. And so we have this unconscious process as absolutely unlimited and constantly mobile. Incessantly mobile. This is important to note, this moment is used in the “Tvoriteli” program, at that in a literal sense.

We all know that there are timing and spacious continuity. As Einstein put it, in this continuity the universal lines of all objects that surround us are built. Actually they all form our material world. These lines interact, intertwine with each other and create reality of the entire surrounding world. But the fact is that human being is am intelligent biology object, who possesses brain – the most powerful known biology computer in the Universe. As soon one possesses brain, one also possesses functions of thinking, consciousness and reflection. And these three functions: thinking, consciousness and reflection are making one a subject of conscious activities, targeted at satisfaction of one’ needs. The presence of these functions: thinking, consciousness and reflection actually allows us to create our own universal lines of reality, at that deliberately influencing at the surrounding world in accordance with our interests. We all may understand what consequences it may have for the world: they could be both good and negative, but nevertheless it is so. Human being is made this way, human being behaves this way. Through this one puts into realization own nature and spirit. This way human being is creating own reality in which all universal lines intertwine with one’s own universal lines, which are oriented with one’s consciousness. At that the higher is organization of the individual, the higher is concentration of one’s universal lines in surrounding universal space…. We are always trying….That is some tissue of reality exists around us into which we intertwine our own lines. And the more these lines (one builds up), the higher is a degree of our participation in formation of this fabric, the larger is our own ornament, our own picture. It is exactly the ornament which we are calling our individual living world or our own reality, which we are building in accordance with our views, interests, perspectives, ideas, plans and models of reality that are created by our consciousness.

And so, this way individual reality of every individual is built and it more or less corresponds with one’s interests and needs. Why “more or less”? because we could be very successful “weavers” or “knitters” and could be just beginners, we could luck skill or even intertwine with the surrounding world in a wrong manner, contradicting to some phenomenon and processes, and so these phenomenon and processes may on the contrary suppress our own lines and ornaments, destroy them and reassemble in wrong combinations, not the kind we desired to have. Perspective and ability of building reality is actually connected with the incessant stream of the unconscious. And as I already said, this stream of the unconscious carries enormous recourse and abilities for building of various models of reality by the human consciousness. And so the higher, the more targeted, the more correctly and effectively these recourses of unconscious are used, the better we are building our models of reality in consciousness, in our internal notional space, with better quality we act and fulfill these models into the surrounding world. The more beautiful, voluminous and better are the ornaments of reality, which we are intertwining into the surrounding world. Accordingly by doing this we are building our own individual reality. Human being is a biology object who has ability to turn into the biology subject, and due to this property one may create own reality, with the use of one’s internal recourses – one’s unconsciousness and connecting them with the resources of the surrounding world. By intertwining own universal line (as an object of the universe) with the universal lines of the surrounding world, and creating a notional space inside oneself – the notional model of the reality, and later transferring it outside. And in order to give realization to this function – to extract these recourses out of unconscious and use them – we have so called cognitive function of consciousness – the function that is responsible for the creative thinking of a human being. It is connected with one’s creative thinking and one’s ability to reflection, that is paying attention at oneself and ability to analyze own experiences, which form various states. This is a very important moment, because it is connected with the essence of the “Tvoriteli” program. Now we are going to consider the program in most simple way.

Question: Is this program suitable for foreigners?

Answer: This program is suitable for everybody. Nowadays our command is working at translation at various languages: Mongolian and Chinese, of course English, German and French. The singularity of this work is stipulated by the artistic discourse of the “Tvoriteli” program, it was compiled and created from enormous amount of data, it is unique and you will see it yourself. Nowadays we formulated algorithms that would allow us to specify demands to the translation. Translation at other word languages is important for us, at that we are going to use translators who have experience with artistic texts.

And so we discussed our own universal lines, which we are intertwining into the surrounding world, into the surrounding space. We said that this is our world or individual reality, which we are building through our activities and realization of cognitive consciousness functions. And this very reality, individual reality of a human being consists of three spheres:

The first sphere is a sphere of our intellectual and spiritual development, our internal world, our intellect, our internal personal growth that implies life changes.

The second sphere – is a sphere of health, organism functionality, supporting of all balances in the organism, all its functions. In case it is a young person the sphere includes organism growth. Here we imply various functions, connected with organism rejuvenation, preserving youth, functionality and so on. This is the second sphere, without which we would not be able to put our life plans into realization, because in case one has no health, one has nothing.

The third sphere is a sphere of so called vital interests – vital interests of individual which is connected with the material well-being. With realization of one’s professional skills, with one’s self-actualization in the society, with relations. Relations imply both creation of harmonious relations inside the family or creation of the family, if one has no own family yet and friendly, business relations whish are important for our activities and full scale self-realization.

These are three main spheres of human world in which one’s life processes are incessantly coming into realization. What I am about? Each sphere implies the presence of processes. The presence of processes, which allow us to fill this sphere, achieve realization and results due to the motives, plans, ideas, intentions which one have and put into realization in relation with each of these spheres. Each life process is connected with specific tasks.

Question: Is it possible to say that “Tvoriteli” program is awakening of a genius inside everyone of us?

