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Program Inneiro was launched in October 2020, it is improved and developed version of the “Tvoriteli” program. You never had a chance to use “Tvoriteli” because it was available only in Russian, and was not translated. Thou you know well “The Salvator”. The developer of this line is the same person – Shevchenko Oleg Yurievitch. Few people understood that main component of the “The Salvator” is Syntactic protocol. We had two protocols, I personally made my (not official) translations at English. Inneiro is a protocol that adapts to the specific user in accordance of the user’s needs, because one is doing special tests periodically. Salvator Artifact was designated to anchor emotional and notional impact of the Syntactic protocol. In the Inneiro program anchoring effect is provided by splendid graphics, which is actually composed of important symbols, music, unusual texts. Unusual combinations of words and new words in the Inneiro “poerty” are markers for non-conscious, everything is important and significant in the Inneiro program, everything is made for you ease of use, pleasure, enjoyment and good results.

You are welcomed both to explore it on your own, or ask me for some help. This is my referral link

This link will allow you to open Inneiro site, pass test (test is free), but for the use of the program you have to purchase subscription. Subscription length varies from one month and up to two years, long subscription is more cost-effective and is recommended for better results. The use of referral link will allow you to purchase subscription at lower price than you see at the site.

One shall buy subscription at the Perfecterra platform. Yes “good soul” for one’s growth. This is my referral link:

You are welcomed to register, after registration you will see shop, and will be able to pay with your card, that is you are buying directly from the Planet of Regions. Access is immediate. After payment one goes at the, with the same login and password, that you chose when registered at the Perfecterra platform.

In future they would add other interesting educative of health programs to the Perfecterra shop. Then Perfecterra platform will be a basis for a social network for those who are about growth and development.

You are welcomed to read articles, they are about Tvoritely, but scientific basis is the same, articles can give you better understanding of mechanisms, hidden behind the screens of the Program.

Similarly to the Tvoritely, the Inneiro has test and three screens – three phase of daily work with the program, same 21 day working cycle, same three main spheres of human life that are to be improved.

As additional bonus, the Inneiro stimulates creative thinking, you are going to try to read its texts aloud and even to sing if have a desire, interesting experience.

Now Inneiro is translated only at English, translations at other European Languages will be added soon.