Answer: Yes, it is correct understanding. In our materials about “Tvoriteli” it is said that figuratively speaking the program awakens that genius which is hidden somewhere deep inside us, or in some people the genius is half-opened, at others – already close to the surface. It is also important that the symbolism of the program refers to the symbol of the internal genius of an individual, which is inside of everyone of us, which it is necessary to awake and supply with proper instruments, resources and opportunities in order to give him a chance to build one’s life together with the human being, the way individual wants to see it and put into realization. To build together (with one’s internal genius) a kind of life that meets our true goals, abilities, internal programs which we have to put into realization. It is exactly the sense of human life – to put into realization one’s own programs. Of course, in accordance with one’s interests which are connected with self-development, health, material wealth, relations. That is in all spheres of one’s life.

Question: Could this program be used at companies?

Answer: Yes, we have some companies as corporate partners, they recommend it to their employees. Very good results, that’s why it is interesting for corporations. After report at the economic conference, I made three reports at medical conference on resort-restorative medicine, academician Rasumov was at the conference. The idea was to use it in sanatoriums, in order to give their patients better conditions for restoration after stresses after the working year and opening possibilities for development of one’s internal potentials in the professional sphere. Sanatorium complex accepted our ideas with understanding, nowadays we are working with them on development of cooperation programs, that is sanatoriums will also use “Tvoriteli” program . I shall note that algorithm for sanatoriums is a bit different, but program functional is absolutely the same. I want you to note that Center Region Community will get voluminous and wide functional of the program.

Another important moment we nearly missed. I have to say that “Tvoriteli” program is in no way a teaching program. It neither teaches you nor trains. On one hand it orients you, on the other hand it creates our reality, and when doing this it takes significant part of background work / load on itself. At that it is the part of the load that hinders your progress, reduces your possibilities, slows down your development and self-realization and self-actualization in the life spheres we talked above.

There was a question – will awakening of one’s internal genius take place unconsciously? Even in case one does not understand what the program is doing? Yes, from the very beginning the work will take place at the unconscious level. Work takes place in stages / cycles. It will work more and more powerfully when going from one cycle to another, you will see it yourself…. It is interesting fact that when one is working with the “Tvoriteli” program, approximately after a month of use, one has a feeling that circumstances which help one to receive desired results appear as if from nowhere, on their own. Actually soon we are going to understand why it happens, but the result is in front of one’s eyes. Of course it is not connected with any miracles, it is connected with the fact that program takes significant part of routine / dirty work on itself. Leaving for you the most positive part – tuning of your consciousness and emotional sphere. Positively orienting you towards your future, it allows you to use your cognitive abilities with maximum freedom. Cognitive abilities of your consciousness.

Question: Will I be able to empower my connection with Salvator with the help of the “Tvoriteli” program?

Answer: Let’s put Salvator aside now, we will return to it later. Today we are going to concentrate on “Tvoriteli”. By the way, the question is connected with what “Tvoriteli” are doing. “Tvoriteli” empower your co-tuning with all life processes and phenomenon that surround us, in order to put into realization your dreams and plans. This is the main function of the program. And “Tvoriteli” do this very effectively. It is really the first and the only in the world program of building the reality with the use of cognitive function of your consciousness, I think you will make sure this for yourself in the process of program use.

But as soon as Salvator is a material object, similar to any object in the space that surrounds us, then the connection would empower. Your co-tuning with processes, connected with this object will be improved, including manifestation of some moments (connected with this object) that are useful for you.

And so, we discussed that our individual reality consists of three main spheres. In short they are: sphere of our internal development and personal growth, that is intellectual and spiritual development; sphere of health – organism functioning; and sphere of material interests, professional activities and relations, family and friendly relations. We came to conclusion that each of these spheres has a complex of processes, which are “responsible” for realization of this sphere in your life. And all these processes and complexes imply instruments and tasks which we may either put into realization or not through the function of cognitive consciousness.

When I told you about our own universal lines and formation of own ornament in the tissue of surrounding reality, about building of own individual reality, which is a function of every human being, I said that in order to give full scale realization of this function, through interaction of your consciousness with unconscious, one shall poses reflection, that is paying attention at oneself and having ability to analyze own feelings, which in their turn are forming various states. And we all have many various states, they have property of categorization. Scientific method has abilities to classify them in accordance with specific categories. And based on these categories of human states some time ago they developed a test in Sankt-Petersburg city, it is widely used in various spheres of psychophysiology for revealing the states of individual in all spheres of life we discussed, including the sphere of health. We modernized this test, adapting it to the functional of our program, and it looks the following way:

This is the test, it consists of 19 clauses, depicting the state of individual in accordance with the “Tvoriteli” program functional. You see?! This is a screen with 19 questions. Questions are two uttermost positions, two utmost states of human being. For example: burned out or full of energy? Need restoration or capable for work? Quick am I or slow? Sad or joyful?

These are 19 questions, you will have to answer prior to the starting cycle of the program and at the beginning of every subsequent cycles. You are doing test by moving these yellow dots along the balance beams of the states tension. That is along this colored line. You may see that definition of the state goes from bad to good. For example: burned out – full of energy. We are reading from left to right, and we tend to think that our time vector does from left to right as well. Putting it in picturesque way, we are always moving for good form left to right. That’s why utmost categories are situated this way.

Question: Some elements of “Tvoriteli” resemble Salvator protocols. How many protocols we are going to have in comparison with the Salvator?

Answer: we do not have any protocols here, “Tvoriteli” is built at absolutely different principle and have a very wide functional. You see, actually “Tvoriteli” is an enormous program, which will evolutionate constantly. As it is it covers all spheres of human life, and it will widen its abilities, because will continue our research incessantly. It is enormous evolutionary process, and I want to not that there is no necessity in protocols in a form you have them in Salvator. This is a separate theme. Here we have such a notion as “creative mechanism of the program”. And there is an infinite number of these creative mechanisms. Suppose milliard people will use the program the same day, and everyone will have one’s own creative mechanism. The creative mechanism of the program is exactly combination of interface screens – three screens of the interface, with which you are working 5-6 minutes a day, and receive your results. One may works morning or evenings, it will be described in the manual. And every day you will have a new mechanism. It renews, it meets functions and tasks….. now we are going to consider how it is formed. And it (the creative mechanism) is strictly individual for every user. Every individual has one’s own living world, one’s own individual reality, and the creative mechanism of the program is formed every day individually for every user. You can imagine the scale of the program, the amount of our work done.

But now let’s return to the test. First of all every our user undergoes test. One has to move this yellow runner along the balancing line of some state tension, into such a position, which one considers actual for himself at a current moment of time. I want to note right away that algorithm, which is under these runners, defines percentage of tension of every state in reversed order. that is you moved the runner from left to right, and it defines percentage from right to left. The closer is the yellow runner position to the left side, that is to initial bad state in which suppose you are, the higher is the level of tension of this state. Similarly for each of 19 states, you see?! The closer to the bad state, the higher is the tension level of this state. And the tension level of each state defines algorithms and data, which are building your individual creative mechanism, which we will see later.

Here is how our test “looks” from inside the program:

Again you see 19 questions to which added additional column, in which we have categories of the states. Look, we have three spheres of vital processes of human being (internal intellectual and spiritual development; health and organism functioning; sphere of material and everyday interests of the individual, connected with work, family, material well-being, relations) and we have three categories of the states: state of health, activity and moods of individual.

And so, each of 19 questions corresponds to this or that category – one of three categories of the states. You see, state of health is marked with blue color, activity with red, moods with green. This is how it looks “from inside”. More to it, here it is shown how this scale of state tensions is working.

You see, there is 100 % on the left side and zero at the right. They are calculated in such a way. Suppose you moved a runner into this position, machine reads 80 %, along with this we have another layer that characterizes level of tension of this state.

Levels of state tension could take values from 1 to 9. They are defined for each of 19 scales of the test and serve as determining indexes for forming of the first screen of the “Tvoriteli” program, the most important one, which works with our unconscious and our right hemisphere.

And now we are going to return to our spheres of life tasks, we are doing this in order to accent the importance of this concept.

The first sphere is sphere of processes and tasks connected with internal development and intellect, it is activity.

The sphere connected with health support, functionality and organism development – naturally it is the state of health.

And the third sphere, connected with material walues, human relations, practical tasks, well being, professional interests and achievements – this is the mood.

That is every sphere of life tasks corresponds with some category of human states.

As I already said, each sphere of our life tasks consists of life processes that allow you to put this area into realization and take your own place in it, fulfils your own plans, dreams, wishes, ideas and so on.

The first sphere of life tasks, connected with internal development and intellect, involves 7 processes of the living world: intellect, internal world, positive thinking, psyhcoenergetic balance, psycho-emotional balance and adaptive abilities of personalities, vital energy and activity and psychology adaptation to the random events. Or call them seven processes of reality if you like it better this way.

The second sphere is connected with the health support, organism functionality and development. It also includes 7 processes: organism health, achievement of maximum possible self-realization in self-expression and external individuality at men and woman - I mean that one would be able to self-express oneself in the most optimum way in accordance with properties, given to this individual by nature, that have natural self-expression in appearance, manners, to exhibit one’s positive qualities in a best way. Next, proportionality of body forms and physical body constitution, we are talking about balanced weight, keeping good physical fitness, and so on. The health of reproductive system at men and women – I think no comments are needed. Erotic love at men and women, that is one’s ability to exhibit these properties. Preservation of youth. Physiological adaptation and ability to restore oneself – very important function, which we all need. Actually one needs all listed functions for his realization in the sphere of life, which is connected with health support, organism functioning and development.

The third sphere of vital processes of one’s living world, connected with practical tasks, human relations, material values, well-being, professional interests and achievements. Again 7 processes. They are: creative and material development, material well-being, close relations, fireside – balance of possibilities in home. Time – mechanism of anticipatory formation of reality – that is to make you be always and everywhere in time. Friendly and soulful relations – we are calling these process “The playing man”. Adaptation to the information-psychology influences.

Another 7 living processes, each is responsible for its specific function, which you are putting into realization in the sphere of living world, connected with well being, harmonious relations and professional activity.

You see full coverage of all living spheres of the individual and the processes that are responsible for their realization, by the “Tvoriteli” program. This fact allows us to say that “Tvoriteli” program helps individual to achieve self-realization in all activities and living processes, to connect you with your organism, to connect you with those recourses and possibilities, which will allow you to increase your incomes, build harmonious relations, to participate in business processes without conflicts, to achieve self realization in career, grow in terms of intellect and spiritual development, self-expression, support own health and organism functioning – that is everything! This program - “Tvoriteli” project includes everything! Your entire living world. Both health and material well-being, and your reality connected with spiritual and intellectual life, personal growth. It is very important to understand this, because we really did enormous work, we had to collect all these, to put into program, to tune up the system of the creative mechanisms in such a way, that they would work in all life spheres, in all living processes. This is a very important moment to grasp.

Question: One passes test once in 21 days or daily?

Answer: First I want to mention once again, that our collective did a big job in order to provide for you absolute comfort and easement of working with the program. Operating procedure impels cycles. Program cycle is 21 day. 21 day – because I just said to you that we have three spheres of vital interests or living processes. And each of these three spheres has 7 corresponding living processes. This way it is organized in the program, and 3 by 7 Is 21 – three weeks. That is “Tvoriteli” program cycle is three weeks, and it covers all living processes. All living processes in all three spheres of one’s living world. In what way it does this? In what order it works with these processes? Again it is defined by your individual test, which you pass in the beginning of your work with the program. You pass test only once in 21 days. Suppose you decided to use this program, you enter into your personal cabinet, passed the test, and program immediately generated for you the succession of creative mechanisms for each day from these three weeks of the cycle. Which way it was done? First of all, machine defined that you have specific level of state tensions, in accordance with a table. Suppose in the sphere of state of health your average percentage of state tensions is 70 %. Suppose in the sphere of activity, the average index in lines, that are connected with the activity is 50 %. And suppose that in the sphere of mood the average percentage of tension happened to be 40 %. And so, based on these indexes of state tensions, the program calculates and builds up actuality of living processes for weeks. That is in our example the highest level of state tension is in the state of health, so for the first week the program builds up the work with 7 processes that are connected with the health support, organism functioning and development. That is during the first week, one will be working with these seven processes, related with the health – up to the physiology adaptation and ability to restoration.

Another question is in what sequence these processes are built up during the week period. Again in accordance with special tables, which I would not show you now, we are going to consider them during separate conference. We are going to have a row of thematic conferences, devoted to specific themes of the “Tvoriteli” program. With time you are going to have information in a wide spectrum, and will be able to understand everything clearly.

Look, it turns out that during the first week we are working with the sphere of living tasks, connected with health and organism functioning, and these 7 processes, connected with this sphere are ranged in accordance with their priority. It is special tables, that form indexes for the states, that define the priority of each process, using the results of the initial test.

And so, during the first week one will be working with the sphere of health, because in this sphere the one has the maximum tension level, during the second week one will work with the sphere of mood, because here the average tension level is 50 %, and inside this week the processes will be ranged in accordance with their priority. Similarly with the third week, which will be “responsible” for processes related with one’s ability to intellectual and spiritual development, personal growth, again your individual sequence of these process will be built up in accordance with their actuality with the use of special algorithm. And you are going to work with all these processes by means of visual contact with the computer screen or mobile device. We have adaptive design, you way work with the phone in case of necessity, but it is desirable to use the large screen. All these will be described in details in the manual.

The first screen is mobile, specific phrases are moving in front of you, expressions, you are just looking at the screen for three minutes and half. The second screen if fixed – phraseologic – on it you will have special phrases, corresponding with the theme of the living process, with which you are working today. And the third screen is graphic – you are going to see animated picture, at which you are looking for some definite time. That is all! This is all your daily work with the “Tvoriteli” program.

Question: When one is passing the test – states are defined at the moment of testing?

Answer: Yes, at the moment of testing. I understand what you are hinting at, this is a very good question. Naturally we are passing the very first test, relying on our subjective evaluations of the states. Generally we are passing any test, relying on our subjective evaluations, that’s what the tests are for. But what is interesting, that in accordance with our work with the program, going from one cycle to the next in accordance with 21 days program algorithm, each new test you will pass will be closer and closer to the objective evaluation of your states. It is another notion, additional goal of the program which is fulfilled.

Here Galina is putting absolutely correct question: “May test answers not correlate with the real state of individual, being tested?”

Of course, they can. I talked about this now. In the beginning it could be especially subjective evaluation of one’s own states, even not correct in major degree. But targeted work of the “Tvoriteli” program with your consciousness will more and more “co-tune” you with possibility, in accordance with which every new test will correlate more and more with the objective evaluation of your states. Program has differences on correlation of the subjective evaluation, which allow program to work equally effective even in case the answers are more or less subjective. You see, the point is that manifestations of subjectivity are at the same time manifestations of the unconscious. Then, by expressing yourself in such a way, you are expressing yourself in major degree as an object of influence of biochemical processes, produced by your brain. Somehow like this. Here in major degree you are depending on the functions of the unconscious, which contributes the subjectivity of your evaluation. This process is constantly corrected and leveled up by the “Tvoriteli” program. And as soon as you decided to start working with it, and so you have to begin somewhere, you are starting with position you are in. Including the subjectivity of your own state evaluation.

Question: What if I will place all these yellow runners into extreme right position? Will it have something to do with real changes in me?

Answer: Well, I have to afflict you a little. I understand that the question is of “the check” character. Actually in this test the same position of all runners on balancing lines, no matter if it is extreme left, extreme right or some middle position, that is in case all of them will be the same, is characterized as schizophrenia. Alas. Be careful with it. Actually by deliberately doing so you will be cheating the program. And in case it is not deliberate – it means what I already said. It is connected with the diagnosis, I am not laughing, it is really so, it is ground for diagnosing such a state at the individual.

Question: It seems that “Salvator” was a base for the development of the “Tvoriteli”, basic terms are similar.

Answer: Basic scientific terms, referring to the psychology of perception are the same. But “Salvator” was not a base for the development of the “Tvoriteli”, because “Tvoriteli” is based on enormous body of data, that is why we are going to divide it on specific themes and discuss them in succession. Salvator” was not a base for the “Tvoriteli”, because “Salvator” is a small local program, and here we are talking about voluminous, vast project, which takes realization in all spheres of your life.

Question: Shall one work individually, or is it possible to invite other people to the screen?

Answer: Creative mechanism, which is generated by the program, based on your individual tests data is individual process. One’s working with program is strictly individual. And you do not invite anyone to the screen. Every individual will have “one’s own” Tvoriteli program, that corresponds to one’s individual profile, individual status. Every day. In an endless number of variants.

Question: Will one see the program work result on one’s state of health?

Answer: Including the state of health. On the state of health, mood, activity, positive attitude towards the world. That is rebuilding of consciousness takes place in the sphere of positive perception of the future, positive perception of the reality. This will take place constantly, continuously, and you will feel it. It is very important moment, one feels “Tvoriteli” program very well.

We discussed that we are working with three screens. That these three screens are the program interface, which is called “Creative mechanism”, and they are forming strictly individual, in an endless number of variants, based on your own test data of states tension.

As I already said, the first screen of the program is phraseology screen with moving text. Generally speaking we developed so called “orienting notional forms” for the “Tvoriteli” program. Orienting notional forms are a kind of quatrains. But I want to say that we are not writing poetry, we are creating specific semantic phraseology constructions, using special algorithms of compilation of phraseology material into phrases, using specific speech, notional, semantic and verbal designing, that is designing of words. Word creation to put it simple. We are using these algorithms and we created our own special unrepeatable stile of the artistic discourse of the “Tvoriteli” program. This artistic discourse is based on enormous quantity of archetypes of unconscious, which actually serve the building material, the building blocks of your consciousness, for building models of reality you want to materialize. If we turn to scientific language this could be put the following way: “Tvoriteli” program is a way of informational, psycho-emotional, associative influence at your mechanisms that form your motivations and models of individual reality. Through your states – activity, state of health, mood. This helps constructive abilities of your consciousness to show out, along with positive and creative perception of the reality.

First two screens of the “Tvoriteli” program are devoted to phraseology. At that the first screen is connected with unconscious and influences the right hemisphere. And the second screen is fixed, there is a fixed text on it, in influences our left hemisphere. Putting it in a picturesque way, let’s switch to such an analogy – we all are keeping enormous bodies of data in our unconsciousness. Both passed genetically and acquired under the influence of various outer imperative and influences – a colossal quantity of information but it is as if in a sleeping state, it is not explicit, it is not manifested, it is not structured. It is really as if a river that flows. And so, a goal of an individual with the reflexion…. As I already said, the reflection is paying attention at oneself. By the way, the reflexion is an instrument of our success in all spheres of life. But to our sorrow, only 27 % of world population have full scale reflexion. And so, one of the goals of the “Tvoriteli” program is development of the reflexion at its user. Actually, the reflexion is exactly the process that extracts from this running river of your unconscious – enormous, full-flowing – extracts what you really need in the current moment in order to put into realization your desires and plans. This is similar to a fisher-man, sitting on the shore or in the boat, and catching golden-fishes, which fulfill his wishes. Imagine that you are a fisher-man who is drifting in the boat along the river, who is catching the golden-fish, which are fulfilling your wishes. But often when hauling a seine you have not only fish but also snags, old coffins, tins, that is all kind of garbage that actually cuts the seine, disturbs and results in low mood – you understand that you achieve nothing, and your states are becoming entangled, perception of the world is shifting, actual level of positiveness in the perception of the world will decrease, that is you would not be able to do many things. And so the “Tvoriteli” program is an instrument, at that a very balanced one, leveled, individual instrument – mechanism that allows you to catch from the river of unconsciousness only golden-fish. And all the rest - snags, old coffins, tins – that are nothing more than destructive irrational programs, that you received from the outside or inherited, as a result of non sanctioned social influences which were posed on you. They could be of social, economic nature, results of some commercials, some mems. All these, all these garbage starts to dwindle in the process of the program use. Golden-fishes start to appear and all these garbage starts to run low, to disappear gradually, it’s stories start to disappear from your unconscious. The river cleans out. The river cleans, and this is exactly the part of hard work, about which I said, that “Tvoriteli” program takes on itself. Leaving for ourselves only the work with the golden-fishes. Releasing enormous psychic energy, releasing enormous recourses and possibilities, which you can successfully put into realization due to the use of the program. Such an analogy.

And so, as I already said, interface is three screens, with which you are working every day, either mornings or evenings – everything will be written in a manual. Believe me, while working with these three screens, you feel no tension, you feel no internal contradictions, you feel only calm comfortable perception of images, that flow in front of you, appear in front of you, work with you, that results in a appearance of a very interesting sensation. Take for example the first screen, which have very complicated phraseology, we are thinking now how we are going to translate them, there are quatrains, 21 quatrains appear and move at low speed, you may stop them any moment, if you need, no limitations. All these quatrains are creating an amazing composition – strange but impressive words and phrases appear in front of you, at that it is your own individual – you see the picture of your unconsciousness in front of you – you individual river of unconscious, which goes in front of your eyes. It is an amazing sensation. Actually these are thoughts, images and impulses that are not formed in your consciousness yet. Due to phraseology they possess unlimited potential of their plastic embodiment in your individual consciousness. They give birth to the universal lines, lines that we discussed in the beginning, lines of forms, thoughts, motives, associations, with the use of which you are creating this skilful tissue of your reality, your future. You are using the “Tvoriteli” program as a weavers loom, which at the same time griddles out all the garbage, and lets it stay in the past. Depletes its stories and leaves it in the past. In the process of working with the program, may be not from the first or second day of working, but very quickly you will be amassed from what depth of your unconscious you will be able to procure new and new precious lines, in order to connect them with the outer world and create beautiful “tents” of your ideas, which are opening for you possibilities to weave the ornaments of your individual world which will allow you to reach well-being of yourself, your folks, enjoy your good health, cheerfulness of interacting with the beautiful. That is, the program is very well balanced. And it carries only positive associations for its user. More to it, quatrains at the first and second screens are different. They are well tested, they do not carry any threat of violation of balances of the perception – only positive associations, positive emotions, they do not contain a single word that could be connected with negative moments. There is no a single word that would be connected with some religious or cult spheres. No. these are texts, that could be perceived by any individual absolutely equally. This ensures universalism of the program, its ability to adapt to any personal situation, particularly to every individual.

As you put it “will I feel better in result of the program use?” – is a very important moment. The program decreases anxiety in general, susceptibility to various forms of internal fears, significantly improves the speed of reaction. Develops the clearness of mind, develops the freedom of perception, calm understanding of own emotions, thoughts, feelings. These are effects that follow the program use, in addition to practical results in life, in spheres of living interests. Individual’s consciousness stabilizes, gets rid of negatively oriented associations and internal absentmindedness. As you may remember, we talked with you about absentmindedness in connection with the “Salvator”, it leads to de-coherence when individual becomes entangled with relations, circumstances of the outer world and starts to depend of them. The procession of information strengthens, attention strengthens, this was many times noted by students (who tested “Tvoriteli”). The perception of the internal sensations and sensory signals strengthens. This is a very important moment. By tuning your cognitive consciousness and its connection with the recourses and abilities of the unconscious, the “Tvoriteli” program awakens intuitive feelings in you. In our materials we put it as “sensory signals of your own organism, and also from the future”. You are receiving a signal from the future, start to analyze it thoroughly and have full-fledged idea what may happen. Again there is no any magic here, no esoteric! This is the work of your consciousness. It is the work of so called cogniton, it is the work of complex of your neuro-physiology reactions, connected with the activity of neurons, and so on.

As I already said, if considered in general, “Tvoriteli” program is based on the use of graphic and speech forms with expanded notional interpretation. It is based on elements of cultural information, exactly on symbols, images, and products of panhuman culture of various epochs and civilizations, including phraseology culture, decorative art. All these was revised and adapted in a special way for the program functional, and combined in such a way, that ensures most effective performance. And the creative mechanism, into which all these images and instruments are integrated, opens for you really new possibilities of control over internal and external processes of your life.

I will tell you an interesting thing, up to the recent moment, and these researches were started since 2003, many scientists, many scientific circles started to incline to opinion that human being is bio-chemical puppet of own brain. This proposition was based on the results of the researches on so called electric stimulation of the neurons. Results of researches on so called neurons readiness potentials, showed that neurons activity reveals in time interval starting from 0.5 and up to 4 seconds, prior to appearance of a desire (of a human being) to do something. That is roughly speaking, brain physiology controls our desires, motives, actions. Such a conclusion was made. And so, this conclusion led to the statement, that practically we all are subjected to influence of unconscious. Unconscious sphere takes control over us, because it is the primary, it is derivative from brain neuro-physiology, and our conscious actions are actually dictated by our brain physiology.

But nowadays this opinion is debunked, because more deep investigation into these matters gave basis to think that so called potentials of readiness… at which our programs orients, it forms these potentials of readiness. Potentials of readiness could be related to intentions and actions, which will be committed one, two, three days later, or they could be oriented at evaluative reactions, and in such a case the research results would not be objective. Well, these are complicated moments, connected with the research work, but characterizing current situation, current state of the affairs in this area, I can say that the main conclusion, made by scientists is that our consciousness interacts with the unconscious. And the more productive, more fruitful this interaction is, the more effectively individual controls own reality, builds own reality and manifests himself in all spheres of his life. It is very important moment in our discussion, at which you should pay your attention.

Question: What if these wishes will be reflected negatively at something?

Answer: I do not understand the question completely – we all have both positive and negative desires. And so, wishes, that are reflected negatively at something, are connected with evaluative reactions of the individual, how these evaluative reactions are working. And in case evaluative reactions are working for negative, that it at negative result, this is a consequence of insufficient reflexion of consciousness. It is one of the processes, that are regulated by the “Tvoriteli” program. In this connection I can say that program has as its goal only positive orientation of human consciousness and even in the initial period such moments may appear in the process of building of one’s individual reality, they will dwindle with time – more and more. So the quantity of negative results in relation to something or somebody will be deceased, and their quality will change. And then they will disappear completely. When contacting with something we always bringing harm to something may be even not realizing this fact. Nowadays the humanity itself, when interacting with nature, puts into realization its universal lines which are created due to functions of cognitive consciousness, poses influence at nature, and this influence is far from being only positive, but nevertheless humans reach their results. And later humans start to think about consequences and how to prevent these consequences. It is the world practice. This is our nature. When interacting we change, and when changing we are coming into contradiction with something. Inevitably. The goal of humanity, and of each single individual, is to decrease this level – to dwindle these contradictions and create constructive influences at oneselves and at the surrounding environment.

Question: The program will orient the user at taking remedies that are needed to him. Or it will be a kind of remedy itself?

Answer: Very probably both. Both. Because I want to pay your attention at the fact that “Tvoriteli” program is you yourself. You yourself but in such version of yourself, which leads you into a better future, if it is possible to put it this way. You in such a version which is in your better future. Because we always have numerous alternatives of creation of our own reality. They are different, and with a single action we may “shut off the air supply” to ourselves in some questions and do not reach what we desired. Or to destroy something, that was built. And so the “Tvoriteli” program is exactly the kind of instrument, a possibility, which makes this alternative positive. And oriented forms of language consciousness, culturological consciousness, which are used by the “Tvoriteli” program are carefully leveled, calibrated and created exactly in such a way, that, figuratively speaking, they would be a remedy and they would orient you at taking necessary medicines. Under this one may imply resources and possibilities that surround us.

Question: What meaning has a symbol of the firebird in pictures and poetry in the “Tvoriteli” program?

Answer: We are going to consider this in details later, now I will answer in short. Our unconscious has various elements, it consists from enormous quantity of elements. In essence “Tvoriteli” program is as if Mendeleev’s table of elements, but having much more these very elements. And similarly to the chemical elements, here each element also has its own mass. They all have their “atomic mass” and they are different. So we have heavy elements and we have light elements. At that these are needed / useful elements, I am not speaking now about logs, tins, coffins, snags. I am speaking about heavy and light elements of unconsciousness, which later are transformed by the program into orienting forms of cognitive consciousness. They also have various masses: light and heavy. And so “Tvoriteli” program is designed in such a way, that it combines elements in a special manner, not allowing you to build your models of reality, suppose only with the use of heavy elements. In case we will build a model of our reality with the use of only heavy elements, and start to embody it, we will encounter with difficulties. We will find it difficult to control processes, connected with this embodiment. You will encounter with difficulties when organizing it, and we have difficulties in perceiving it. Suppose we will build (our model of reality) with the use of only light elements, then it will disintegrate quickly, this model will be too light and not durable, in the process of the embodiment into reality it will disintegrate and turn into something different, that probably would not meet our interests, goals and tasks. In order to prevent all these, we are using special algorithms of the creative mechanism combinatory both in phraseology and graphics, that imply combination and interaction of elements with various masses. This way we ensure balanced interaction of elements of the unconscious, which are turning into orienting forms of cognitive consciousness. And they literally appear in front of your eyes. First screen also uses heavy and light elements, you are perceiving them and you are catching them from there. As if you are sitting and catching and catching gold-fishes. At the second screen you see everything in front of your eyes, on it you have already formed process with its own orienting notional form, with specific cognitive imperative which works very effectively. And cognitive form of consciousness starts to “switch on”. And then at the third screen there is graphics, on it you see every notional form, which you perceived as quatrain, now is working at the level of moving graphic images of the third screen, and all these unites into integral notional space, and you have a result. And often it is a kind a result you even did not waited for. Taking this into consideration, I want to tell you that all elements of unconscious and orienting forms of cognitive consciousness are divided here at several world-spheres – we are calling them so. Taking into consideration human perception and cultural basis of human perception, psycho-semantics, linguistic semantics, we named these world-spheres on the principle of belonging to this or that element. Suppose piro-sphere is the fire, atmosphere is air, hydrosphere is water, lito-sphere is earth, biosphere is the live world, live nature, and centro-sphere is metal. So we have 6 world-spheres, each one of them has its own complex of various images, archetypes, cognitive orienting notional forms, embodied into images, pictures, words, phrases – phraseology constructions. All these is formed such a way. And so every day your individual creative mechanism is formed with the use of these elements. It has specific profile for your day and specific process of your living world.

Question: It is time to rise Russia.

Answer: Thank you, that’s what we live by, we are trying.

Question: Is there a collective unconscious?

Answer: Yes, it exists, no one is going to deny it. But now we are talking about your individual unconsciousness. By the way the theme of collective unconscious is actively studied in the Kurchatov’s institute, in the cognitive center headed by professor Konstantin Anohin. There are interesting moments connected with our unconscious and with our cogniton, as they are calling it. Cogniton is a complex in our neuron network that carries all information about everything. Once we already discussed that our neuron network has many embedded networks, on hierarchy principle. That is our neuron network forms a number of conditions and as if carries a Babylon library, in which there are data about everything in this world. In Buddhist philosophy there is a concept that one brilliant mirrors a thousand in itself, and thousand brilliants mirror in a single one. By all probability this is true in relation to our individual and collective unconscious. Because the reflection takes place. But we will discuss this later, it is a complicated theme, and we are going to discuss many interesting and complicated themes in near future.

Question: And what will be after a year? Will we need the “Tvoriteli” program?

Answer: You may use the program even lifelong. And life quality will only benefit, and you will feel it yourself.

Question: Is “Tvoriteli” more advanced program than “Strannik”?

Answer: I do not know the program “Strannik”, I say it frankly, but I can tell you something about other programs that exist now. First of all, there are no other programs of such scale, of such level of coverage. I say that there are no other programs of such a kind. With similar functions and coverage of all living processes of the individual. I am saying this taking full responsibility. More to it, there is a significant difference in working methodic (in approach). Let’s take another short glance at our test screen. For example you see the balancing line (I am) burned out – (I am) full of energy. You see, all other methodic are proposing the following: “you are burned out, you feel yourself devastated and have no ability to act, and so in order to overcome this feeling of being drained, in order to fill yourself up you shall say to yourself that you are full of energy” – of course I am putting it in a very simplified manner, but it is the essence. In case you are burned out, say to yourself that you are full of energy, and immediately you will start to receive energy supply. The big danger of such method lays in the fact that there is enormous abyss between these terms “burned out” and “full of energy”, and it is not possible to overcome this abyss in a single jump, because it would lead to negative consequences for the individual and psychology trauma. People even may go crazy because they are losing this oriented form of interaction with the outer world, which is implemented in the “Tvoriteli” program. On the contrary in other programs people are using, they are becoming disoriented. This process should be fulfilled gradually through the improvement of states quality. It is a very important distinction, it is one of basic features of the “Tvoriteli” program. Similarly it is not possible to tear out by the roots social, political concepts one got, and which are already implemented into one’s unconsciousness, which are coming to manifestation in one’s consciousness, dominate one’s deeds thoughts, feelings – one should not tear they by the roots. Because all of them are connected with archetypes, they are connected with deep linguistic processes , compositions and structures. Bu acting so you would simply destroy one’s basics of one’s cognitive psychology. You will bring individual to internal contradictions in his internal discourse of such a kind, that one simply stops believing in anything. Apathy will show up, along with the elements of fatalism, absence of desire to do anything – these are destructive processes which will ruin one’s internal world, it is dangerous. It should not be done, and this should be taken into consideration when one is developing trainings, programs and so on. This should be avoided.

I thank you for participation in our dialog, thank you for attention, and part with you and wish all the best.

Some picturesque metaphors about the “Tvoriteli” program

All elements of nature are hidden inside the human being. Both the power of the Sum and stillness of the Moon, airy temples and live streams, ringing hammers and fiery birds! One is all-mighty with them! One only has to take control over own mighty internal powers in consent with one’s own nature and the surrounding world. Every life phenomenon is inseparably connected with these powers, and they are connected with psychic energy of the human being and his consciousness that controls this (psychic) energy. Take control over your elements and widen abilities of your consciousness with the help of the “Tvoriteli” program.

The “Tvoriteli” are uniting thinking process, emotions and body of the human being into inimitable and unique mechanism, that is similar to best exemplars of ancients clocks. In which the body restores in the process of incessant rotation of energies and substances, brain works well, consciousness reflects reality and emotions recharge and encourage individual to active deeds.

The Sum, the Moon and the stars, that are passing to each other energies of light and warmth in the Universe, are similar to succession of human lights. Fire in the cave of ancient human, hot flames in smithy, lights in temples, the candle at the table of some scientist or poet. All this is a live fire that is born by internal element of human being himself. This element is called “life-creation”. It penetrates with its energy into every cell of human body and awakens in human being the aspiration to live, improving both oneself and the surrounding world with the power of own thought, desire and action. The “Tvoriteli” are helping this bright and creative flame to become brighter in the human being, prevent it from dying away through long and happy life, that is full of discovers and achievements.

Similarly to a tree, human being grows up from a seed. The surrounding world is his soul, knowledge is the sun for him, and the hidden underground ocean of unconscious, that keeps in itself the experience of all epochs and nations is his water. When waters of unconscious are connecting with knowledge, the tree of human life blossoms and brings plenty of fruits. By combining in himself these two origins, individual receives light energy of consciousness, that transforms the world of his ideas and desires into the reality. Knowledge is the word. Unconscious is picturesque image. Combining the word with the picturesque image, the “Tvoriteli” program helps individual to combine two grand creative origins in a tree of own life.

The “Tvoriteli” are helping human thoughts to flourish and burn brightly, make them multicolored and creative. They are directing individual on the roads of amazing instant insights about himself and the surrounding world. And help individual to receive good use from these insights in various spheres of own life:

Work and learning;

Health and personal development;

Personal relations:

Acquiring self sufficiency and well being.

Everyone of us would like to admire nature from the open window, to think about life, or simply to stay in pleasant sensations, being in harmony with himself and the surrounding world.

The “Tvoriteli” program opens for you the window into your own internal world, by transforming this world into symbols and words in order to make accessible for you everything most deep and valuable, that you can take and implement in your life.

With the “Tvoriteli” you will be amazed how many wonderful and useful discoveries are aviation for you inside hidden depths of your internal I. This will take only 8-10 minutes of your time a day.

Classical tractate of Tibetan medicine “Jude Chi” states that for example that eye diseases could be stipulated by the poor state of the liver.

Similarly, in human life all one’s life processes – learning, work, health, relations, family, purchases are connected into a unite system, that can work either effectively and give plenty of fruits or be faulty due to violations even in a single life process. The “Tvoriteli” program helps you to hold all strings of your living world in your own hands and take control over it with the use of own consciousness and psychic energy.

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